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2013/4/11 11:00:02
Bugs in Muvizu:Play Hi ste_yeu

Thanks for getting in touch.

Yeah these animations are actually different animations, but they are very subtle in difference! probebly too subtle to
be honest! It might be an idea in future to remove all but one to save confusion.

So this is expected behaviour but again thanks for the report.

2013/2/15 10:53:19
LOVED the ramjet clip
2012/12/4 16:09:54
Ghost House Trailer thingy YYYEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
2012/11/1 11:28:40
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' very very cute
2012/10/22 10:35:45
D and C Return haha!

This was amazing! loved it! The conversations between D and C are the real driving force and the rest is just mental! great stuff!
2012/8/27 14:09:31
The Old and The New... looking forward to seeing the new episode mysto! its a great series!
all feedback is good feedback, so dont be afraid to voice your opinions!
2012/8/27 12:45:51
The IDea amazing video! loved it!
lets hope it goes viral because its way better than the xtranormal iphone one which got like 5 trillion views!
2012/7/20 15:13:29
Custom Textures for Heroes and villains Download the appropriate uv set here and then make your custom texture:

then for example:

1 - create beefy
2 - select 'top' under the appearence tab
3 - select your custom texture from the properties dialogue box at the bottom right of the muvizu screen
edited by freakmoomin on 20/07/2012
2012/7/19 12:56:22
Male Superhero face textures! A colleague quickly painted up some photos of myself and another member of the muvizu staff (who will remain anonymous

they are far from perfect but just a quick test to show what can be done with the new charatcers and custom textures!

Apply these textures to the characters to see the results!

im the one with the beard
2012/7/18 12:27:45
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Hi

Now that you have had a couple of days to play with the new characters, we were hoping to get some feedback on the animation choices and what people feel may be missing or needed for the new characters.

When making movies with them, is there anything that has been particularly lacking? any actions you would love to have at your disposal? Or are they simply perfect?

As with everything in Muvizu it’s an ongoing process and any feedback on this is more than welcome.

edited by freakmoomin on 18/07/2012
2012/7/17 15:07:02
Scottish Kilt in the Create Character menu theres an option for a "boy" character, he's got the option of a kilt/skirt if thats any use to you?
2012/7/13 15:32:33
A Public Service Announcement! haha! brilliant
2012/7/10 15:20:16
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! love the shot with the massive guy and the two wee space dudes.
2012/6/26 16:38:46
Part 4 - Nick Danger & the case of the Missing Sho again amazing stuff.
2012/6/26 12:42:35
Friday Night FeEEFer Version 2 haha love it!!!
2012/6/26 12:41:24
Coming Soon... some lovely looking stuff coming up ziggy!
2012/6/26 12:38:13
Camera movement Its a pretty big change and a decent amount of work....

But im in agreement. The Camera movement stuff is pretty difficult to work and
could be improved quite a bit in my opinion.

But im just a lowly animator...what do i know
2012/6/14 10:19:50
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke you really need to do more kirk stuff! the impression is amazing!

2012/6/11 11:36:01
Pt 3 - Nick Danger & the Case of the Missing Shoe love love love these!
2012/6/11 11:26:57
Random requests! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Am I the only one who regularly right clicks on a character to try and set up the character actions and then realises that the right click is only for changing a characters appearance.

I don't know why I do this so often?
It could be that it feels natural to have all character options available from right clicking.

(hint hint!)


You're not the only one Dreeko!

And another one...What about 'Edit environment' under Edit instead of create? I'm forever going to edit to edit the environment instead of create.

Me too!

Me Three!
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