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2014/10/14 13:48:20
Upload from You Tube I've contacted Digimania, they say that, unfortunately, they are not able to link existing videos to a profile, all videos need to be uploaded through the website in order for them to be shown on a profile.
2014/10/6 20:25:33
The Old School guy ukBerty wrote:
Top notch editing here. Really enjoyed it. Not my kind of musuc, but I can't get it out of my head now !

2014/10/6 7:36:43
The Old School guy Dreeko wrote:
Very 80s feel to that one. Some of the low angles reminded me of the level 40 I want my mtv video. A lot of great character animation choices and the editing shows that you must have a fair bit of experience. Look forward to seeing more from yourself. Well done!


Many many thanks!
2014/10/5 16:30:50
The Old School guy primaveranz wrote:
C'est magnifique ça

2014/10/4 21:26:03
The Old School guy Thank you very much all for the nice comments! That's really encouraging (especially for a beginner like me...). Now I'm watching all your videos .. and I'm learning.
2014/10/4 13:44:14
The Old School guy Enjoy "The Old School Guy", a funny hip hop video:
2014/10/4 13:38:36
Upload from You Tube I have the same problem. Would be great if anyone could help. Thanks!
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