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2016/11/26 0:26:08
PC suggestions please LULU153 wrote:
Oh god, this is soooo not like being married!!!

and such is the way of little red devils.... ;-)
2016/11/26 0:24:58
PC suggestions please The link worked. ;-)
I'll defer to the younger folk who are more tech savvy than I.
2016/11/26 0:08:06
Key framing grouped items I don't think you can keyframe grouped objects... but you CAN keyframe them separately. Use the timeline to make sure the various movements happen at the same time, and it should be possible to achieve reasonable synchronization
2016/11/25 23:58:34
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Farscaper wrote:
Seeing as I'm a part of convincing people to spend money on good sales, I also picked up Aartform Curvy 3d and MindTex on Steam. I'm still mulling over Voxelise because I'm just not into blocky stuff even though I want to support Digimedia.

SO you bought Curvy3D and Silo? Awesome! I have Curvy too... it uses voxels in its own proprietary way. It has some cool features that I haven't seen in a lot of other programs at that price range. It does a pretty good job of reducing polygon count without changing the object's shape. It also has a way to only add polygons where they're needed for detail, and the rest of the model stays low res.

It has an EXCELLENT system for sculpting surfaces. And more. But I still like Silo best.


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2016/11/25 23:51:15
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Nahton,

indeed, part of the problem here is that one paragraph seems to say one thing while another paragraph seems to say something else. Which is why I can't authoritatively condemn anybody's interpretation or understanding of all this.

It really is an amazingly flexible license, and I think that most of the contributors to these sites are happy to make their work available for free.

The phrase I zeroed in on basically protects Sketchup. They don't want people downloading all their models then putting them in a new place that competes with them.

So if you DL a model, modify it and put it in a set (derivative work) I interpret that to be OK under Sketchup's license. but...

If you DL it, do nothing but convert it to FBX and put basically the same model in a different web store... even for free... I think they don't want that.

But Muvizu's store is different from most other model DL sites because you can't get the models back out of the set. So for this store to become a portal for moving stolen models to other DL sites is not going to happen.
2016/11/25 20:53:30
PC suggestions please LULU153 wrote:

Still, a little encouragement to buy another computer is always very tempting.....

Lulu... imagine a little devil on your shoulder, whispering in your ear.... "It's OK to buy a new PC... it's okaaaayyyy..."
"buyyyy... buyyyy..."


PS, I just watched your video.. you definitely need to get a computer so you can continue the legacy!
2016/11/25 20:28:41
PC suggestions please it may be worth asking what you want to make with Muvizu.

We have people here who are pushing the limits, and for their productions they really NEED a beefy system. But if you are mainly interested in making short presentations without a lot of special effects, you can get by with a more generic computer. But what you don't spend in money, you'll spend in time... because all that beef makes Muvizu run faster.

Since you've already paid for it, you should weigh the cost of another animation package against the cost of another computer. And of course.. today's Black Friday.. the one day of the year when computers are less expensive
2016/11/25 20:18:45
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Farscaper wrote:
ikes wrote:
Hi Pat,

I might explore Silo. I see it's now $109,- Do you have to purchase updates, or are the updates free after you buy the software? If you say they work on a next release, maybe wait for that.

It's apparently on sale at Steam for around $25.

WOW!! I have never seen it priced that low! It must be a Black Friday sale! All I can say is...

1) I love it!.. it's simple to use, yet powerful enough to do just about anything

2) I'll start making tutorials for it if people here want to use it with Muvizu

3) At $29 it's a no brainer in my opinion

4) buy it NOW NOW NOW before they change their mind!

What I like most about it is the clean and uncluttered interface. It isn't trying to be an app that does everything, which is what makes 3Dcoat and Blender so complex. Too many options. It does one thing very well: Make models... and then UVMap them.

Whereas any app is hard to learn from scratch, having tutorials that can cut to the nitty gritty and show you exactly what steps to follow to make models for Muvizu... that will make it easy. I wish I had those tutorials.
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2016/11/25 13:25:52
Finding muvizu's ase Even if there is a way, (I speak hypothetically) when you installed Muvizu and clicked the user agreement, you agreed that in exchange for a license to use Muvizu you would not engage in any kind of reverse engineering of the product. So, Digimania could revoke the license of anyone who found and exploited a way to do what you're asking.

The good news is that modelling isn't that hard, and a fast learner like you could probably figure out how to make just about any prop he needs from scratch.

Probably not the answer you want to hear, but its the only answer I'm comfortable providing.
2016/11/24 15:40:57
my first attempt - contains the "F" word FWIW, I think this thread provides a good example of how forums should self-moderate.

1) Somebody steps outside the rules
2) somebody else points it out gently
3) conversation about how to stay inside the boundaries ensues.
4) the whole forum end up being better equipped to understand and use the rules effectively.
5) there is no need to take sides and split the forum with conflicting factions
2016/11/24 15:23:20
A 3d cartoon model truck tutorial thanks for the tutorial, Clayster! Milkshape is one of the less expensive modelling programs, and it has the ability to export to both ASE and FBX, so anybody here with a desire to learn modelling with the express purpose of making assets they can use in Muvizu might do well to look at Milkshape.

30 day free trial, then if you want to buy it, the price is $35 USD or 25 euros
2016/11/24 13:49:42
my first attempt - contains the "F" word there are times when you can get by just acknowledging the source when you rip something (like audio) from somebody else's work. That's when it was released with a creative commons license (and you can link to the license AND credit the author...) or if it's from an archive that has been released to the public domain. Public domain means you can use it legally, but you still can't claim it to be your own work.

Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to use any media that isn't 100% original unless you can provide a license that proves you have the right to use it. "Any media" = music, dialog, images, models, video.

There is a tendency to believe that nobody would ever prosecute a small fish over copyright infringement. In the past that was probably true.... but now, every time you upload something to YouTube (or other site) you have to click a box full of legal talk that nobody ever reads. If you read it, you'll see that you are claiming to understand the severity of copyright infringement, claiming the rights to use whatever you're uploading, and agreeing to any penalties if you are in violation of copyright.

I personally believe that if there's money to be made (and there is) someday all those records will be subpoenaed for a class action lawsuit. If they can get a couple grand each from millions of people at once, it easily justifies the cost of the lawsuit. Yet people continue posting legal liabilities that never go away, and just sit out there forever waiting until the day somebody starts gathering the evidence.

disclaimer: yeah, I'm a conspiracy theorist.
2016/11/24 2:51:50
my first attempt - contains the "F" word you make a good point, Rocque... as an animation site, there are no doubt kids present. Videos with language that is generally considered offensive should probably have a warning attached. That gives both creator and audience maximum freedom
2016/11/24 0:03:43
my first attempt - contains the "F" word roborough.. that was downright profound! Are you in radio or TV by any chance? The various voice actors all sounded just like media folk, and that's not the norm for first videos! Plus, you nailed the paradigm like only a jaded insider would see it!

I foresee a lot of fun for you, my friend! Admit it... you're smiling already!
2016/11/21 1:06:03
BAND IN A BOX tonyob67 wrote:
Looks good, Did you use this program for your 20 seconds vacation disaster video?, that song its great.

Yes, that's my guitar playing mixed with a backing track I created in Band In A Box by typing chords into a grid and generating it in one of many heavy metal styles the program offers. I don't put a lot of work into it at all... The music in the demo video for the country house model I put in the store is literally "enter 4 chords > generate song!".... About a minute tied up in creating that background music!
2016/11/20 21:19:04
BAND IN A BOX 35litretheatre wrote:
Looks interesting.

Have you ever tried It doesn't have any pre-recorded tracks and maybe wouldn't create the sound you are going for, but if you are interested in creating your own score from scratch it's worth a look. And it's free. And very easy to use.

I haven't tried, (I'm a long time Band In A Box user, so I stopped looking for other solutions years ago) but this looks like a GREAT resource for people who need music for their videos! Thanks for sharing this information!
2016/11/20 17:31:32
BAND IN A BOX How Band In A Box works:

Unlike most music software that works like a tape recorder and requires you to play an instrument, Band In A Box starts with professional musicians, most of which are famous award winning performers. The pros are commissioned to record generic passages in a variety of keys. The software then draws these pre-recorded riffs from a library and weaves them together to fit the chord pattern you provide.

Its the closest thing to going into a recording studio and hiring the best of the best studio musicians to play on your song! Because the parts are fitted together according to an algorithm, the timing is always perfect, the instruments are always in tune, the playing is totally professional etc etc etc... But because you supply the chord pattern and the key, every song sounds unique.

The database contains thousands of different musical styles and many different instruments

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2016/11/20 17:15:43
BAND IN A BOX Copyright infringement is a topic you can't easily escape if you are making 3D videos. You need a lot of different kinds of assets to make good stories... from models to music. The internet makes it easy to find re-usable assets, but it isn't always easy to know what you can use legally.

One sure way to know that you can legally use an asset is by making it yourself. This forum has a lot of information about modelling, but almost no information about how to make your own music.

BAND IN A BOX software is a lot like Muvizu. Both products provide the user with high-level building blocks that can be snapped together to make complex projects without having to be an expert. With BAND IN A BOX you can quickly and easily make background music that is perfect for your story, and never have to worry about copyright infringement, or about using a Creative Commons song that has already been used in thousands of other videos.

Making you own music ensures that your project will be not only legal, but also unique.

Here's a link to some samples on the BandInABox website:

and here's a link to a product overview:

I use BAND IN A BOX in all of my videos, and I think it's one of those tools that fits neatly into the creative toolbox. I mention this now, because they typically release their new version in December, and for about 30 days they offer reduced pricing. That's coming up soon, so if you have any interest in the product, now is a good time to do your research.

Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that Muvizu and Band In A Box are two of my favorite pieces of software. They complement each other very well.

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2016/11/20 14:27:01
How did you learn about Muvizu? I'm curious to hear how y'all learned about Muvizu.

My story:
At the time, I was learning Anime Studio, and had joined a facebook group called AMATEUR ANIMATORS. That group is for people to display the projects they're working on in any animation software. Unlike forums sponsored by one software company, this one offered the ability to see an overview of animation products that are available and in use.

Most of the posts were short exercises, rarely a complete story and never a full-blown project. But I noticed right away that the MUVIZU projects looked better than all the other software's output. The walk cycles were smooth, the characters were polished, the lip synch was better than average... but the biggest thing I noticed is that the MUVIZU stories were not just exercises. They were stories! That told me people using this software were getting farther faster in their learning curve!

Up to that point, I had never heard of Muvizu... never seen it advertised... never had it pop up in my online searches for animation software.... never seen it in an industry comparison chart. But I liked what I saw in the AMATEUR ANIMATORS group, so I searched for the web site, downloaded the free version, watched the excellent tutorials, and joined this forum.

What's YOUR story? Make it interesting. Lie if you must. ;-)

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2016/11/20 3:14:50
New multi-media Muviu episode! interesting concept, and well executed <--mafia pun intended

Love the birds and their shadows, and the banter between the various characters. You've got the mingling of real and animated footage down pretty well! I'm impressed!
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