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2016/4/22 20:06:57
favourites suggestion hi
perhaps the file browser in muvizu .. for download the sets and models....

is the answer for a better overview.. for sets, ase and fbx files

rebuilt it so that it use on or more directorys on the comp (on and offline- file bowser)

if that works it might be nice
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2016/4/14 18:24:50
avi import hi
My problem with the avi files is resolved
under windows 10 it is no problem to load a avi backround file
2016/4/13 7:53:35
avi import hi

may it be that the avi import > backround vidio
runs with windows 10 ??
my comp runs under windows 7
2016/4/9 20:50:45
avi import hello

thanks all for the help

today i have tested the versions numbers 1-3-1.5 .. with some different avi files
and now i know.. this function will not work
but it is ok ist only a nonentity function
but now my regystration key is bad and i need a new on
and tomorow is only sunday
now i am back to version 1.7 maybe 1.8 will be better

nice we
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2016/4/9 11:48:27
avi import i have test it with some avi files and -> muvizu say "unknown file format"

i have watch this -> http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic3558-how-do-i-.aspx?p=f#post21653

and i have convert some avi's with virtualdub like the avi in this video but muvizu say's that avi is a unkown file format

and dont load it.

a new installation from muvizu and the problem is the self
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2016/4/9 11:35:09
avi import hello

avi import will not work : wrong file format

i use xvid codecs and uncompressed avi but it dont work with any avi file

is there any thing that i can do ??
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