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2014/8/14 4:16:15
what are those twitter feeds 99% of the time the Latest from Twitter for me is "Loading..."
2014/8/2 16:31:16
Hello ! I introduce myself Welcome to Muvizu PapyGrenouille. Good job on your first video.
2014/7/30 14:52:02
the man who lived twice Grats Fazz!
2014/7/28 22:53:39
Laurel & Hardy - Gangnam Style [Animation] [4K 60F That was awesome!
2014/7/21 16:08:29
the man who lived twice Dadgum that fate! Great video!
2014/7/20 21:29:28
Hello fellow muvizu users Hello Danny and welcome! Enjoy!
2014/7/20 21:27:36
Hola! - Hi! Hello and welcome Peli! Can't wait to see your videos.

Translated with google:
Hola y bienvenidos Peli! No puedo esperar a ver sus vídeos.
2014/7/20 21:04:10
adding a model into assets? The only option that I know of is to upload a set. I have made a kitchen set that has assets in it that people might want to use.
2014/7/13 20:54:10
Importing object error Try either scrolling out with your mouse or go up a bit with your mouse.
2014/7/10 14:17:27
Copyright filchers! Yay!
2014/7/10 14:15:13
try muvizu : when i start : FATAL ERROR Does this help? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/muvizu.php
Oliv had one to many http://'s
2014/7/9 16:48:41
Copyright filchers! Good luck!
2014/7/7 15:04:03
Coming Soon... Cool!
2014/7/6 16:03:23
New Member Hello ziggy72! And hello to BrianGray
2014/7/5 17:21:24
New Member Welcome! :-)
2014/6/30 3:28:06
Coming Soon... Wow! Great job!
2014/6/29 18:20:00
cheech and chong 3 It looks pretty good to me.
2014/6/29 4:53:25
cheech and chong part 2 Again good job! Keep it up.
2014/6/29 4:49:28
cheech and chong I like it, good job.
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