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2020/7/17 10:08:06
Store User Assets Must be over 3 weeks now since i submitted the asset, Whats the hold up?
Should i upload it again?
2020/7/5 21:09:52
Store User Assets Submitted an item for the store well over a week ago now and nothing has happened?
2020/6/29 19:02:29
Nick Danger - Lost Gals (Epilogue) Out of all the output of muvizu community, the nick danger firesign episodes stand out as something inspiring in terms of Lighting ,atmosphere,filmmaking, directing, dont have the film making vocab to express myself exactly but i know their construction has been greatly considered.
2020/6/28 22:44:38
User assets Store access it's because you were using a vpn you clown!
2020/6/28 22:25:48
User assets Store access I am experiencing difficulty accessing the user assets store.
2020/6/25 0:25:29
Nick Danger - Lost Gals (Epilogue) How does he spell his name?
2020/6/6 21:38:16
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Regrettably no joy down either of those avenues.
Might try uninstalling everything and a reinstall?
2020/6/6 18:30:11
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Hi gentlemen.
This is what i get even though the audio loads ok on my win 10

I did a fresh install of muvizu
but haven't deleted older versions.
always a bit frightened to uninstall everything.
2020/6/5 7:59:20
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Thanks for your efforts to help Clay.
I dont follow? there's nothing wrong with the audio files they are normal sensible files that muvizu is used to importing.
Muvizu isn't recognising them whereas it did before. Surely the problem is with Muvizu not Win 7 ?
There must be others still using Win7. without the problem.
2020/6/4 23:31:47
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Thanks for the reply.
I fear thats too long ago now.
It's been like this for well over a year. Because i have the win 10 computer working ok i have been using that but it would be very much more convenient and boost production, work flow etc to get the the win 7 computer optimised and back in the game.
Everything works fine otherwise. I can use the built in sound effects and also record audio within muvizu which works....but if i try re-open the file after that it wont then open that file.
2020/6/4 18:24:31
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? i get an error box - unknown audio format when i try to import an audio file.
it didn't happen in the past.
i use audacity and 16 bit wav as i have always done for years. (same results with mp3)
Using the same files and set on my win 10 laptop works fine.
but on the win 7 machine which i stress has been working without this issue for years i get the error box.
Does anyone know if there's something i can try to fix the problem,something in the registry perhaps?
Does my head in.Whaaaaa?
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2020/4/2 17:38:20
Automate Lighting? Think it would be possible with key framing add on.
2020/3/29 23:33:18
Asset Uploading Cheers for that Didge... gee whizzeroon yeah! overlooked the geographical element here.
2020/3/29 3:28:13
Asset Uploading Is it still ok to upload assets? Been trying but although it says successful, its not appearing in the Uploaded asset area.Its a free asset.
2020/2/23 22:27:59
Superman is having an existential crisis. Thanks for showing.Nice touches.
fRANCis and eDdie gracing the walls
Defending his ears from the deafening screams of the tortured global masses is the latest interpretation of Eddies daub.
Characters voices aren't distinguishable enough from one another at times but good voice acting generally.
i'm trying Lois.
looks up into sky ...and sees Armed surveillance drone glitch! and kill mother and child on the way to church.
Great entertainment mgmminzie.
2020/1/8 2:23:31
ZuTrek Sci Fi Set Coming Soon! Looks very professional and aesthetically pleasing, the glows especially beautiful.

I expect it will be quite something to load.
2019/11/29 10:37:14
Black Friday deals are coming! Yes A fresh install on one computer and all is well, trying second computer now ...i'm hopeful its going to be a fun end to my 'Beijing Black Friday Bonanza'.
time passes....

FLAP over

BOTH COMPUTERS working fine with the new packs....thanks Admin.
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2019/11/29 2:09:34
Black Friday deals are coming! Bought 3 packs ,now what?
Do i download them or open up Muvizu and go from there?
Hoping i don't mess up my present and much beloved Muvizu set up.
I'm trembling.
Think i have messed things up i have two comps with muvizu on
thought i would just get a code to paste

gulp!! On one computer i have downloaded 2 asian character packs into my muvizu but they are locked tried activating but they remain locked.also tried activating 360 degree pack.

On another computer the one i used to purchase the packs i have down loaded .exe files for the two Asian character packs, but the 360 degree pack says i have to activate in muvizu.
nothing is working out...expect it will eventually....errrm
Running out of activations......running out of ideas.......i wont blame Beijing.....errmm
'spose i have bought them they are in my products section... and it'll turn out ok in the end...errrm?
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2019/11/28 20:17:15
Black Friday deals are coming! Wow this sounds good.Will be there tomorrow.
Beijing time.Which is about 8 hours ahead of the UK.
2019/5/31 2:10:54
Updated Muvizu Sci Fi 1701 Bridge set To boldly go where no one has gone before i imagine.
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