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2014/7/22 22:35:27
Coming Soon... Thanks dude, you could put up the odd shot of Amun-Ra on here as well... just sayin'
2014/7/22 14:37:57
Coming Soon...
2014/7/21 14:48:31
the man who lived twice Frickin' hilarious, just brilliant! Loved the subtle brain surgery Big Grin Amazing work yet again - and still no Mogul status? C'mon Muvizu HQ, you know it makes sense!
2014/7/18 16:30:37
New Band using Muvizu My music video attempt. Not a band vid as such, but the principles are the same - keep it interesting!
2014/7/14 19:53:59
Shiny new xbox 360 controller I've been meaning to test this controller thing for ages, and then I seen your post and thought hang on, I've got something, it's not a 360 controller, but...
(rummages around)

...its an old Logitech Rumblepad 2 - it works very well, and it's profiler software lets you assign the button/axis. Hopefully that means just about any controller should work with Muvizu, although the proper 360 type would probably have the left Y axis the right way round to begin with (unlike mine)
2014/7/9 14:16:14
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Wabby, try Cleanup (a free little plug-in for Sketchup that gets rid of unused/broke geometry)

Otherwise you'll have to split the model up into smaller pieces. Unfortunately that makes it very hard to animate it since you can't do anything with groups, but...it's a start
2014/7/7 20:45:03
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines Hello all. I'm beavering away on my movie Sammamish (I know, it's taking forever, bear with me) and I need one last voice - the Warden of Florida State Prison in 1989, Richard Dugger. He is from Florida (as far as I know) but it's not really any particular accent I'm after, more 'the voice of authority'. But in an American accent.

It's 5 lines, so not a lot, but it would need to be recorded very cleanly (I'm a stickler for quality control). Also got a prison guard who has 2 lines, which can be any US accent I guess

I really wanted to keep all the roles in the film Muvizu users (if possible), so if you'd like to join Harb40, HayManMarc and UrbanLamb in this enterprise, please PM me.
2014/7/7 0:08:27
Coming Soon... Awesome. Love that lighting too.
2014/7/6 12:09:32
New Member Hello Illusions, BrianGray and Teesa! (may as well get 3 posts done in 1 )
2014/7/4 19:51:04
Coming Soon... video567 wrote:
so we can post any picture of characters we have made here?

This topic is for posting pictures of the movies you're working on, so characters would be appropriate too
2014/7/3 21:12:54
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? ukBerty wrote:
Here's what I do....

  • Use ASE with Ziggmesh for importing objects. No matter what anyone says, collision has no use in Muvizu and only causes issues. I would not be able to create anything like as complex sets as I do if I could not remove collision.
  • Use FBX for attached objects. Attached objects have no collision so FBX is fine. Also FBX avoids the inconsistency with reversed faces appearing incorrectly on attached ASE objects but correctly if you import the same ASE object.
  • When building sets or attaching objects always have a second copy of Muvizu open with a blank set as a sandbox. Import/attach objects in this empty set to make sure that Muvizu doesn't crash. Some of my sets can take 10 mins to load so I need to know that Muvizu will tolerate my objects before importing into a live set.

Hope this is of some use....

What He Said

Pretty much what I do as well. Get rid of the collision, and always test your models first. Didn't know about the FBX not having reversed faces when attached, unlike ASEs - good to know, thanks dude
2014/7/1 19:43:20
Coming Soon... MrDrWho13 wrote:
Fazz and Ziggy, it looks like you two are competing with your sets.

Of course we are Big Grin Trying to compete encourages creativity, and hopefully inspires others to keep plugging away at it - some of the best Muvizu films have been ones entered into competitions, after all. Show us yer bits, people!

@ JudyJohnson - Looks like you've got the hang of the skirt decal then, good to see that you're making progress

@ Wabby - Good ship! Pity we can't get water like that.

@ Fazz68 - That is one manky looking floor - nice!
2014/6/30 21:04:05
Storytelling Spam Alert!
2014/6/30 0:12:40
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:

We're a cheery bunch, aren't we? Big Grin


looking good mate im looking forward to some brain frying action there Big Grin

Cheers, have a last meal on me Big Grin

2014/6/30 0:09:00
Coming Soon... video567 wrote:
i cant wait it looks amazing..are they all muvizu assets or also your assets?

The curtains and the floor tile for the ceilings are Muvizu assets, but the rest is imported (or made by me in sketchup and imported in). The default objects are good to start with, to get used to manipulating the program, but they can't cover everything. You can't put a wallpaper texture on Muvizu walls, for example, so I mostly use UrbanLamb's walls (they're in the Asset gallery) which take textures and light very well.
2014/6/29 22:37:07
Coming Soon...

We're a cheery bunch, aren't we? Big Grin
2014/6/27 14:09:19
page 1 out of ... Hi Lucy, I think I just addressed some of your questions on my post here : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic3686-camera-set-up.aspx?p=f#post22528

As for the sound - how did you record it? Do you have an audio editor? If not, get Audacity (it's free), and boost up the volume level on the recordings.

Hope that helps. Nice colour mix, btw
2014/6/27 13:20:48
camera set up video567 wrote:
I dont know if this is the right place for this, but can some one look at my camera set up and let me know if it looks ok. my goal is to use an old tv show and try to match it. i know i will need close ups for some of the gags they do. just looking for a bit of advise from the masters here. thank you

Tip #1 : Edit camera 2. Under the Focus option, select Blur - change it to Focus Distance & DOF. Put your focus distance down to about 20%, and then move the Depth Of Field slider back and forth. The will see (in the camera window) the focus of the shot move across the set as you slide the DOF. Doing this allows you to put the characters in focus, and the background more out of focus, which helps the viewer follow the story. It will also help hide the obvious photo background. And it also looks cool Then try doing the same thing with the other cameras, putting the focus of the shot were YOU want it to be - it's worth it, trust me. For close ups, experiment with the Field Of View slider.

Tip #2 : Edit menu > Edit Environment. Turn the ambient brightness up (maybe to 35% or so) and turn up the Ambient Shadow Intensity to about 50% - now it should look sunny, rather than just a bit bright. Add a touch of yellow to the Amient brightness colour for effect.

Tip #3 : To make the important stuff prominent, make the background duller - yellow walls to melon/brown, tan bricks to dark grey, that kind of thing. If everything's equally colourful, where do you look?

Tip #4 : More of an observation really - I'd try getting a better floor texture. Are they meant to be standing on a street? www.cgtextures.com is a great free resource for this kind of stuff.

I hope that helps.
2014/6/25 17:17:55
Make Baggy Clothing? The basic characters don't have clothes, just paintable skin, so no baggy clothing of any kind possible. However, Beefy does have proper shorts, if he's any use to you.

Actually, you could add clothes (like shorts) to characters as attachments, but they can't really move with the character properly (especially anything added to the shoulders or legs, I've found).
2014/6/23 19:15:37
rough concert Please, watch this :


Try showing them from the side, from the audience's point of view, etc. Add interest, is what I'm implying
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