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2015/12/16 19:01:12
Another new video with 'live backdrop' Thanks guys! I use Muvizu for the animation, I use a tweaked version the greenscreen environment - (once I get it really sorted out I'll post my settings!) I then render it off as a lossless AVI and import it into Sony Vegas Pro.

I made a couple of mistakes with the background footage, in particular using a monopod as opposed to a tripod, that made it harder to sync up, I also didn't get the drop shadows I wanted due to framing issues - I had to adjust the keying to get rid of the overlap against the pale sky.

Oh well, I'll try and get some better footage over the holidays.
2015/12/16 3:04:42
Another new video with 'live backdrop' I'll probably try recapturing the backdrop footage again sometime, but here's the latest from Ned and Rocco!
2015/12/12 20:27:20
My lastest animation, with shadows and everything That is with an Nvidia GTX 750 with 1 gig of ram.
2015/12/12 20:26:18
My lastest animation, with shadows and everything You were right, the same project rendered in half the time with the same settings. Still a bit of a wait though...
2015/12/12 18:16:31
My lastest animation, with shadows and everything I do have an Nvidia Gt 630 card with 2 gigs of RAM, it's passively cooled so I know it's not the speediest but when I looked into getting a faster one I don't see much difference in the bandwidth which I'm assuming is the critical part. I'm going to try rendering on my other computer which has a faster card, but a slower CPU, and see how that goes.
2015/12/12 2:32:41
My lastest animation, with shadows and everything I've discovered that adjusting the greenscreen environment is just as effective as rendering the animation as TARGA sequence PNG frames, it's a little faster to render too although it's still an hour a minute with all the stuff going on. I combined everything in Sony Vegas Pro
2015/12/12 2:25:44
3D modeling software .... If creating characters is what you're after...
2015/12/12 2:23:55
3D modeling software Wow, it would really take some doing to create a character to import into Muvizu, you're far better off mapping your photos to existing characters. It's a bit tricky for faces but they have templates and all sorts of examples.
2015/11/26 23:13:50
Want to collaborate on Muvizu 'Recipe Cards?' There is nothing wrong with the existing guide, but sometimes you just want a brief at-a-glance explanation like you would with a help file. Muvizu is one of the many programs I use, but it's the only one that doesn't have a built-in help section.
2015/11/26 18:10:50
Want to collaborate on Muvizu 'Recipe Cards?' Hi y'all, I've been making my own how-to notes which are a distillation of Muvizu Wiki, Forum answers, and my own discoveries. They are straightforward cut-to-the-chase answers to accessing typical Muvizu features with no "You can also try this using such-and-such." just simple unambiguous procedures, with the occasional careful-don't-do-this (!!).

I'm proposing creating a page that interested parties can upload their 'recipes' or comments, myself or another volunteer would act as moderator, and set up categories.

Below is an example.

Getting Characters to talk
First from the Prepare menu select PREPARE AUDIO – click 'new' and an Audio track 1 (or 2 or 3 etc) appears – Select the file then click the EDIT button and an AUDIO dialogue box pops up, then click IMPORT and select your audio file (.WAV MP3 etc) from where you last put it. The wave file appears in the BOX TIMELINE, (there is a play button to play it if you want) click OK and the box closes.

Second Now you have your audio file(s) in the PREPARE AUDIO box. Open the PREPARE DIALOGUE box, select your CHARACTER then select your LIPSYNC TO audio file. The INITIAL TALKING box with the talk-bubble should be selected (red), then click SWITCH TO DIRECT

Third a TIMELINE pops up and there is your characters name, and below is an audio file. If you click the play icon your character will talk, and the lipsync should work.

NOTE: At the time of this writing you should do ONE character at a time and SAVE after each one so they don't start saying each others lines. It is also not a bad idea to finish the dialogue steps FIRST before doing anything else in your animation.
2015/11/24 2:31:31
Can't reopen complex scenes sometimes Seems to work the most recent time I opened it, albeit a bit slow. I'm wondering if It's because I deleted a later version of a character?
2015/11/22 16:38:00
Can't reopen complex scenes sometimes I hope so, in the meantime I don't dare close the program!
2015/11/22 15:46:40
Can't reopen complex scenes sometimes Much to my chagrin I'm unable to open some of my more complex projects, ones with dialogue, actions, movement, camera moves, etc. give me an error message 'Object not found' and won't open. I can open earlier versions with less going on, and occasionally if I'm in an earlier version the latest version will open. I have lost many hours of work. What to do?
2015/11/20 23:55:31
Does Muvizu only render targa frames as 24fps? Oops, never mind, Vegas has a widescreen PAL 25fps template.
2015/11/20 23:40:14
Does Muvizu only render targa frames as 24fps? Thanks! Going to have to get out the calculator for this one....
2015/11/20 20:12:50
Does Muvizu only render targa frames as 24fps? Hi y'all, I've discovered something strange that doesn't happen when I render projects as an AVI file. When I render a minute of Muvizu animation as a targa PNG sequence, I only get about 45 seconds of video when I import the sequence into my video editor (Vegas pro)! Vegas is set to import individual frames to make video at just under 30fps Is it possible that Muvizu renders the frames as 24fpm? If this is so I could maybe fisgure out a work-around in Vegas.
2015/11/20 14:31:10
Ability to save Character Actions would rock! Having just spent a considerable amount of time crafting my characters actions, it sure would be nice to be able to save the different 'pallets' I've so painstakingly put together. Something like (feature name, scene) that could be saved and reused.
2015/11/18 3:03:44
Creating drop shadows It WORKS! (couldn't wait til tomorrow to try it!) The shadow colour is a little off but I'm sure I can adjust it, now I can do everything in Vegas! Thanks for the help everyone. I must say I am very relieved to not have to learn new software (Hitfilm) right now, although it's definitely on the agenda when my characters start shooting fireballs at each other.
2015/11/18 2:08:50
Creating drop shadows Thanks MrMuvizu, you seem to be on to something. Here is the response I got from Sony

"Thank you for contacting Sony Creative Software.
After importing the image sequences, set the compositing mode of the shadow track to "Multiply (Mask)" rather than the default "Source Alpha". This should make it behave as expected. Depending on your workflow, you may also wish to make the shadow track a compositing child of the object track."

You know it's the first thing I'll do when I get home tomorrow!
2015/11/17 14:42:03
Creating drop shadows Thanks again Tom. I haven't heard a peep from the Vegas forums, I don't think it's a very common problem. Hopefully I'll get an answer from a moderator or technician after a week or two. In the meantime I downloaded and installed Hitfilm, my least preferred option, I'll play around with that.
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