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2014/6/22 23:02:50
hello, new here yes in Puerto Rico it was Battle of the planets. Loved them shows and Mazinger Z or Tranzor Z in the US. I forgot Daz was free. Im going to have to get it again. I had it years ago...hummm Lots of stuff to create....hahahaha
2014/6/22 22:04:29
hello, new here i also found out if i model in Cinema 4D place everything at 0,0,0 convert to FBX i get my items pretty close to where i nee them. sometimes i have to go lower and scale alot but it gives me a basis to go
2014/6/22 22:02:38
hello, new here haha!! i think is a fun program! i just want to finish all my people so i can start working on my other movies....i did i little concert of a Puertorican band called Menudo and my family loved it!
2014/6/22 21:37:27
hello, new here lol, no I do not sleep at all. a few hours if i am lucky. I am in pain alot and keeps me awake. this keeps me from being a pansy and get busy.

I really wish the super hero models had a sidekick option These Gatchaman i made look crappy cause they all are so bulky. but i got to play with textures and this is what i came up with!

and this is what they should look like if you don't know who they are..

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2014/6/22 21:34:50
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling thanks for the replies, I do totally understand costs and productions in the market, especially in 3D. I was just going from what other companies have done. I really love this program!!! i can't say enough about it and I am telling every one about this all the time. I just want to do more with it. but i seem to be spending more time with trial an error than making the movies I want to make. I use Cinema 4d, I am not great at it, but the few projects I have made in the past has made me money. I am no expert by any means but i have made things that have turned out in retail books and a lot of fan films also. i do have a few professional credits under my belt, nothing to brag about. I really just wanted to minimize time not just for me but for the other people who are really into this and are into spreading the word about this great program. The more there is out there the more people that will flock to this endeavor. just my 2 cents. i will continue with what I've been doing
2014/6/22 16:27:41
hello, new here here is another project im working on
2014/6/21 19:57:40
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling i figured as much. just seems like if they want their community to grow, they need to help the users make this program even better. oh well! I still enjoy it very much!!!!
2014/6/21 18:04:56
hello, new here i worked on these last night.
han and chewy with weapons, han's gun needs to be lowered a bit

I dont like my Jawa but i like his chest piece

and Luke's home i got from sketch up also like the chest piece for the jawa and the guns for our heroes
2014/6/21 18:00:34
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling I was wondering is there any way Muvizu could provide the models for the characters. I am not asking for the ones in the program . maybe like blocks or spheres but the right size and dimensions. so we can import them to our modeling packages. model our own extras like hats or weapons or cellphones or even import them from sketch up. then we can size them the proper scale and when we import into muvizu they will be in the same location where they belong? I am getting a bit tired of bringing something in then scaling saving, import to muvizu, then its too big or too small. go back resize and try again and again?
it could be something as simple as this

but located in the correct axis 0,0,0 or wherever it would be. so i model a gun place it on the right hand. then we delete the mock figure save it into an ASE or FBX file import in muvizu and there it is i place it on the right hand and it's as close to perfect and there would be minor tweaking to place it right. just a suggestion. I think this would increase the assets people make and would keep us homebodies working hard into adding to the great growing community of this AMAZING program!

what do you guys think?
2014/6/21 16:50:29
anyone here use cinema 4d thanks ive used it for years mainly to model little things. I got it as a gift from my uncle. i just never got texturing. thank you though
2014/6/21 7:12:36
anyone here use cinema 4d I have a helmet I want to add a texture but I'm having major problems was wondering if anyone had experience texturing objects in c4d to help's for a new set I want to upload...Thank you
2014/6/21 7:10:03
A little Star Wars Parody Thank you..also thank you for putting me in the credits. Today I converted han solo gun and chewies also..I converted Luke's home in tatoine and a low poly millennium falcon I will upload tomorrow. I wish we could just load objects instead of sets but they work ok. Oh and a jawa bandolier I'll load that too
2014/6/21 3:28:43
A little Star Wars Parody wow that is awesome! they look amazing!!!! how did you get the helmet so smooth? also where did you get the cantina from? ive been trying to convert one for so long but it keeps giving me errors
great job by the way!!!!
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2014/6/19 6:31:34
hello, new here NOT really happy with it but here is my BTTF

and my joker

and my menudo concert

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2014/6/17 20:41:28
hello, new here oh no problem I have more i will be sharing.. since they cant be use for commercial use....i think someone can have fun with them. i just did a scary joker too. ill upload later. im trying to do a back to the future marty and doc too.. i just wish i could do voices could be lots of fun
2014/6/12 4:52:52
error messages muvizu_chap wrote:
Hey there, looks like you have some missing files! Have you tried resinstalling?

would it affect my license? if not i will re install
2014/6/11 5:34:28
error messages hi, can someone look at this? every other set or when i open muvizu i get this error
2014/6/11 0:04:52
a fake commercial I made ziggy72 wrote:
Pretty good first attempt, hangs together okay - unfortunately your volume goes from okay to DEAFENING at 39 seconds in, but sound is tricky within Muvizu

thank you yes i should have listened to it after it rendered. its freaking loud for sure. than you for the imput

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2014/6/10 22:40:22
advice needed! i changed as public wow! i dont know much about all this. i am currently learning, but i think it looks great! the voice matched the video, the explosion was great too. was it all done in muvizu or did you use the other elements in a video editor? hope to see more of your work
2014/6/10 20:31:29
a fake commercial I made So , i am playing with muvizu a lot. I am learning voice overs, timing, camera cuts, character dialog and so much to do and so much fun. I created a 2 minute commercial. It is in Spanish. i would love for you guys to review it. Even if you don't speak Spanish. I could use critics on camera cut, movements actions, any thing you can recommend. Ive already created a bunch of different characters for a project i want to do in the near future. plus years ago i did stand up comedy and my goal is to use my character and record my comedy and use it to showcase it.

As i stated before I am retired Air Force and I have nerve damage so even doing a few minutes of work is complicated, but this has been a tremendous therapy to keep my mind and body in check. this little program has helped me not go nuts staying at home, since i cant work. I really want to thank MUVIZU and the members here because i truly have a new output in life.

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