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2016/6/28 15:16:56
Muvizu rocks Check out this playlist of music videos made possible by Muvizu. And there's much more on the same channel, though not in English:
2016/2/19 17:46:45
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? And actually it seems that a music video that I had in the pipeline waiting for the final version of the actual soundtrack is also suffering from the same problem: This content is only available in the Muvizu plus. Oh well, thank you very much.
2016/2/19 17:43:07
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? OK, so now I can get Muvizu up and running but cannot open most of my old projects, since the content seems to be available only in the plus version. No real harm done, since the projects are all done. But why on earth have the previously free scenes and stuff been moved into the premium content? Pretty silly, if you don't mind me saying so.
2016/2/15 10:56:17
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Has anyone else noticed this issue? Any suggestions how to move on?
2015/5/27 7:30:19
Stereo/mono issue Why are all my stereo mp3 files changed into mono when animating music videos? The mp3 files are original music files produced in Cubase. Why doesn't Muvizu keep the original sound format? I haven't noticed any mono/stereo options when importing music files.
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