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2015/6/22 5:35:57
Standardized movements for all characters?? I'm getting a good slate of custom characters, however, to my chagrin I've found that 'Character Actions' aren't the same for all characters, in some cases they seem rather arbitrary.

I'm trying to get a bunch of characters to act as 'Judges' for something, all they really have to do is give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. This should be pretty straightforward, but it isn't. The actual actions can be anywhere - in happy, sad, angry, etc. and the "Rosie" character doesn't do the thumbs down at all, she also does her own specific dissimilar dancing, this works in ONE CLIP, but not others.
2015/6/18 4:40:18
Muvizu on Steam I'll vote for the greenlight, however, I have had issues with non-game software bought on Steam such as a music program that wouldn't load unless I was online and Steam was working properly. Steam also likes to update itself, often, so your computer will be slower to start.
2015/6/1 15:25:25
Extracting textures from set files I have long struggled to make realistic characters, I want a closer look at what other people have done, but if they save characters in set files then all I can see is a thumbnail of the custom texture. Is there a way to extract or view closely the custom texture?
2015/6/1 14:27:25
how do I dock the camera to the character so that I use the walk-in-place option and the green screen set to create that effect. I render and finish the sequence in my video editor.
2015/5/21 15:39:47
Unreal Engine, going forward As a gamer (now animator) I've long been aware of the Unreal Engine and it's possibilities. In the 90's I even tried, unsuccessfully, to make my own film by enabling a 'no-clipping' hack and videotaping the screen (!) Now as we know, the Unreal engine is the underpinning of Muvizu. What I'd like to know is . . . now that The Unreal Engine is in it's 4th incarnation (4.7 actually) are any of the new features like Skeletal Mesh Animation and the like, planned for Muvizu?
2015/5/20 15:32:31
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Personally I've found that lip synching works better when there's less going on. I start with one character at a time on an empty set, once I'm happy with the dialogue I start adding stuff.
2015/5/6 18:12:25
This Site! Thanks! I see it under my user name in the forum. I guess what's confusing me is that I'm used to clicking my profile when I log in and seeing something similar. I guess I'll just have to search out my old posts. :/
2015/5/6 15:57:40
This Site! This question isn't about Muvizu itself, it's about this site. On other forums I've posted things and interacted with people, and have always been able to go back and find threads I've posted or commented on. Generally under ones profile there is a list of posts, I can't find anything similar on the Muvizu site. There is a search function but unless you remember a key word, you're stuck. Any solutions?
2015/5/5 17:48:54
Real animation - A world of pain! I would say Muvizu is about 80% great, what would make it 100% great would be the ability to create your own custom movements, more precise movement controls, (trying to get multiple characters to start and stop walking at the same time is horrendous) and a less opaque 'Prepare character actions' section. There is definitely a big need for more more complete help section too.
2015/4/30 19:05:35
Get characters talking 1st before getting fancy! I'm not sure how common this is but I had a problem yesterday with getting my characters to synch to their audio. I went through the prepare and direct routine as I've done several times previously, but they refused to talk! I'm wondering if it has something to do with the number of objects I imported, or the set? There was a previous thread about video cards, but I have an nvidia GT-630 with 4 gigs of ram so presumably this wasn't the problem.

Anyway, I started from scratch, imported my characters one at a time and went through the prepare and direct routine, everything worked just fine. I added character movement and camera moves and everything was good. I didn't do anything with character expression or anything, but I'll get around to it eventually. I'll always start with character dialogue from now on though! Here's the latest (beta) using game footage as a backdrop still.
2015/4/26 18:30:10
Sending character/scene files between computers. Thanks! This opens up a whole realm of possibilities.
2015/4/25 21:41:59
Sending character/scene files between computers. Hi, I would like to be able to collaborate with others on my projects. For instance, if I were do do a characters movements for a scene could I save it and send the file to someone in another town to add drop shadows etc? Also, the characters themselves, are the custom textured characters 'whole and complete' or do you have to use the custom textures to recreate them from scratch each time you use them?
2015/4/21 5:30:48
My first Video Very good. I've been experimenting with mapping photos to images but this is a step above, bravo!
2015/4/12 3:24:20
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... If you're doing what I think you're trying to do, having a frame that looks like a cartoon cell, I would make the border in photoshop or what-have-you , then save as a PNG file so it's transparent in the middle. then import into your video editor - I use Sony Vegas, and create a track above your video and put it there.
2015/4/10 18:22:12
Import your own face on any character in 3 minutes I wasn't able to duplicate your result. I have done the same thing using the templates they provide but even then it's hard to make the mouth line up. here is a short animation I made using photo-based character heads. It took forever to get them right, even so they could be better.
2015/4/3 17:19:42
Making character point at things I'm familiar enough with the 'direct character actions' menu to use the preset actions, what I'd like to do is create my own actions, nothing fancy, just having a character point at something would be helpful.
2015/3/27 1:44:50
Issues with Rendering The included video formats aren't very good, in the Wiki section they give a few suggestions, the best is a 'lossless' format called Lagarith, I was pleased with the results and it didn't take any more time than MP4 or similar. There is also XVid if disk space is a factor. Best quality of all, and included, is the Targa sequences which are individual frames but I couldn't get more than 1.5 min at a time
2015/3/26 1:47:06
Upload from You Tube It's a Ukrainian game called 'STALKER Call Of Pripyat' Ziggy. It has amazing artwork, textures, and environments. Best of all you can turn off the HUD and all the other on-screen display stuff and be 'in the game' and film to your hearts content (with a utility like FRAPS to capture) the downside is, it's a game! The level where I'm filming is the end level and you have to fight your way there, there are mutants and (armed!) zombies and random bad guys too. I am wearing body armor and have powerful weapons too for the inevitable interruptions! There is also weather, storms with pelting rain etc. There are probably hacks to get around all this but I'm not up on that. The game is $20 on Steam. I wish I could add drop-shadows ziggy72 wrote:
Intriguing vid, OtherGuy - what game engine are they walking through? Nice environment.
2015/3/25 21:33:32
Upload from You Tube This is the most bizarre and convoluted way to post anything on any site anywhere. Even when doing it their way (after posting my video on youtube) it still doesn't seem to work. I'm assuming they don't want people posting ads and porn and whatnot, but this is just silly. There could be some approval process before posting your link on their pages, but this has been an exercise in frustration. Here's my link anyway! :p
2015/3/7 5:36:59
How do I import outside picture and video files? It's a bit cumbersome but Muvizu allows you to change whatever background media you like.

Click 'Create' then 'Backdrop' (in this instance we'll choose 'widescreen' ) click Create and a beat-up old curtain appears. Close the create window and click on the curtain, You'll get a Widescreen window and under 'edit' - 'properties' when the Properties opens there is a tiny thumbnail 'Image'

When you click on 'Image' it shows the current image, and a delete button, look down at the bottom left corner there is an 'Import' button which will open up a browser window, pick your image file and bingo. - It'll tell you if the image is too big. It doesn't do floors at the same time and to make floors I found tricky so . . . green screen!

To make a green screen backdrop, choose 'New scene' window - pick the first (blank) one. When your scene loads up you go to 'Edit" - scroll down to - Edit environment - Favorites - Green Screen. - it even has dynamic shadows. Use video editor to combine. tada!
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