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2016/11/19 13:30:31
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Here are some random ideas:

1) Change Santa into Kim Jong Un , and make the north pole into the "Peoples' Democratic Republic Of North Pole." Maybe the elves would be replaced with sweat shop workers... There are all sorts of goofy ways a comparison-contrast story could find funny situations to turn into humor

2) What if one of the reindeer happened to be afraid of heights?

3) Santa gets audited by the IRS

4) Love story between two elves, but with an unexpected twist

5) Santa ends up in prison, has to switch from being a jolly old elf to being the terror/boss of the cell block

6) PETA pressures Santa into putting the reindeer on a preserve, and he has to find a new way to deliver gifts

7) ELVIS impersonator sings karaoke (ELF-IS : "You ain't nothin' but a reindeer!...")

8) North Pole dry cleaning accidentally switches santa's suit with some other outfit... (but what?)

9) Santa's on a game show... but all the questions are about other holidays...

10) Santa discovers Rudolph has been using a GPS

etc etc etc
2016/11/19 13:03:19
Where is all of the content? I always use Favourites... never have tried the other way... but it has been mentioned many times on the forum by people who are a lot more knowledgeable about the software than I am, so maybe I just explained the process incorrectly. The good news is that you accomplished what you set out to do! And that's a fairly useful procedure, because this site has a huge collection of free sets full of reusable content!

By the way.. I see you only have a few posts ... welcome to the forum!
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2016/11/19 12:53:28
I MODELED MY FIRST HOUSE I'm totally impressed, Tony! What a great feeling when we overcome the last obstacle and what didn't work ten minutes ago suddenly works! You will be unstoppable now!! Look out world, here comes Tony!! And he ain't foolin' around!
2016/11/18 22:58:46
the 12 principles of animation tonyob67 wrote:
.... but if they make you a mogul for being good looking....I should be mogul too

TONYOB67 for Mogul based on good looks!!! (I'd vote for that!)

2016/11/18 22:55:17
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU Rocque: New features video...

2016/11/18 21:28:32
Where is all of the content? another way is to...
1) open both sets (you can have more than one instance of Muvizu open if you have enough ram)
2) click on the item you want to move, then CTRL-C to copy it
3) switch to the other set and CTRL-V to paste the character or object into the set
4) repeat as needed to get everything you want.
2016/11/18 21:25:14
Where is all of the content? 3dfiddler wrote:
How do you go about importing user assets?

I can open the set files as a scene and have a basic understanding of using textures.

What I don't understand is how to bring a character or object from a user asset set file, into my existing project.

I've tried looking through the forum for answers but for some reason it doesn't seem to be a topic. Am I missing something?

Any help is appreciated


One way is to
1) open the set that contains the characters...
2) right click on the character > Edit
3) click on the FAVOURITES tab
4) click SAVE
5) repeat for all the characters you want to reuse

then open your other project...
CREATE > CHARACTER > FAVOURITES and pick the saved character from the list

This is also the procedure for saving OBJECTS from sets for use later in other projects.
2016/11/18 18:46:49
Apologize Dreeko wrote:
Looks like I've been away so long that folks don't recognise when I'm joking. Ah well back into the shadows I go...

But before I do can I just say that you can make really good toons with only a couple of characters. You don't need loads of different objects. Concentrate on writing quality and then start tooning
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Dreeko, please accept my apology if I misinterpreted you. It's been a tense thread, and I think we're all on guard right now. I have great respect for you and your videos... and your advice about simplicity coupled with good writing.. that perfectly summarizes the appeal of your work. In my opinion your projects have consistently been textbook examples of succinct writing and well-timed execution. I have never watched a Dreeko video without being amazed by how good it is.
2016/11/18 18:32:06
I agree. But I do not think there is any problem in sharing models with other forum members with external links, or importing models from any modeling program if we use them in our own videos or we share them without economic benefit with other members as they do in other forums, without putting them At the muvizu store...Just to help others, am I wrong?

Based on my understanding of the Sketchup General Model License, I think you are correct. As long as they don't end up in a repository from which they can be downloaded while bypassing Sketchup's control.

Good point. You should be able to convert Sketchup models for your own use all day long.
2016/11/18 17:25:05
Apologize Dreeko wrote:
I don't see the problem. These things were only sold second hand. Think of the Muvizu store as a Gumtree for 3d stuff lol!

