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2011/8/18 14:28:50
Working for Muvizu We're just about to post the following job advertisement on S1Jobs, so it may as well be posted here, too. This post should rate a mention in the emails of canny applicants.

The QA team at Glasgow-based Digimania needs another tester for its Muvizu 3D animation software and integrated website project.

You’ll need: experience with bug-tracking software and in website testing; the ability to write and execute test plans; familiarity with and an interest in 3D environments – UDK/UE3 experience would be a bonus; proficiency in video-, audio- and image-editing software; good hardware knowledge, especially in the graphics area.

You will also need the ability to support and strike up a rapport with users via forums and other online media.

If you’re interested in this job at Muvizu, write to to tell us why; that’s an old-school email, not a CV, and not a form submission via this or any other jobs site.
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2011/8/10 15:49:10
Remove Character Actions No problem. We should be releasing again on August 30, and it's quite a big release given the UI changes, so I would suggest playing with that, noting the actions that you'd like to have censored and then replying to my email so that we may decide the best route to take.

Very glad that you like the software and I hope that you have fun with it.


2011/8/9 16:17:02
Remove Character Actions There is a way to do this but it isn't easy - it's fairly technical - and the task would need to be repeated every time there's a Muvizu update. I'll get in touch.
2011/7/13 14:16:31
Interface & Timeline Dreeko wrote:
pyrrho wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Thoughts? ( other than bugger off dreeko we"re busy enough!lol!)

No, I think that you've summed it up pretty accurately there :-)

I read your reply but in my head it is somehow translated into
"Thanks Dreeko. Muvizu"s Developement is driven by user feedback. We welcome and value your input. Keep it coming"

No probs, glad to be of help!


This is where I should point out that, as Muvizu Ambassador, your next diplomatic posting is likely to be to Libya.

2011/7/13 10:49:55
Interface & Timeline Dreeko wrote:
Thoughts? ( other than bugger off dreeko we"re busy enough!lol!)

No, I think that you've summed it up pretty accurately there :-)
2011/7/13 9:18:24
Rocket School | BFI cost? wertstrong wrote:
I am fourteen and live in London so I would like to be there but I'm not sure on much would it cost (unless it's free). So would anyone please explain.

Details of the BFI event are here:

However, the BFI site says: "
Rocket School is 10am - 4pm each day, and includes a practical workshop in the morning and a movie in the afternoon. Tickets £20 per day, call the BFI Southbank Box Office on 020 7928 3232 to book tickets.
Suitable for 8 - 12 year olds, please bring a packed lunch and a raincoat."
So it would appear that you'd be discriminated against on the grounds of being too old :-(
If it helps any, I get the same thing every day.
2011/6/25 17:29:37
YouTube partner program mrsponkie wrote:

Reading the commercial enquiries it seems that i have to share the 20% of my incomes with Muvizu, am i wrong?
So if I (hypotethically) earn 100 $ from YouTube, I ave to pay 20 $ to Muvizu, right ?

You read correctly, that's what we would expect under our terms and conditions - although you could haggle over the percentage and if you became extremely successful and earned lots and lots of money, the percentage would fall.

Our software not only uses Epic's Unreal Engine 3, but our terms and conditions mimic Epic's terms for people who make money using the Unreal Developers Kit (UDK). Just so that you know, we'd pass on a slice of anything that you paid to us to Epic under our licence deal with them.

It's a tax on success, if you like, but we think that it's a reasonable one. Contact me if you'd like to take this further. In the meantime, good luck with your channel and we look forward to seeing your work.


vince (the MD at Muvizu)
2011/6/20 11:10:50
The newest Muvizu release... ukBerty wrote:

Can I campaign to have a new release sooner than later to resolve at least the lighting if not the 64 bit issues


I'd like to campaign for more Beware the Pie-style comedy. :-)
2011/6/20 1:21:38
Father's Day Suggestions Morgan_Bee wrote:
Okay, fathers day is here and I'm a horrible person for not doing anything yet, but that aside: I'm not too sure what to get him. Lately my dad's been really into this Muvizu thing, so I thought maybe I could buy him an extension package or the like, but I've looked around and this seems to be a compleatly altruistic website. The one time I want a website to make me buy something I can't seem to find anything. Is this right, that there's no money involved, or does anyone have other suggestions?

OK, so this is too late - but would he like a Muvizu T-shirt? Message me his address and size and I'll send one.

2011/6/10 16:02:36
Muvizu and RATS!!! freakmoomin wrote:
Just found evidence of RATS nesting in Muvizu HQ!

Kev, mate, the word is management. Oh, and you're fired.
2011/5/18 11:09:21
Industrial-scale collaboration For quite a few years I've been a big fan of the collaborative filmmaking site, which sprang from the success of the Star Wreck projects (see

The minds behind this are quite serious about their intentions to disrupt the cosy and closed-off world of filmmaking, stick two fingers up at the industry fat-cats and smash their corrupt monopolies. Good for them, I reckon.

