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2015/10/26 16:32:01
Horror Villain and Zombie packs are here! Scary times for all!

The team at Muvizu couldn't let October pass without a tribute to the horror villains and zombies that kept us all awake at night....

Check out the store to see what's now available!

From masks, blood spattered body textures to hand attachments and heads in jars - it's all there....

Have fun!
2015/10/1 9:08:41
Content store opens it's doors! At last!

The content store is a new place where additional content for Muvizu can be purchased.

Starting with a Chemistry set, followed by a Chinese history pack!

We are also in the early stages of planning Indian, Chinese, Caucasian and African characters. When we have a clearer idea of dates we will let you know.

Ultimately the store will turn into a market place where users can upload and sell their own content.

2015/9/2 12:50:11
Update - content store ...and will this release include the fabled keyframe functionality too?

Hi Dreeko

All being well, yes - the guys are working hard to get both elements ready for the September release
2015/9/2 12:29:40
Update - content store Hi All,

I know some of you have been asking where the content store is as we did say it would be here by now.

Due to a number of challenges with render layers and our desire to get the next release to a point where we are happy and set for 'go live' - it will be a few more weeks. We are now looking at mid September.

Apologies for the lack of an update but we didn't want to announce anything until we knew for sure when this would now be available.

We are really sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience - it's really appreciated.

Thanks again,

2015/7/6 16:57:09
It's all happening here! Hi everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that exciting things really are starting to kick off again here at Muvizu!
We have sent special emails to all of our registered users so please check your inbox and your junk folders for further details.

Also to all our new users, a very warm welcome! We really hope you enjoy using Muvizu.
A gentle reminder that if you've not already done so, you'll need to complete your profile details to continue enjoying the discussions here on the forum.

Until next time,

Muvizu Team
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