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2014/10/14 5:35:25
Unable to replay movements Yeah it might be a Windows 7 only thing. It's interesting that it defaulted to DirectX 9, whereas my Windows 7 install defaulted to DirectX 11. This is an awfully long time to let such a serious core work-flow bug languish for Windows 7 users though.
2014/10/14 0:54:11
Is this software still being actively developed? There is a severe bug in the movement system which basically prevents the user from editing the movement track and corrupts the file. This is part of the core functionality of the program, and yet even though the bug was reported over 4 months ago, it is still there. Have the developers abandoned this software?
2014/10/14 0:48:41
Unable to replay movements Well I'm not sure how this information fixed your problem. There is no way to remove Directx9, at least from a Windows 7 install, and my Muvizu defaulted to using the DirectX11 installed on my system. Every single issue you point out, is exactly the bugs that are happening to the movement track. All the semi-work-arounds, closing and reopening allowing a single replay of the first movement block, etc, behave in the same way. Yet the *magical* fix you're claiming, isn't even an option.

This program is bugged to the point of being unusable, which is sad because what it appears to do (until you begin to use it), is very cool.
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