Contrary to some comments made in this thread, I think Digimania and the people of the forum DO take copyright seriously. We all agreed on the copyright issues, most of the discussion was about how it was handled, and whether or not Clayster acted with full knowledge of the licensing .

The good news is that Digimania removed all offending items from the store... plus, some people (myself included) have voluntarily removed items that came from Sketchup. The store should be clean today. It was a good thing to have this wakeup call. Now we need to KEEP it clean.

Going forward I think we'll see more focus on making our own models and less focus on importing existing models. We really need to be looking at making our own music too.

FWIW, Copyright law extends to characters, which are the intellectual property of their creators. All the stories about comic characters, movie & TV characters, and any video that rips sound tracks from movies... all that is equally not OK.

In my opinion the forum culture should steadfastly advocate and reinforce the practice of originality in all things... music, characters, models, stories

My 2 cents... more on this later
2016/11/18 16:36:38
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 here's an overview of the Creative Commons license that would apply to most of what we do. As you can see, it allows a lot of creative leeway in exchange for simply acknowledging the author:

Typically when you use an asset that has been provided under creative commons licensing, the download site will include a snippet of text that you are supposed to post in your project. The wording varies, but it's usually something along the lines of :

the model (Name or description of model), created by (Modeler's Name) is being used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (Insert link to model and license)

Failing to post the credit and license is bad JuJu, and nobody wants that.

It should be noted that SKETCHUP'S 3D Warehouse does NOT use Creative Commons Licensing, although there are some model repositories that do.

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2016/11/18 14:45:55
sale on Silo 2.3.1 In light of the recent discussions about copyright, I went back and revisited Sketchup's GENERAL MODEL LICENSE

The GENERAL MODEL LICENSE is the one that applies to people like us who DL the models for some other use. It is a very generous license that does allow reselling under some circumstances... BUT....

One thing it specifically does NOT allow is placing downloaded models into another online repository... even for free. Here's the quoted text:

2. License Restrictions You may not, and you may not permit anyone else to:
  • remove, obscure or alter any product identification, proprietary, copyright, trademark or other notices contained in the Model or accessed in conjunction with or through the Model;
  • claim or misrepresent ownership of any Model which you did not create or develop;
  • use the Model in violation of any applicable laws or regulations or for any unlawful purpose;
  • sell, offer to sell, make or distribute any individual Model on a standalone basis, unless you are the Developer of such Model or otherwise authorized to do so by Trimble or the Developer;
  • use any Models, Creations or Combined Works in a manner that competes with 3D Warehouse (including aggregating such content in another online warehouse or similar product or service); or
  • aggregate any content (including Models) obtained from 3D Warehouse for redistribution, or use or distribute any content obtained from 3D Warehouse in a mapping or geographic application or service, except as expressly authorized under this License Agreement.
  • I interpret that to include Muvizu's asset repository, with item iv) relating to "for sale" items, and item v.) relating to free downloads.

    Upshot is: we're using an animation software that empowers us to import models... but it appears they need to be original models. The good news is that modelling isn't that hard if you have software that's easy to learn, and there are good tutorials for it.

    After the holidays I plan to make a series of tutorials for SILO, specifically geared toward making models and attachments for Muvizu. Silo is currently on sale for $109 USD. Anybody who wants to follow along with my tutorials might want to buy SILO and get a head start by cruising thru the large number of existing tutorials linked above.

    Or not. Totally your call. I'm just looking for ways to keep the ol' Muvizu momentum going. We need to live with enthusiasm because we'll die without it.
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    2016/11/18 14:18:23
    CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 LugofilmLtd wrote:
    A couple of questions for clarification:

    1. Regarding the crediting of assets, if I'm only using what I've downloaded for free from here, are you asking me to credit the person who originally uploaded it? How am I supposed to figure that out?

    assets from the store should be vetted and OK by now. I was thinking of assets originating in Sketchup or other site that were adapted to Muvizu by the person posting the video. "New" assets... which probably ain't going to happen anyway...

    But, in answer to your question, it *IS* possible to figure out who uploaded an asset from the store. Just find the asset in the store, and the person who uploaded it will be clearly shown. Even though it isn't required to credit the forum member who uploaded the asset, a lot of people do it anyway, and that small acknowledgement is pretty much the only payment they get for their efforts. It's good form, but not required.

