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2011/11/23 14:45:43
Pinstripe Blues Nice video, very well done. I must point out, though, that you should have obtained our permission to remove the Muvizu watermark from the video, as stated in our terms of use. On this occasion we ask only that you edit the description to say "created in Muvizu, free 3D animation software".
2011/11/23 12:32:19
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius Neil wrote:
You're all awesome, now run along and make some Muvizu videos I can watch in my lunch hour.

Hour? Since when have devs been allowed such extravagant breaks?
2011/11/23 9:27:16
Cool Animations One of the chaps working with our investors in London just sent me this link:

This says a lot about the sort of people who back us.
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2011/11/19 14:21:51
Video in the gallery 11apr1973 wrote:
Ciao, yesterday I uploaded a video for the AMD competition, but I don't see it in the gallery.

The video was submitted after close of play on Friday, but it'll be on the site first thing on Monday morning.

Cool Your video has now been posted, and what a splendid video it is, too.
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2011/11/16 14:04:54
Comment info looks wrong Should be fixed now. Ian had this to say:

"YouTube is currently giving a date back as 01/01/1970 for every video comment. We've been picking this up from a field called "Updated", however there is also a "Published" field and that has the correct value, so we've swapped it to use that instead.

"I've raised a bug with the YouTube API team. Wouldn't surprise me if they've deprecated the "Updated" field. Anyway it's working now so I'll stop boring you with all the details!"
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2011/10/28 17:04:06
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! Skirts are a splendid idea. Here's freakmoomin wearing a very fetching little number at an event last night:

2011/10/14 8:26:59
New competition rules toonarama wrote:
Good morning all!

Can I just ask a couple of questions about the latest competition

a) can you use music/textures if they have the correct creative commons licences

b) can you use post processing software (like Premiere Elements and Vegas Home Studio) to edit your film

Thank you


Yes to both, Mick.

2011/10/13 16:32:03
On the News Wizaerd wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
These are really what muvizu was designed for! so on the pulse!

Is this true?

No, just a bit of hyperbole, but it is a refreshing use of Muvizu in that it can be so current. It's tricky to do news satire as animation because, as Freakmoomin pointed out, it takes too long.
2011/10/12 16:59:54
Video Card recommendations ccliffy wrote:

Can anyone suggest some?

I'm sure that someone capable will suggest some soon, but I can't resist suggesting that you should enter our competition and win a laptop that'll run Muvizu really well
2011/9/9 15:19:54
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Thanks for all the feedback on the latest release, we now intend to publish a patch during the week starting Monday September 19 to fix/improve several bits and pieces, chiefly including:
  • Sets that incorporate animated properties should load reliably
  • Timeline will once again be aware of the right mouse button
  • Behaviour of director camera when scrolling with mouse wheel in another application
  • Saving a set that includes an imported object with an ID texture will now retain that texture info
  • Keys will be assigned to zoom functions
  • Font tweaked to improve readability
  • Preparing character properties for a character with no attachments should no longer cause a crash
Other glitches, possibly too esoteric to talk about here, should also be resolved.

Once again, we appreciate your help in all this and thank you all for playing so nicely.

Best wishes,

The Muvizu team
2011/9/8 15:43:45
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ukBerty wrote:
Yeah thanks - we only moan because we love you.

No problem, we're just not used to so much love
2011/9/8 15:06:07
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Having just got together with Jamie and some of the devs, we've thrashed out a plan to release a patch as soon as we can to address some of the, er, unpublicised features kindly highlighted by users in this thread. Special thanks go to ukBerty, Quoling, Artpen, Simonheffer, Ziggy, Dylly and Danimal (although for those two last ones we may have to urge you to see an optician - user-defined font sizes aren't something that we can fix in a patch).

The devs involved in planning and executing this patch may well tax some of you for more information and, you never know, may also update you in this thread on their progress and, after a few days, a target date for a patch.

Thanks for your help ... and your temperate language.
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2011/9/7 12:50:11
Warning: Downloading Muvizu from external websites It amuses me that some people will make such efforts to find an illegally distributed version of a free and complete product.
2011/9/4 21:55:01
Upload not showing simonheffer wrote:
Thanks Vince.
Of course, I got the audio FROM youtube in the first place

That makes no difference. As you know, it's fine to play on YouTube because YouTube has a deal to allow that if it provides links to iTunes etc. It is not, however, a given that it has been cleared for syndication - which it needs to be to show up on our site.
2011/9/4 13:05:43
Upload not showing simonheffer wrote:
Still waiting

We'll investigate this tomorrow. The only thing I can think of is that YouTube has blocked it for syndication because of the audio track; you can see the iTunes and artist links inserted by YouTube if it's viewed via a standard YouTube page.
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2011/9/1 19:32:02
Release-date competition Win an AMD Fusion-powered laptop

To celebrate our imminent release of the next version of Muvizu 3D animation software, we're running a video short competition and are delighted to announce that the chip-maker AMD is donating the first prize in the form of a laptop powered by the latest accelerated processing technology, the AMD A-Series APU. (We don't yet know what the second and third prizes will be.)

For all the official and technical information about AMD Fusion APUs - accelerated processing units - you should visit AMD's dedicated pages here:

This will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the technology. In layman’s terms, though, Fusion APUs allow for absolutely brilliant graphics performance without the usual power overheads, so a Fusion APU-powered laptop makes perfect sense if you're going to be running apps such as Muvizu.

