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2016/11/13 13:53:56
Pivot while sitting on an office chair wow, what a simple and perfect solution to the problem! Good one, Ziggy!
2016/11/13 2:15:01
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store I like the way you think, Ikes! Great idea!
2016/11/12 8:33:56
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store cool ideas, Clayster! And you develop this stuff so FAST, it makes my head spin!
2016/11/11 17:38:05
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) -BUMP-
heh. bumping this back to the front page so I can find it more easily
2016/11/11 17:35:05
Making your own game is impossible... NOT! given the fact that the unreal4 engine has been made so freely available
we should assemble a group of interested parties and brainstorm to see
what we can do with it.
2016/11/11 17:26:42
eye brow animation awesome!
I figured somebody would know, and you didn't disappoint me!

Next question: in order to animate the texture, is it necessary
to swap out the entire skin? This would be a good tutorial topic, as
the ability to animate eyebrows really is important
2016/11/11 16:20:03
eye brow animation I'm away from my muvizu computer, or I'd figure this out for myself
by trial and error...

is there a way to animate the eyebrows provided by muvizu?
2016/11/11 15:56:59
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store true, Ikes...a UV mapped block is the most useful and flexible way to address the problem... but not everybody knows how to do that. I was thinking of skyscrapers, which would tend to
have the same texture on all four sides. the bottom is hidden, and
therefore doesn't matter whatt texture it has, while the top could be
resolved with a unique block having its own texture
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2016/11/11 14:59:02
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store one thing about this kind of very low poly modelling
with detailed texture is that you can use the primitives
in muvizu to do the same thing... and they accept textures
very well. A block that is enlarged to its full extent, then
having a photo of a building applied to it will yield pretty much
the same results.
2016/11/9 19:46:42
Exporting a character from a set a third option is to rename your original project that contains
your characters, then recreate the set according to the new
project's needs
2016/11/7 14:55:18
Terrian in muvizu if you don't know how to model, you have two options:

1) you can search the muvizu store for downloadable sets
that include trees, water, hills and other elements that
you can assemble into a unique terrain

2) you can use 2D graphics on backdrops and place your
characters in front of the backdrop, like a movie set.
The internet has pictures of every kind of terrain imaginable.

another option might be to video capture scenery to use. There is
a program called Outerra which is a virtual world you can navigate
and screen capture. Then you can combine the Outerra background with
Mivizu characters and props in your video editor

Several users here use vacation videos as backdrops for their stories,
so that's something else you might consider

You might get lucky enough that someone will volunteer to make something
for you. If you want to learn how to model, the Wiki has lots of info to
get you started
2016/11/7 12:43:08
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store useful stuff, clayster! Considering the fact that most people who
are using muvizu DON'T have top of the line gaming computers, low
poly items with detailed textures make a lot of sense for store items.

People might tolerate a set that takes forever to load if they get
it for free, but if you ask for money, people expect a hassle-free

even a simple box with a skin works better in 3D than a 2D graphic
on a backdrop, so its an idea that most users can live with
2016/11/7 12:35:05
TUTORIAL IMPORT 3D MOMDELS FROM SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU very nice tutorial, Tony! And good job on the English subtitles!
2016/10/29 12:50:38
what causes imported FBX files to look scrambled? this was triangulated. Checked for n-gons and corrected them before converting. Still spaghetti upon import

I usually (always, actually) model in quads and don't bother triangulating and have never had a problem with anything I make from scratch. I have problems with just about everything I try to adapt to muvizu from sketchup's 3d warehouse.

Each of the components alone will make a good FBX that imports to Muvizu OK... its when I put it all together that it fails.

I'll probably use the bad model as a reference and build my own over top of it in ghosted mode.
2016/10/28 23:28:04
More Star Wars? you should make a tutorial about how you make this stuff!
2016/10/28 21:07:54
More Star Wars? holy cow, Clayster... this looks AWESOME! GOOD job!
2016/10/28 18:04:47
Question about Blender FBX export and Muvizu assuming your textured UVmap is saved as a standalone file, it needs to be in the same directory as your FBX when you load the FBX into Muvizu. Otherwise, Muvizu doesn't know where to find the texture, so it doesn't apply one.
2016/10/28 15:47:38
Problem with lip synch and audio recording jane-doe wrote:
Beg Pardon,

A moment of frustration.

Please excuse my outburst.

we all understand... I think we've all posted the classic frustrated message. ;-)

Please don't take my response as judgemental... my only intent was to add perspective for the sake of newbies reading the forum.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. I look forward to seeing some of your animations... and I hope you join in the forum banter. We're just a bunch of friends who have never met, but who share a common hobby.
2016/10/28 15:31:12
what causes imported FBX files to look scrambled? I figured there must be an info setting somewhere in my modelling program that would tell me how many surfaces are in the project... found it last night. The project has about 27,000 surfaces... 21,500 of which are in the car body. Now that I know exactly where to start reducing, I might be able to start finishing some of these spider web ended projects. Retopo learning curve, here I come...
2016/10/28 6:06:47
Halloween contest...? Nice video, Admiral! Thanks for participating!
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