One wreckamovie project I've been following in particular is Iron Sky, a Nazis-in-space black comedy which, now in production, is currently making waves in Cannes. These guys have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding via their fanbase and other crowdsourced initiatives. They've just released a video explaining their - proven - model of collaborative funding and filmmaking, which is well worth watching:
"Iron Sky - Producing with the Audience"

You may watch teasers, trailers and find out more about the project on the Iron Sky site:

This is the Iron Sky presence at wreckamovie - - which is a fascinating record of the project from inception, calls for contributions/collaborators/suggestions and all the discussions and information that informed this enterprise.

No, Muvizu has nothing to do with wreckamovie and nothing to do with Iron Sky, but we are keen to encourage user collaboration and what these guys are doing deserves to be talked about, supported, emulated and recognised for the groundbreaking achievement it is.

They may establish a new, global industry model that will last a thousand years ...
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2011/5/3 11:30:51
Pet ewok! What make of dog is that? I love the punk hairstyle.
2011/4/21 15:48:03
Commercial Productions haarvik wrote:
Hopefully the next release gets it there. More animations for everyday gestures, interaction with props and camera waypoints.

You'll have to wait rather longer than for the next release which, although a huge and thus far troublesome beasty, is largely about updating the core technologies - Unreal Engine 3 and the morpheme blending system.

Once this albatross is off our backs, we'll return to our roughly eight-week release cycles, which will be far more feature-led.

2011/4/21 15:06:57
Commercial Productions haarvik wrote:
Case in point is South Park, or Beavis and Butt-Head. Animation sucks royally, but viewers enjoyed the content.

If there has been commercial success with it, can someone point to an example? i would be very interested in seeing what has been commercially accepted.

You've hit the nail on the head: that's exactly what we'd like to see happen, the creation of something like that. However, it hasn't happened yet. A couple of independents with some track record for small TV/film works are working on projects, but we're really waiting for that random user to pick us as a tool to translate quirky ideas into film. The trick is to get more and more people to use Muvizu, I suppose.


2011/4/21 8:22:45
Life on Muvizu Very droll, Dreeko. You might have asked me to do my own voice work, though ;-)

2011/4/19 10:40:02
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Dreeko wrote:
Looks like I've opened a can of worms here

...or beer

On the subject of copyright do you think this guy has got away with it?..

Apart from the logo, yes.
2011/4/19 9:54:24
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Danimal wrote:
All right, since I'm sure this is what you had in mind, Dreeko, I've uploaded the beer can from my last video. Have fun with it!

Sorry about this, but we can't carry trademarked logos/packaging/etc on the site without permission from the brand owner - which isn't likely to be forthcoming unless they want to sponsor a competition or something for a UGC ad, which would be nice.

We'd be OK if the name were changed to something similar and the artwork in the same style but not the exact design.

It's a bummer, but the big guys are protective of their "brand image". The worst offenders are the likes of Nike who've trademarked the "swoop". It won't be long before someone trademarks a circle.

2011/4/15 14:57:11
Uploaded sets and 3d assets glasgowjim wrote:
Morning folks,

I checked before uploading my stuff, Google's T&C's are as follows:

11.(c) By publicly posting or displaying the content you give other end users of the Services a perpetual, sublicensable, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute (subject to the restrictions set forth in Sections 11.4 and 20.3 of these Terms) any Content or derivative works thereof which you publicly post or display on or through the Services.

11.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, without Google’s prior authorization, you may not: (i) aggregate Content obtained from Google Services for redistribution, or (ii) use or distribute Content obtained from Google Services in a mapping or geographic application or service.

This means that we have the right to download Google warehouse models, modify them and redistribute them as long as it isn't purely for creating a model database - so uploading models that we have used in videos should be fine.

Take it easy,

Jim, the section in bold (my bold) is the relevant one here. We may not aggregate Warehouse models for redistribution - and making them available in bulk on our site would be doing just that. Yes, the odd item modified and used in a video, fine, but certainly not a frenzy (Mr D).

On a point of principle, though - and who has really read Google's Ts and Cs (or any, for that matter) - a user may upload to Google Warehouse because that is where they want their work to be displayed, they may not wish to have their creations displayed on a site that, unbeknown to us, they are uncomfortable with for whatever reason. We should ask permission, just on the principle of courtesy - also, it's nice to be asked, and always welcome to receive positive comments about your work.

Original work is just that, original work - and as far as possible we should avoid scouring Ts and Cs, which are there to protect the interests of large corporations more than those of the artists', and be rather more considerate to the little man's efforts than rapacious.

Spread a little love, Jim :-)

2011/4/15 10:21:11
Uploaded sets and 3d assets ziggy72 wrote:
How would that work copyright wise? If we're okay to do that, I'll post up the lot (about 50 I think).

Er, I reckon that Google and the creators would look dimly on this. Mind you, after six months or so you'd have great material for making your own courtroom models :-)

Seriously, though, we may not take models created by other people or companies and publish them here.


2011/4/6 9:29:56
Garage Band Blues... mysto wrote:
I have redone the video so that you can now see not only the lead singer wailing away but the other band members singing backup vocals as well ...

Thanks again Quoling!

This is impressive, and I wanted to take the corporate opportunity to highlight what is involved here: Muvizu stuff may be reworked far more easily than traditional animation.

Crap. Sorry - but I can't help leaping on any opportunity to plug the loveliness of our app.

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