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2014/10/10 17:36:05
MnM character in the muvizu promotion movie MrDrWho13 wrote:
The M&M is a specially designed character to show how businesses could use Muvizu (whilst also paying for a business version on Muvizu rather than the consumer version.)
However, now that we have RenderDigimania, this feature is almost obsolete.

Sorry about that.

Do you think there could be a business version else of play+ where we could build our own ready-to-animate characters
2014/10/10 16:56:53
MnM character in the muvizu promotion movie renderdigimania seems interesting, but there is no information about pricing
2014/10/10 16:13:36
Suit cloth Is there a suit cloth like the one inside the muvizu promotional movie?
2014/10/10 16:08:42
MnM character in the muvizu promotion movie Hello, I would like to where i CAN find the MnM cartoon character animated inside the muvizu promotional movie in the muvizu homepage.
2014/10/3 21:18:28
using a joystick I have plugged my 360 controler, but it doesn't work in muvizu. It's a wireless controller with a cable to plug in a usb port. How CAN I make it work?
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