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2016/3/4 21:27:00
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm @Braj Which add on packs.....totally up to you, everyone has different needs.
Check them out here

@ukBerty Nice shot of the desert.

2016/3/4 0:50:53
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm Hitfilm is more for compositing and effects, it has a simple editor.
Sony Movie Studio is better for editing, I use Vegas Pro 13 with HitFilm 4 Pro
and love them.

2016/3/3 21:58:57
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm Love that video, I see that your track is slipping a bit.
Mocha would do a better job.

@Braj HitFilm Express imports image sequences perfectly. You select the folder that has the pics, unlike Vegas
where you select the first picture in the folder and then tick the box "import as seq"

Side note if there is anything else in the folder other than
the images for the sequence then it will fail.

2016/3/2 15:21:29
Global scale option Looks good Braj
2016/3/2 14:03:00
Need help with a bathroom scene.... So here is what I'll use in the end. Made the texture a gradient to help.
Thanks guys.

2016/3/2 13:37:21
Need help with a bathroom scene.... WOW, thanks for the help, I'll give it a go.

2016/3/2 3:06:49
Need help with a bathroom scene.... Has anyone made a model or no of a way to fake having your pants down around your ankles for
when your on the toilet.

2016/2/27 19:50:52
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs @mcmillan-ra Thanks for the update, Xvid works great with this release.
Any chance you could share what settings to use to get a transparency with Xvid.

Thanks again.
PS Glad to see the staff getting in on conversations in the forum.

2016/2/26 15:28:30
Movement in a small space Keyboard shortcuts maybe.
2016/2/26 15:23:32
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs @mcmillan-ra
It just seems weird that it worked yesterday with v1.6 but today with v1.7 the .avi doesn't work
...and a side note, the same .avi still works in version 1.6....wouldn't that make
it an issue with the new 1.7 version, and not what video codec it is?
Nevermind that it's a low rez video, I use it just for sync.

2016/2/26 13:12:22
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Found another bug(for me at least) old .avi's that worked as textures before don't seem to work anymore.
Anyone else find this problem?

2016/2/26 13:05:06
Muvizu is a joy @Braj Very nice set!!!

2016/2/26 12:54:05
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? A basic DVD is 720X480....MPG2
You'd be wasting time rendering to 4K and then down to SD.
Use a bit rate around 6,000,00mbs in Vegas for your MPG2 file for DVD.
Don't MAX out the bit rate from Vegas, you'll be asking for problems with
playback of your DVD.

2016/2/25 20:47:54
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs @braj People refer to 3840X2160 as 4K, but the
proper label to give it, is UHD and 4096X2160 is true DCI 4K

More Info Here

2016/2/25 20:06:28
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Seems to open error infected sets, woot woot.
Talk/Shush seems to work now, Woot Woot.
Option for 4K output, WOOT WOOT

So far I'm happy
2016/2/12 16:21:59
Shush/Talk Broken? UPDATE:

Jamie from support said this.....

"We have a fix for the talk / shush problem, so the next update to Muvizu:Play+ will include this."

Which is great to hear.

2016/2/11 18:51:40
Shush/Talk Broken? Thanks Dr.
2016/2/11 0:43:15
Shush/Talk Broken? I'm using V1.6 Nov. 17th release. I know it was working before but is the shush talk broken in this version?

Image 1: If I just play the timeline lip sync works as it should.

Image 2: I want to tweak the lip sync a bit with the shush/talk. I record a few talk shush-talk-shush
and get the below image. and it's random every time I record.

...and when you move them around it's still all F'd up.

2016/1/28 1:53:22
graphics software WOW, Krita looks really nice.
Thanks for the link

2016/1/26 18:38:20
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help @ritsmer Just uploaded my expensive designer jeans to my profile.


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