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2021/2/19 22:20:11
A villian seeks revenge. it's booming. Well crafted. Pity you cant get some real voices though.
2021/1/26 9:58:49
Trailer ArtCool
2021/1/19 23:57:04
make video crashes What happens if you load a previous file that was set up at the lower resolution?
2021/1/14 9:48:51
A PSA for something we all do. Thought it was going to be breathing....time taking quality work good of you to share your output.
2021/1/14 9:45:41
A message from very, very far away arrives. by Jupiter wonderfully Cinematic. Carefully crafted work.
2021/1/14 9:42:33
A new Trailer for a future video What a production. Ship shading on the fleet is a treat.(you tube:cool
2021/1/1 9:20:40
A Time Ship In Trouble A timely reminder, glad i caught this in time.
2020/11/25 10:23:03
Backdrops choppy some great info on this type of thing
2020/11/4 22:33:32
A scif-fi video bravvo ....enjoyable script.
2020/9/28 18:48:13
Website Add Impressive....Why did you choose a dragon as your logo/site symbol?
2020/9/22 21:10:08
3D-Modell anti spam bump.
2020/9/20 19:45:03
3D-Modell also ja, aber statische modelle nur in fbx .ase oder .obj


2020/9/18 17:47:16
My first video: Meet The Super bumping to avoid spam
2020/9/17 19:08:59
My first video: Meet The Super Thanks for that Boom . Exquisitely presented, all the sets OOzed meticulous quality.A real sensuous joy seeing each apartment.Cool
2020/9/10 18:28:09
STORE fiasco and How about getting the store to work again? Or is it by design that Digifactors models are always first on the page, very convenient for exclusively directing sales.Something should be done about this.
2020/8/24 21:42:21
Store User Assets Despicable said in a Sylvester the cat style.hope the spam stops soon.Any luck yet DOBY?
2020/8/20 0:08:20
Store User Assets DigiFactor wrote:
Try Converter Lite, it's what I use! http://www.converterlite.com/

Hi didgifactor

What settings work with Converter Lite?

Can you do anything as a Muvizu staff member to remove the spam?
2020/8/20 0:00:52
Store User Assets Doby.. i now have success with earlier versions 2016 using 'Big wallys' method. .i keep my older versions installed.I hope you have, dont know how possible it is to install a retro version under the present climate if it'snot on your present system.
Worth a mention, one could always shoot it with a green texture and chroma colour in Hitfilm perhaps.
2020/8/16 23:41:43
HOW DO I IMPORT VIDEO INTO MUVIZU? @Doby. Earlier installations of muvizu give me better results .
2016.02 version with the xilisoft big wally settings,
to some passable degree worked for me just now.
I had an early version that worked like a dream but foolishly i uninstalled it .
So keep your old versions installed people.
also tried vdub with msoftmpeg4 and got successs with the 2016 muvizu.
edited by drewi on 2020/8/16
2020/8/16 21:38:27
HOW DO I IMPORT VIDEO INTO MUVIZU? This is a very annoying and perplexing situation.
I did this successfully a few weeks ago but now former procedures and files that did work no longer do!!
Spent hours last few days trying to find a solution but haven't been able.
Will keep at it as i have a need to sort this for a project also.
Something must work.

Thought changing the direct x 9 and 11 around might shine some light but it hasn't.
I have only one video that works still, but the properties just say it's an avi.
I will try with some older installs of muvizu to see if they behave differently...clutching at straws.
We can always give the screen a green colour and use chroma key in hitfilm i suppose.
edited by drewi on 2020/8/16
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