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2015/12/26 11:14:05
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Wonderfully inventive Pat
2015/12/17 23:03:56
Buzzball Day 3 I agree with all that has been said ,very accomplished in so many areas.
But the ladders dimensions are bugging me...Why are the rungs so far apart.
Must be deliberate.
2015/12/16 10:19:22
Another new video with 'live backdrop' highly amusing dialogue
2015/12/16 0:37:40
Kitten had a bash at one,bit rough and ready .

2015/12/3 2:00:40
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! I put christmas into the 'sets. store search' and had a shock....
plus for theocom

jingle bells etc

santa suits
The only thing you're missing is a hat..?
Message me and i will send you one.
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2015/11/27 15:28:33
50% off until midnight Monday 30 November 2015 Discount prices are displayed at present.
Seems like a bargain to me.
2015/11/23 18:50:06
object could not load @Jamie .Sent you a message.
2015/11/21 15:04:05
object could not load yes i have the same with 11-17 slow head movements with a set composed in a previous version.
but seems to behave normally with a new composition.
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2015/11/19 22:26:54
Market place If the store is up before christmas we could all buy each other gifts.
2015/11/19 16:24:55
Market place Depends on the object and it's quality i suppose.
One can imagine two objects that are both undeniably swords say, but one being far more detailed than another and perhaps meriting different prices accordingly. but a quid an object seems ok.
2015/11/19 16:11:28
key frames fun Just experimenting with key framing and rotation of objects.
It led me to muse whether a copy and paste functionality for key frames would be a possibility in the future?

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2015/11/17 18:55:18
Market place I like the quality control idea mooted by Urbanlamb.
I think sets, content packs and individual items should be sold.
Also there should still be a free section given equal space/prestige.
2015/11/11 16:53:17
Key frames update 10th November done.. sent you email.
2015/11/11 14:53:46
Key frames update 10th November 64bit full upload.
Character actions from previous sets not present.
Mandy is back though.
2015/11/9 18:06:01
07-11-2015 release Feedback Everthing working now in a fresh install of latest Muvizu. Had a cursory play with key framing.
Also installed all packs i had previously .
Except for Mandy.... which says download failed at about 44%. tried a few times.
64bit version.
also a few thumbnails for content packs dont show ?
Plus as others say, character actions, head movements gone from previous sets.

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2015/11/9 16:26:12
07-11-2015 release Feedback i bought the key frame extension immediately but
i cant see any licence for it ...is the main licence just updated to contain additional numbers/symbols etc
or should i expect a separate code for the update?
whatever when i try to activate i have a w2 error in recently downloaded version and previous version now.
sent a support request in
four pounds 99p mind!!
2015/11/6 14:36:00
Onde encontro personagens índios e animais? não existem quatro personagens animais patas em Muvizu.
2015/11/5 0:05:43
The Users content output store......errm promised? Cheers for the reply.
2015/10/30 16:41:15
uv mapping texturing Are there any tutorials on how to correctly texture a banister rail.
2015/10/28 17:51:27
African Village Set Wanted ok. sent you a message.
When i tested it before sending it to the store it kept on losing textures. So i have zipped up all the files with textures and put them in dropbox for Decent to download.
My thinking was it was too unstable to offer as a Muvizu store asset.
So if anyone else wants to try or play with it the link is below.
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