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2015/11/9 18:06:01
07-11-2015 release Feedback Everthing working now in a fresh install of latest Muvizu. Had a cursory play with key framing.
Also installed all packs i had previously .
Except for Mandy.... which says download failed at about 44%. tried a few times.
64bit version.
also a few thumbnails for content packs dont show ?
Plus as others say, character actions, head movements gone from previous sets.

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2015/11/9 16:26:12
07-11-2015 release Feedback i bought the key frame extension immediately but
i cant see any licence for it ...is the main licence just updated to contain additional numbers/symbols etc
or should i expect a separate code for the update?
whatever when i try to activate i have a w2 error in recently downloaded version and previous version now.
sent a support request in
four pounds 99p mind!!
2015/11/6 14:36:00
Onde encontro personagens índios e animais? não existem quatro personagens animais patas em Muvizu.
2015/11/5 0:05:43
The Users content output store......errm promised? Cheers for the reply.
2015/10/30 16:41:15
uv mapping texturing Are there any tutorials on how to correctly texture a banister rail.
2015/10/28 17:51:27
African Village Set Wanted ok. sent you a message.
When i tested it before sending it to the store it kept on losing textures. So i have zipped up all the files with textures and put them in dropbox for Decent to download.
My thinking was it was too unstable to offer as a Muvizu store asset.
So if anyone else wants to try or play with it the link is below.
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2015/10/28 15:58:10
African Village Set Wanted Depends on what level of sophistication you are after,sadly this has nowhere near the sophistication of the excellent village ukberty has referenced but if this is any good for your purposes i'll upload the set to the muvizu store.It will be a free asset of course.
2015/10/26 19:06:46
The Users content output store......errm promised? Well i did put it in the general discussion area
trying to avoid interrupting more serious technical matters involving Muvizu problems.
i didn't start the barbs and nastiness.
2015/10/26 18:48:34
The Users content output store......errm promised? No!! what i really want is the info i requested in my first post without anyone generalising what my intentions may be.
i never expected non staff members to comment on the subject .was just hoping actual muvizu staff to speak.
My enquiry was as a result of Muvizu telling me about the store and suggesting i may want to remove free content.
Though all opinion is welcome even The dude who cares little about the store.errm? supposedly.
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2015/10/26 18:36:40
The Users content output store......errm promised? Are you now privvy to the info i sought?
at least at a technical level or do you have to be part of some clique?
more laughs
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2015/10/26 18:28:03
The Users content output store......errm promised? Someone who couldn't give a toss about the store eh?
Then is complicit in releasing monitarised assets.

2015/10/25 10:55:17
Animate sky Wow!!! Thanks for posting the video Lucianinos this is all new to me too ...... go-edit evironment and click cameras for the textures to appear,then select one of them.

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2015/10/24 23:31:35
Animate sky Gosh yes, forgot that the image on the back drop can be an .avi and in that instance you wouldn't use the animation edit controls as shown in the image above.
2015/10/24 20:20:47
Animate sky I dont think you can animate the environment sky as such but by using a backdrop scaling it up and giving it a texture you can select animate by accessing the backdrops properties to achieve an animated sky.unless there is a way i am unaware of,errm which is a possibility.

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2015/10/13 1:15:00
Sure wish they'd get a move on with this store.... Will it be a big shop or a little one? what colour might it be, wonder what profit i errm i mean we could make from it .yep sure do wonder.
2015/10/11 11:19:29
The Users content output store......errm promised? cool dude.
2015/10/10 16:07:37
The Users content output store......errm promised? Yeah imagined it wasn't going to be straightforward,and was interested in the minutia.As you say there's a lot for them to consider.
2015/10/10 14:28:35
The Users content output store......errm promised? Though i suppose for myself and others who have received muvizu promotions on the subject and dont find it trivial it would be nice to hear some detail about how it is likely to proceed as long as thats ok with fazz68.Cool
2015/10/9 18:43:21
The Users content output store......errm promised? urbanlamb wrote:
It will happen but they need to sort out the backend first. This is new stuff to them so give them time to get it set up. I would assume they are also trying to integrate it with the steam workshop stuff since they put muvizu onto steam so more coded bits to go through. Then there is the legal mess to worry about which takes more time as someone has to write all the gobbly gook that goes with it so they can cover their butts appropriately.

Since the team is very small it wont happen overnight.

In the end if they said they will do it ....they will
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cheers for that urban lamb and dr who, yeah the legal stuff makes sense and a valid reason things may take a bit of time, good to hear your thoughts on it.and i suppose the key frame wish may be a priority.

Right i get it now trivial... in comparison to animating.
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2015/10/9 16:46:17
The Users content output store......errm promised? I was quite excited by the promised content store, being created for muvizu users to flog stuff they have made. Is this really going to happen? when? what are the plans? what ideas have been formed?Throw us a meaty info bone.
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