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2012/2/9 14:16:30
Random requests! ukBerty wrote:
Thanks for having a look. I've had a little play and basically that would mean doing a "pose" action and letting it play through which would keep the character out of idle ?

This would allow me to do what I want so yes please.

Yes, that's pretty much how it works. So you would be using the 'pose' animations, or any animation that doesn't return to the idle position at the end.

ukBerty wrote:
Ideally it would give us much more control if you could take it off "idle" as the character would always have to be is a pose to be dead, which may look a bit unnatural - but I'll take what I can get !

We're working on some stuff for a future update that will allow you to control the speed at which individual animations play - once this is done it should be fairly easy to 'freeze' (or slow down, or speed up) any animation you like. Or at least, that's the plan. No promises as to when this'll be available, but we're looking into it
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2012/2/8 14:21:57
Random requests! ukBerty wrote:
Please,please, please can we have a tick box on a character to stop them breathing. There is quite a bit of death in my latest creation, or at least there would be if the characters would actually die!

Just to be clear, there are actually two different breathing animations that we use. One is the 'idle' animation that is played when the character is just standing around doing nothing. The second is a more subtle effect which is layered on top of whichever animation is currently playing to stop the character from becoming completely motionless - this is playing pretty much all the time.

I've done a quick test and it looks like it would be pretty easy for us to add an option to disable this second layered animation - would that do the trick?
2011/10/12 10:36:03
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ukBerty wrote:
It seems that if you have any head movement on the timeline before an action (not during) then it turns all future action driven head movements off ?

You should be able to get the head movement behaviour you're looking for by using the "release" button in the "direct character eyes and head" dialog. When you record head movement, if you 'release' before you finish recording, any subsequent head movements will play normally. If you don't release the head, it will be effectively locked in place and will override any head movement in subsequent actions.

ukBerty wrote:
You can't even preview the action in prepare mode.

This sounds like a bug, I'll take a look.

Hope this helps, please give me a shout if it doesn't.
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2011/7/7 10:12:13
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Amazing Really well done.
2011/5/27 9:56:50
Fart in the Park 2 Love it
2010/12/2 11:51:57
Animations Characters do while Creating Them This is an easy feature to add, so should be available in the next release.
2010/12/2 11:42:49
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Dreeko wrote:

In addition I would like to have a walking/running on the spot mode (I've mentioned this before, I know!) to use the scrolling background without the character walking away from it, I dont know if some kind of treadmill that matches the speed of the characters underfoot is the answer, but whatever it is, it would be awfy handy!


This is something that should be relatively easy to add, so we'll try to get it into a future release. Standard "no promises" disclaimer applies
2010/12/2 11:24:42
Ragdoll mode? We're currently upgrading to a new version of the animation software that we use in Muvizu, and it now includes support for ragdoll animations. So it's possible we may be able to include this in a future update.

No promises though!
2010/11/15 18:23:22
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ukBerty wrote:
I have uploaded a video of the prepare bug - it's driving me nuts now as it does happen a lot. I have made this private to you.

Hi Berty,

Sorry you've been having a problem with this - I'll be looking at it this week. Hope to have it fixed soon, apologies for the inconvenience.


2010/11/6 13:16:44
Staundoone Episode ! I liked the laugh track, I thought it worked very well. Can't wait to see the next episode. Keep up the good work
2010/11/5 18:37:35
Staundoone Episode ! This is fantastic. Really nicely done
2010/9/14 13:16:11
Importing from Google Sketchup The audio is very quiet for me as well I'm afraid.
2010/9/3 13:29:22
First 23 seconds Looking forward to seeing it Than
2010/8/26 17:58:52
Top things we love about our users #8 - For making stuff like this :

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2010/8/25 23:37:44
Robot interview and matters arising Hey Neil, I thought you were the codec expert? :P
2010/8/23 18:35:08
Trouble uploading vid Robwelsh wrote:
Jim-....That's it! Up and running, after another couple attempts...this time at tea time. Thanks for the time and advice.

Very nice - love the Goths
2010/8/21 13:00:53
Robot interview and matters arising Nice work Please keep the movies and the feedback coming, it's good stuff and very useful.
2010/8/15 8:19:19
Camera and Audio tutorials - a few comments Kaynine wrote:
(3) Also, when you trigger a sequence of animated movements by a character, can you cut those actions off part-way through to start a new movement so as to make a sequence more pacy?


Kaynine wrote:
(4) OR can you apply a speed-up or slow-down function to character movements? (How, for instance could you otherwise create a Benny Hill type run-around or realistic floating in the moon's gravity?)

This is something we've been looking into, and will hopefully make it into the app in the future.

Kaynine wrote:
(5) Thinking about it - can you post-edit a sequence by deleting sections or even shifting them around?

Yes - highlight your character, then select Edit > Timeline from the menu. The track at the top of the timeline shows animation events - you can drag these around the timeline, and right-clicking on an event will give you an option to delete it.

Hope this helps.
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2010/8/14 14:31:51
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Very nice
2010/8/14 12:32:04
Error warnings and then Muvizu crashes You can send them to bugs@muvizu.com. Thanks for your help
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