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2010/8/28 11:47:39
Muvizu updates - in what form? Hermit wrote:
Looking into the future, the specs for using Muvizu may increase with later versions and updates, so for those with slower machines (and mine is just borderline at the moment!) automatic updating may cause problems and they may prefer to use v1 rather than v2.

I'm rather hoping that, given updates to the core tech we use since creating Muvizu that we must soon incorporate, processing demands may well fall initially rather than rise. As far as the risk of losing a preferred version because of a mistakenly applied update (you do get the choice, as Robert said) or anything else out of left field, it's worth - as with any software you like - keeping the .exe file somewhere safe. That way you can always say, "This far, but no further, thanks."
2010/8/28 11:28:20
Raindance film festival 2010 civicbynature wrote:
To be a valid submission we can only use muvizu? Does this mean that I'm not allowed to use after effects for any post render fx's. For example, Like I did in "spacey" for the scroll, the flames and screen rotation?

This quote from a news item posted on August 10 should help:

"You may use image programs, post-processing programs, audio programs and the like to make your 90-second clips. One of the nice things about Muvizu is that it lets us bring together pictures, dialogue, music and even videos to incorporate in our Muvizu creations.

"Use whatever tools you like, but bear in mind that we're interested in competition entries that show the best use of Muvizu as a filmmaking and animation package, so the more your clip showcases what our software can do, the better your chances of winning some state-of-the-art computing kit, as provided by Workstation Specialists."

There had been some initial confusion about this but I can assure you that you may use other programs, keeping a wary eye on the objective that I've flagged up in bold.

Oh yes, one more thing: It's likely that a news item will be posted on this site on Monday (August 30) to notify entrants that the competition deadline has been pushed to early October. It was something of a gaffe to set an August 31 cut-off when tools of particular interest to filmmakers - moving cameras, tracking shots, panning, crane etc - are released in our update of, er, August 31.

It's interesting to see how may entrants submit multiple clips. I expect we'll see even more of that now :-)
2010/8/28 11:14:10
free muvizu? Than wrote:
Fair enough, if I ever come by cash due to a muvizu venture i'll contact vince when it happens.

That's jolly decent of you, but I'd like to think that I'd get to you first ;-)

Now, is that me talking as MD or as TB? (Someone was wondering what that stood for: I suppose any MD could also be either a total or totalitarian bastard/bitch/bore/brute etc. I think that bumfmeister could work in my case.)
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