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2011/8/27 21:54:44
White Rabbit Nicely (under) done - good instrument use. Although, isn't that a Starship behind them?
2011/8/26 20:33:00
Newbie.... To Vince - Respect to you and your Crew Gun

No guns? Knew it had to be a typo! Back to work, Cannes calling...
2011/8/25 22:41:30
Newbie.... Can I just apologise to yankiankit1 on behalf of all of us since, we've sort of hijacked your thread - the whole gun use thing is a sore point with some of us (non children) users and you've started us off again!
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2011/8/25 19:43:34
Newbie.... No...guns...?!? Whaaaaa? Seriously?! Because children use the program? A program that already contains a complete set of fighting moves, tanks, planes, bombs, zombie bits and a prop of AN AXE THROUGH SOMEONE'S HEAD but we can't have guns because, what, children might start remaking Reservior Dogs?!? Children, particularly boys, absolutely LOVE guns or have you not noticed?! Please Please reconsider your position - restrict them to over 18's if you have to, but don't exclude a critical part of story telling completely.
2011/8/22 23:28:13
Random requests! 3D ground texture! You can already assign a picture, but could we have bump map/height maps as well? It wouldn't need to have collision detection necessarily, so the characters would walk through the raised bits relative to the ground, it would just be an effect to make the ground look better. it was the cave set that made me wish I had a nice bumpy ground effect...and if we could have motion, we could have waves. Which would be nice.
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2011/8/22 16:31:11
best size to upload to utube Youtube is erratic in how it handles video, depending on codec and converters used, and the most useful tip I've found to make them look right is to upload them at 1280x720, then when YT squashes it down to 4x3, edit the tag for the video (in your account) and add the tag :


This forces YT to put it back to widescreen, which it should've done in the first place. Stupid bloody program Damn Computer..
2011/8/20 14:37:54
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube On the same note (no pun intended!) Youtube hasn't chucked a fit at my Fistful of Coders vid, despite using Morricone's very famous music - and I didn't touch the pitch at all. I can only think that adding the sound fx (horses, desert wind) altered the waveform enough that YT couldn't say for certain it was something it recognised, so it passed it's stupid validation. Something to consider if you dont want to alter the pitch.
2011/8/18 17:03:23
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them I too have been known to use the odd sketchup model and have developed a kind of procedure for it, to help with the success rate and get the models in at an appropriate scale.

First thing I do is take a look at the 3D View on the Google 3D Warehouse preview/download page for the model. If it's shape is defined or created by textures, forget it, move on. If it's shape is all defined by 3D shapes, it's worth investigating.

Once you've got the model in Sketchup, use the tape measure to find out it's longest side - if it's more than 30 metres (3000 cm, 1180 inches, or 98 feet) then Scale it down to less that 30 metres or it's very very hard to get Muvizu to import it.

Get the model as centred as you can, and export it. If Sketchup's little end report says there's more that 65000 faces, Muvizu will get a bit uppity - still works sometimes though. If it's less all's good.

In Muvizu, I created a Test Model set just to import Sketchup models (they can crash Muvizu, so I don't trust importing them untested into my working sets). I put my starting position about halfway up inside the skydome, and 2/3 of the way back from the centre to the outer edge. This takes a little trial and error to find the sweet spot to allow for the biggest useable volume, but once you've found it just remember to save the set (and then always use it to test your bigger models).

I also find it helpful to immediately drop the model once it's imported - by drop I mean just move it a little to let gravity take it's course and see if it goes through the floor, or starts jiggling all over the place, or (hopefully) just bounces down to a nice stable state.