We're lucky enough to have been lent a Fusion laptop for evaluation and the verdict from Jamie, our lead QA, is that it runs Muvizu like a dream. It also gets his mark of excellence as a gaming machine. (Details of the machine he's using are here: )

So, what can we tell you about the competition? Originally, we thought that we'd ask for 10-second Muvizu clips on any subject under the sun. We're still going to take clips about anything that you fancy making, but, given comments posted in response to a recent news item - - and other feedback, we've decided to relax the time limit. We've now decided that your video must be a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 30.

Full terms and conditions, with all the impenetrable legal spiel, will be posted on or soon after the Muvizu upgrade is released next week. In the meantime, you should know that:

- Entrants must be registered Muvizu users
- If you're not yet 13 years old, your Muvizu gatekeeper may submit entries on your behalf
- Videos submitted must be your original, unpublished work
- You may not use any copyrighted material - including audio, video, imagery, logos, text, dialogue and anything I've missed - without the written permission of the copyright holder. Really, it'd be easier just to avoid it and make your own stuff
- You may enter as many times as you fancy and each submission will be treated as a separate entry
- All animation must be created using Muvizu, but, naturally, you may import images, audio, video and other files created with other software into your Muvizu project; again, the earlier copyright caveat applies
- All entries are subject to the Muvizu 3D software terms and conditions, which we know you've all read thoroughly and with passionate interest

We're looking at a cut-off date for submissions of around the first week in November. We'll let you know the exact date and time, plus information on how to submit your entries (please hang on to any you create in the meantime, don't publish them anywhere), as soon as we've finalised all the details.

Best regards,
The Muvizu team
2011/8/28 9:49:10
Movies not showing in profile BayTheMoon wrote:
I have uploaded just one movie (so far) but in my Profile it says I haven't uploaded anything. Is it that it takes a while to update?

When you posted the video on our forums you said that you'd not realised that you should have linked your YouTube and Muvizu accounts. This means that the video was never uploaded via our application or our website, so it lacks the Muvizu tags that we attach to enable us to call in Muvizu videos to our content management system via YouTube's APIs. (Actually, all we do is provide a display link for the video on our site, the video itself always resides on YouTube's servers.)

Videos will display in our gallery and on your profile only if they have been uploaded via the Muvizu app or website. But hey, never mind - link your accounts and upload via us in future. You could do that and re-upload the existing video via our site, but you'd have to delete the one on YouTube first. That's a pain in the proverbial so it's your call.

Whatever, I loved White Rabbit. Should I be looking forward to Summer of Love and maybe Planes (Experimental Aircraft)?
2011/8/27 9:42:35
Release-date competition May I draw your attention to this news item. As well as announcing the target release date for the next Muvizu update, it also solicits suggestions for a video short competition for which AMD is giving away a Fusion-powered laptop. (There's info on Fusion APUs here: As the item says, we fancy a free-for-all of 10-second clips on any subject, but what would you like?

Further, we're trying to encourage news and political satire and, again, are thinking about a competition, perhaps a weekly prize.

Last but not least, there's just over a month left to get your submissions to the Machinima Expo 2011 competition, details here.

So, check the news item and post your suggestions in the comment box.
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2011/8/26 11:32:17
Newbie.... If I may step in here, I’d like to point out that we don’t have a censorship policy on assets. The Muvizu staff member who stated, wrongly, that we have such a policy on guns may well be taken outside and shot. We have tanks, lots of military assets, a bomb-belt - and as someone pointed out in this thread you can have a zombie with an axe embedded in his swede – so any such assertions about censorship are clearly baseless; probably just the Irn-Bru talking.

The ability for characters to pick up and hold props, whatever they may be, is a Holy Grail for us. We discuss this a great deal and know that one day we’ll come up with an elegant solution, one flexible enough to accommodate as many uses as possible.

In the meantime, as you know, we’ve experimented with sockets for musical instruments and microphones – with some measure of success – because we thought that that was the best place to start, and musical animations and props have proved popular.

We’ve also been trying to open up the program more and more for people to load their own assets, so comments about being able to stop a character breathing to allow convincing workarounds with placements of unattached props are definitely on the right track.

Now, is there any chance that we could all play nicely for a bit?

vince (Muvizu MD)
2011/8/19 13:05:34
Cheap(ish) laptop Chip-maker AMD is rolling out its Fusion range of APUs (accelerated processing units) and recently lent Muvizu a laptop for evaluation. I'm not really interested in the technical details, but anyone who is may delve into them here - - however I am interested in innovations that bring desktop-grade graphics to affordable laptops/notebooks, which is where Fusion comes in. The Fusion stuff is low power-consumption, too, which is a bonus.

Anyhow, Jamie has been putting the machine through its paces and he's very impressed, which if you know Jamie is really saying something. It runs Muvizu like a dream, certainly better than the laptops that we use for demos. He's also tried it out as a gaming machine and it gets big thumbs-up on that count, too.

Our eval kit is an MSi-branded 15.6-inch laptop with an AMD A8-3500M APU, that's the Fusion bit, and came with 4GB of memory. I asked AMD what Fusion stuff was available in mainstream UK retailers that would give an equivalent performance and their guy told me that Comet, Currys and John Lewis already have some, chiefly by HP and Toshiba. The 3500M APU, in our laptop is at the low end of the A8 series. We're told that the high end of the A6 series should also perform well, but we haven't tried that. If anyone has, please post your findings here.

So, anyone thinking of buying a laptop with high-end graphics grunt without the fancy prices may want to pump Jamie for some proper technical info. Fusion really does seem to be where it's at.
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