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2015/4/17 12:12:21
How to create Batman Mask There is a batman mask, under hats.
Oh! you may mean for the beefy character...
You would need to create some pointy ears in a 3d modeling prog and convert the model to something muvizu understands .fbx or.ase
and import them into muvizu as a hat.
Also use the cowl accessed via beefys body tab/menu.
Then for added effect import a modified, base torso uv map containing the batman logo.

I have uploaded this guy to the assets forum its awaiting moderation.
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2015/4/15 1:20:50
Pedal Steel Guitar? re Pedal steel guitar .set file. Once Muvizu has loaded the .set file

Save the pedal steel guitar in objects/favourites for ease of use.
2015/4/14 23:15:09
Pedal Steel Guitar? http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=94108211051723586920

Hmm that's a question.
Not easily.
There's a standing, 'list fast' action in miscellaneous,which is the only thing that gets anywhere near and that action lasts only momentarily.
Also seated piano loop 1 might offer additional footage if your inventive with camera angles.
Although there could be something better suited secreted in the actions menu...dunno
2015/4/14 17:28:31
Pedal Steel Guitar? presuming you want to use it in muvizu and therefore a toonic environment.... so you don't need complete accuracy, will this do?
if you think it will, i will sort out a download.

2015/4/11 17:45:55
Error in last update Muvizu Play+ People saying re-install the heroes packs to overcome the problem.
2015/4/8 20:35:49
Squirrel yeah hopefully.only snag is maybe you need to have muvizu+ because the tail is an import
2015/4/8 15:24:09
This any good?
created a decal for teeth.
adjusted nose and ears of dog.
adjusted colour of egyptian eyes.
and imported a tail.
will organise sending it to you if it is any good ie fit for your purposes.
2015/4/8 11:23:24
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... I'm not sure what you require can you post an example image?
oh i see now its sort of puts black outlines on things.
If you have muvizu + you could render in tga then apply a poster edges batch filter in photoshop and reassemble in virtual dub,
selecting uncompressed avi file output,for good quality no loss.
All easier said than done.
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2015/4/7 3:16:05
video quality Well your output picture frame size from Muvizu 480 x 360 is being expanded when you output from Pinnacle 720 x 576. So now the frame size is twice as big, so that will look terrible.
Output a larger frame size from Muvizu and keep the size the same outputting from Pinnacle.
2015/4/5 17:53:58
video quality The more professional approach is to render each frame as a single tga image and then you can work on any image in editing software
and re assemble with a free prog like virtualdub. This method will give you the best quality.
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2015/4/4 11:35:48
My Song Let Them Sing In Cartoon Form goodo!!!(is that you playing and singing?) but customise the skin colour so the face colour harmonises and give him a hat that fits over the hair.
edited by drewi on 04/04/2015
2015/4/2 12:29:09
A wee prezzie cheers, i thought i had muvizu covered but was unaware of this and how to make use of animations via the track editing area generally.
2015/3/25 14:10:51
top quality muvizu animation Thanks for posting fazz, enjoyed very much.
Excellent work mostro.Cool
2015/3/23 12:50:41
New characters and animations The severed eye is great in terms of the left eye texturing as it allows for a coloured iris which adds character to the characters. Could a version with 2 normal eyes with facility to colour change the iris be included in the next update? rather than one of them hanging out.
2015/3/18 9:54:25
FBX UDK editor stuff. @ eefilmz ..just to say you can emulate 3 button mouse in blender via file-preferences-input.
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2015/3/15 18:08:02
Muvizu at the Cinema well done Ukberty,great to see.
2015/3/15 1:13:13
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Me too!! especially with decaled characters or if you adjust something the lipsync goes awol,until a restart.
luckily i kept my old version alive by uploading the new version to a different directory, so finding the previous muvizu a more stable environment atm.
2015/3/12 11:42:34
2015 Passion Competition update This all sounds very exciting, hope somebody from the Muvizu community does enter.
I have been checking out entries from last year to get an idea of the standard and quality of submissions.
2015/3/11 2:11:49
brilliant film thank you for your kind comments gentlemen.
2015/3/10 12:09:19
brilliant film

a homage.
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