    2. In my home state of North Carolina, state law explicitly allows the noncommercial use of sound recordings in webcasting, which is fine since I don't monetize my youtube channel anyway. How would that work regarding music under these rules? I always credit musicians regardless, but are you specifically only allowing entries that use creative commons material?

    Webcasting is treated differently under copyright law because it streams live and there is typically no recording that can be recirculated. But once you embed music in in a recorded vehicle like a video, you need to either own the rights to it or pay for the rights to use it. Harry Fox Agency handles the licensing of copyright protected audio. If you are posting your shows on Youtube, your use of the video might not comply with the state provisions that allow free use. You might want to look into that.

    Creative commons licensing is a fairly new thing, and something we should all be looking at. It typically allows VERY free use of the asset(s) providing the original author is credited. It should be mentioned that there are a bunch of variations on the license, and you need to know which license the asset is affected by.

    The recommendation of linking to the license and crediting the original author aren't my idea.. that's pretty much the way creative commons works. It benefits the original author by getting their name all over the web embedded in potentially thousands of projects. There are people who have acquired a certain amount of fame just from the exposure they've gotten by making their work available through a creative commons licensing arrangement.

    To answer your question: it doesn't have to be creative commons... but if its protected by copyright you have to prove that you have rights to use it. A link to the state law, paid license, free license etc for example...

    but I'm pretty sure this use would not conform to the webcasting provision, because a video can be copied and redistributed and it gets out of the copyright holders control.

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    2016/11/18 13:05:03
    CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 OK, time to redirect our attention to a new contest! CHRISTMAS 2016!

    I think the last "user choice" contest went well, so let's do that again. No prizes, just peer recognition and something happy to talk about. Here are the guidelines for the contest:

    1) No old clips... video must be started and finished between now and the end of the contest

    2) contest ends on midnight Dec 18 (a month from today). That will give us all of the week leading up to Christmas to view and review the videos!

    3) right to use assets and music must be documented in the credits, with links to the asset and the license

    4) credit must be given to creator if assets are used under a creative commons license

    5) theme should be Christmas related, or at least "seasonal" if you don't celebrate Christmas. As we'll be reviewing the videos during Christmas week, it would be great if they all promote feel-good themes of family, giving, etc, whatever the season means to you. And if they're funny too that would be awesome.

    uh... 5 guidelines is enough. Let's see some creative adaptations that haven't already shown up in 2000 years of holiday story telling!

    Ready... set.... GO!!

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    2016/11/18 2:06:41
    Adding a sunday comics look to your characters. cool idea, SpeedKing!
    2016/11/17 20:48:21
    TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES looking good, Primaveranz! There's no stopping you now! You can do transparency, FBX and post images in the forum, all in the same day!
    2016/11/17 19:54:04
    TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES awesome! What did you have to do to make it work?

    oh.. we must have been typing at the same time.... (I use Firefox too. )

    Isn't it great when some problem that's been kicking your butt finally gets resolved??
    (Primaveranz for mogul!!)

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    2016/11/17 15:30:27
    TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES looking at the code in each of these messages, I see that primaveranz link used the URL tag while your message used the IMG tag... the URL tag does not include the preview, just a hot link, while the IMG tage actually inserts the image.

    you can manually enter these tags between square brackets. An embedded image link would look like this:

    where I type LBRACKET, I mean this left square bracket character: ""


    an easier way is to type the url, hilight it, then click the IMAGE icon in the toolbar above the message. (the 6th icon from the left, the one immediately before the color pallet). That will automatically put the IMG tags around the url
    2016/11/17 14:32:14
    TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES interesting. Anybody else have any ideas on this? All of us together are smarter than any of us individually...somebody out there must know what key steps are required to get a photo into a forum message.

    Maybe what messed it up was SELECT ALL. Did you try just clicking to hilight one image, then use CTRL-C (Not CTRL-A) to copy it?
    2016/11/17 14:17:38
    USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU HIT FILM PRO 2017 just released today!

    so far I can't figure out what the price is to upgrade... anybody else know?

    oh.. upgrade from HF4Pro is $189 USD

    I'll have to think about that one a while
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