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2011/1/30 16:39:05
Mitch Benn Music Videos I think I've gone a bit overboard I've made two more already

2011/1/29 5:06:54
Mitch Benn Music Videos after hearing the work of Mitch Benn I ended up making a couple of Muvizu Videos from the songs and I already plan to atleast do Tony Blairs Farewell song and the Pirate song aswell but for the time being here the first two

Gandalf's song

Ikea Song
2010/11/1 21:20:12
My video reviews using Muvizu 2 new videos for you I did launch them at halloween but have only just got to posting thme here.

2010/10/16 20:20:32
My video reviews using Muvizu First of all I'd like to thank all the staff etc behind muvizu and this site and for giving away such a powerful tool free, as this has allowed me to try out something I've wanted to do for a while. And this is do reviews such as those done by Doug Walker and others.
So here for are my videos

Episode 1

Episode 2 (3 parts)

No number non episdoes aka bits and pieces

2010/10/16 20:13:18
Slight change to scale Sorry If its already been suggested and Ive missed it but I'd like to suggest changing scale from a slider to a numeric value or possibly adding a numeric value in along with the slider as this will allow many objects to be more easily changed to all be in the same scale.

Im suggesting this after alot of difficultcies in creating a giant monster fight sequence in a town which I thought could have been done much quicker if I could more easily set alot of objects all to the same scale.
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