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2019/5/23 0:49:21
Problema com licença. http://anizu.uk/forum/
go here and check out the tech info and advice on how to rectify
2019/3/18 19:20:54
Finger Pistols are Dangerous:episode 3 (Part 1) Why have you disconnected your digifactor forum Clayster?
2019/3/5 18:22:22
Error W2 try zuchat on facebook or anizu.uk
more active forums that may offer more help.
think you have to write to meshmellow ,the new owners, dont lose hope.
2019/3/4 10:16:41
Just a question You try and help someone out and they start calling you names.....there's just no justice.Cool
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2019/3/2 22:30:21
Just a question Yes ..Muvizu:Play+ has no commercial restrictions so you are free to use your content in any way you see fit.
2019/2/27 1:48:19
please help me are you aware of this place
maybe you will get a quicker response there.
i'm pretty sure there is an answer to the problem.
but i'm not best placed to give you an answer .try tech help threads on both sites.
2019/2/26 23:59:35
Abattoirville the movie

send it to the start ..its defaulting to the wrong place
2019/1/3 10:28:04
Mark Time! My latest video complete. Very enjoyable.
2017/11/19 21:34:21
Unable To Use License Key 'but old licences wont work why should they ?'
perhaps because of loyalty, honour, decency, goodwill ?
2017/11/10 1:38:07
Some news on Meshmellow's progress this was posted on Zuchat facebook group today

By shivang.sarawagi

Just in case if you are facing any problems with Muvizu.
Customer service
MP:17602119942/Tel:86 21 5539-6596

I lost my license. Formatted my laptop. He gave me another license key. Plus he can converse in english.

2017/10/30 6:29:44
Unlimited licencing question Up and running for the Christmas market? Only the zaniest enterprise would miss out on such an economy boosting opportunity..errm..err.. surely?
2017/10/21 1:09:45
Texture love... Anybody download that texture generator prog from the 'Give away of the day' site last year? Called Filter Forge 5.. A brilliant prog i thought, copyright free output 'n' all that.
Apparently we wont be able to use the 'download more textures' part of the prog after the end of October.
The prog will still work fine, even the texture creation part of the prog which i never got to grips with.....
Anyways get downloading as many 'texture bases' as you can or fancy now, before the deadline.
edited by drewi on 2017/10/21
2017/4/26 10:29:50
SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU Sounds very interesting do you have a link? i'm assuming it's a plugin for paint.net
AH!! ithink you mean it's paint 3d from microsoft you need latest win 10 and a drawing tablet maybe?
also to join the windows insider programme.
edited by drewi on 26/04/2017
2017/4/24 17:42:24
New sets Beautiful work and great fun Clayster, i am humbled by your creativity and generosity.
2017/4/23 14:25:17
Unable To Use License Key Forgive me for labouring the point but i was about to buy two character packs 5.99 each.A trembling finger on the pay to digimania....
when i got the fear!!!
Am i right in thinking that if i did go ahead and purchase, that would alter my product code and i'd have to click the upgrade button in Muvizu and enter the new code....but it might come back with an error code and i would lose Muvizu for ever and ever.....gulp!!...whimper!!
Have joined zuchat now.
2017/4/23 12:23:03
Unable To Use License Key cheers for the reply mr drwho13. but on reflection i'm too frightened of losing muvizu now.
2017/4/23 10:53:30
Unable To Use License Key Wondering if it's safe to still purchase character sets.Anyone done that in the last few days?
2017/4/11 1:39:22
NEW VERSION RELEASE When i first used Muvizu Xvid worked as a codec for avi backdrops .I wonder if that will comeback one day because it was very convenient.
Maybe it had to be sacrificed to make room for something else.I had old versions that still worked with the xvid codec but was advised to uninstall all previous versions to get an issue with .set thumbnails to work.I got the thumbnails back but couldn't get my old muvizu versions
back as admin told me they were too old to be reactivated...Anyways I think about it every day.Bit Wonky..
2017/4/10 10:35:06
custom character and action , Muvizu style Well done Pat, immense work and big thanks for posting. Cool
2017/4/5 13:37:06
Period Dress Wanted errm?...

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