Hope that helps, Toon.
2011/8/17 20:45:38
Dukes of Hazzard - car jump Yeah, even a mild jump can seriously hurt you - unless you happen to be a bad guy in the A-Team TV series, where you could fly through the air in an open Jeep and suffer zero injuries - those were the days!
2011/8/17 18:57:22
Dukes of Hazzard - car jump I seem to recall all those shows (like Knight Rider too) always cheated - one shot of the car approaching the jump, then another of it leaving the jump, another of the car sailing through the air, and then a final shot of the car landing (and buckling the suspension, sometimes bending the whole chassis) before they then drive away in a pristine car. Worked for them, anyway
2011/8/13 20:14:27
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Really, really need a neutral option for the emotions. Impassive, expressionless, call it what you will, just no discernable emotion showing. About to embark on a 'big' project and I'm struggling to see how to do it when my characters are incapable of just looking like how normal people usually look - bored.
2011/8/13 19:59:34
Random requests! RightURKen wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Directional effects! ...:

Muvizu already has this. Click on "full rotation" and then you can point the effect in the direction you want it to go. It can be a pain since they don't rotate "normal" for lack of a better word. Some trail and error it can be figured out.
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edited by RightURKen on 13/08/2011

Well, sorta...you can aim the effect, yes, but I was meaning bending the effect, so that it's path (eminating from the effect box) can be a variable arc. Smoke doesn't go straight up forever - it will always be affected by the wind, however slight. Also, bending effects (like the laser) could produce some interesting stuff, I think.
2011/8/12 22:35:43
Random requests! Directional effects! By that I mean being able to 'blow' the effect in whatever direction. I was just watching a vid and a dust storm was blowing across the scene, and a fire effect sat there burning straight up - hmm... Having the option to influence the direction of the effect using a head motion style control could allow you to bend it's course, and make it look better when interacting with the environment/other effects. And where's my guns?! Gun
2011/8/8 19:46:47
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu Yup, my Kung Fu International vid got removed too, and it was the only one that showed any kind of copyright issue - with Germany. I reposted it though, and it's still fine - YouTube removed syndication from the original vid, that's why (I think) it got removed from Muvizu. I fear that eventually YouTube will do the same with the repost, and one day turn off the syndication again and remove it from here. This being the case, it would make posting vids on the Muvizu site kinda pointless - I can understand YouTube removing it completely, but if it's still there on your YT page why cant 3rd party sites (like here) still list it too?
2011/8/6 17:28:14
Western Showdown <cough> Um...you may wish to look at my video "A Fistful Of Coders"...
2011/8/4 17:25:46
Alternative ASE export mcmillan-ra wrote:

If you choose "Use ID Textures" when importing an object then any texture is scanned for blocks of colour, and a colour picker will be created for each of these block. Generally it's not really a problem, but sometimes when you get very detailed textures such as the fighter or the cow you could easily end up with hundreds of them.

I hope that makes some sense.

Aha! Of course - I always select 'Use ID Textures' without thinking, because that's what you always do...except in these cases! Just check that....

Yep - loads without the huge list of colours, all is cool Cool

Thankyou both (mcmillan-ra and Tripfreak)
2011/8/3 13:51:30
Cool Animations Harpsichords!! ROFLMAO Haven't seen that in years - good one D!
2011/8/2 19:04:58
Alternative ASE export Okay, tried with your files and, although there was no error message this time, it still comes up with so many properties I cant get to the check boxes to make them float in the air, or rescale them, or whatever, which will make it impossible to animate them... Can you get to them on your version?

BTW the fighter looks excellent! Want that one, definitely!! Thanks
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2011/8/2 18:52:42
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... IanS wrote:
ziggy72, I edited your post there to fix the video so it would play here. You'd put it in as a hyperlink I think

So you dont put in a hyperlink? What do you do, then? (I'm asking for future reference, in case I put in a link to something else).

Thanks for fixing that!
2011/8/1 21:54:14
Alternative ASE export Interesting, but even using one of the models you did (the cat/rat/dog one) and exported with Biturn, it still gives an error when importing into Muvizu, then lists so many properties on it's tab you can't see the Float/Keep Upright check boxes. Might just be the way I'm doing it though - I did try removing the first GEOMOBJ section, and leaving it, and it didn't seem to make any difference either way. The dog still loaded and looked good, mind you

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Dreeko's head in the middle of your picture?!
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