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2016/4/19 0:41:39
Asset library? Personally I avoid FBX - more trouble than it's worth most of the time. ASE is limited, but via Sketchup 8 it just works, and that's what's important in this context. If the model amounts to more than 19,000 triangles when exporting from SU, then it won't work in Muvizu (too complex, and you end up with digital spaghetti). Even then, a more realistic maximum is more like 15,000. More often than not I have to break models down into their constituent parts, and export each part separately. Getting the model into SU isn't too bad - just import as a 3DS or DAE file (I use a little program called Biturn to do the conversion from OBJ or whatever). Hope that helps.
2016/4/18 14:51:03
Asset library? You could start here : http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/115

I'd also recommend Renderosity, ShareCG.com, Archive3D.net and the Sketchup 3D Warehouse.
2016/4/18 14:45:24
Can I use objects across character sets? You can copy an object in one set, load up a different set, then paste it in. Attachments can only be attached to a character, and are therefore not standalone objects, so cannot be copied in this way. Objects can only be loaded into the attachment slots from your hard drive, NOT from the set, is what I'm trying to say.
2016/4/12 14:19:53
Movie Poster font Rocque, you could make your titles/credits as a picture (in photoshop or whatever), apply them to backdrops, then animate the backdrop (so that they scroll) and point a camera at that. Just a thought.
2016/4/10 15:29:25
SKWERLEFEST! Episode #: The Sam BushyTail Band! That is a fine performance, and some fancy pickin' from a squirrel The set is a little drab, but like you said you didn't really have time to get too elaborate with it - nice!
2016/4/9 13:51:20
avi import The video importer in v1.7 is very broke, it seems. It still works in v1.5, although the video is very washed out looking. You can download 1.5 here : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=49D7234E5E7C54B9%21161
2016/4/8 19:05:26
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Okay, the ties are screwed. I tried putting an attachment onto the character (just in front of the tie) to stop it flailing around, but it doesn't work. Now I'm stuck with a v1.7 set that I can't go back and use in v1.5, and it's way too complex to rebuild. I can't shoot around it because the ties look so ridiculous as the character moves, you just can't miss it. Please fix so I can finish this damn movie before I die of old age.
2016/4/6 20:55:42
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs The last character whose eyes you animate don't animate on render - they work fine when you preview it on the Timeline, but they render out default un-moving. I have to have a 'sacrificial' character (out of camera view) whose eyes I animate last to make everyone else's work. Only seems to happen when there's more than a half dozen characters or so. This has been happening since at least v1.5.
2016/4/6 20:25:32
FBX imports It's probably just those files then - I have recently discovered that FBX files aren't all equal. The standards they are made to are sort of variable, so one will work and the next one wont. This is why users like Urbanlamb use 3D Exchange to 'normalise' their models to be more compliant with all 3D engines.
2016/4/6 20:15:27
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs When you direct dialogue, it always starts in Talk mode even if you select 'shush' as the starting default.
2016/4/6 18:07:30
FBX imports The model info is supposed to be saved within the set file - does it do this with all FBX files, or just some? And what version are you currently using?
2016/4/6 15:07:02
Finger Pistols Are dangerous 2 (Quick Draw) The horse was class, liked it, and you have broken new ground by having the first truly animated poop in Muvizu Big Grin Good stuff - I haven't actually used the keyframes for anything but the camera yet, I'll have to experiment with something.
2016/4/6 15:00:38
FAT MAN OBJ file Yup, very useful - thanks dude!
2016/4/4 18:10:18
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Only just noticed that the Head Movement speed slider now remembers it's setting once saved - thanks! Can't tell you how much time that will save me. Only really started trusting v1.7 enough to use it on my sets this week, and (apart from the dark lights still not working on output and the other minor bugs listed so far) it all seems good. Having fun keying the cameras
2016/4/3 15:27:02
Nuts Amok #3 This is trippy... love how you varied the lighting to match the real world. Freaky fun Big Grin
2016/4/1 11:36:27
animation fans Looks nice, downloaded and will try later.
2016/3/29 12:21:28
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! LOL that's a good horsey - and like Pat says, if you can fake up that, surely the Muvizu Devs can do something similar...? We're not looking for show jumping trick ponies here, after all
2016/3/29 12:19:38
Coming Soon 2016 Wabby wrote:

Nice, I like the look of your animations, very solid and the colours mix well. Cool
2016/3/27 14:20:22
Open source version of Toonz animation software Hmm... it seems it's a little broke - well, it is version 1.0 after all. When I saved my crappy animation, I couldn't load it again (the frames were there, but blank). Needs some time to mature I think. Interesting though, good find Toonarama Thumbs Up
2016/3/27 13:50:09
Open source version of Toonz animation software You'll need to watch this to get started -
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