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2015/10/26 20:42:09
Comedy sketch collaboration Thanks for the reply! The sketch I was thinking of doing was topical so it's a bit out of date now.

However, if you're still up for it, we could make some nice simple sketches, two characters or even just a new interview style sketch. Still up for it?
2015/8/5 17:45:12
Comedy sketch collaboration Hi,

I'm looking for someone to help with camera cuts and dialogue.

I'm currently doing a comedy writing course and have produced a few short scripts that my mentor (BBC comedy producer) has edited, and I'm trying to bring these to life. I'm trying to get my head around Muvizu but it's taking a while.

I'd love it if someone could do some editing for me. I have an excellent quality mp3 of the sketch (a simple interview on the topic of fracking) recorded by two actor friends. I've got a set and the characters set up with some camera angles and I was hoping someone could work on editing the dialogue and camera cuts.

I can't offer any money but I think it would be a quick task for someone who knew the programme, and I think the end piece could be really polished, something that people would really love.

Let me know if you'd be interested.

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