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2016/8/23 15:24:46
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 I am happy to report that MrDrWho13 and UKBerty have both volunteered to help judge this contest! That should make the final verdict less biased and/or based on the subjective preferences of a single person.

Clayster has donated one of his sets as a prize, and I will post pictures later today.... so stay tuned, and get those entries rolling!

Also, if nobody enters a video created with the free version, the money I would have used to buy the full license will be redirected into a suitable prize for somebody using the paid version

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2016/8/23 3:12:44
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers ziggy72 wrote:
Surely Quad Warp is simpler than you think? You assign 4 tracking points, then in the QW effect assign each point to each corner (with 'Use Layer'). There's not much more to it than that really, is there?

yeah, everything's easy once you get it. Nothing's easy until you do.

For some reason the logic behind this hasn't sunk in yet. I can usually understand the concept without actually doing the exercise, but I thinjk this time I'll need to go through the steps before I get it.
2016/8/23 3:08:44
Competition? fosforino wrote:
Ciao sto preparando un lavoro, spero che domani, io possa caricarlo su Muvizu.

google translate interprets that as follows:
Hello I am preparing a job, I hope that tomorrow, I can upload it to Muvizu.

Cool! I hope its for the contest!
I look forward to seeing it! (remember the English subtitles)

or, as Google translate would say:
Fresco! Spero che la sua per il concorso!
Non vedo l'ora di vederlo! (Ricordate i sottotitoli in inglese)

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2016/8/23 0:16:05
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 EVERYBODY who submits an entry to my contest will win SOMETHING. I'm working on some new characters that might make a worthwhile prize.

Also another forum member has volunteered to donate a set... I'll say more about that when they get back to me with an affirmation that the set will be available.

In an effort to get more people studying Ikes' innovative method of creating characters (like the chicken, Birdies and T-Rex) I might even buy some copies and use them as prizes. We'll see how much money I have left over at the end of the bills.

So far no volunteers for helping to judge.. but I'd much prefer that everybody submits a video.. I don't mind doing all the judging myself.
2016/8/22 19:10:38
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers ziggy72 wrote:
Finished my Monday routine Week 3 done, just off to practice masking together this crowd scene. I'm going to add in some 3d objects too, see how that works. Good course this, isn't it?

Its a good course, but it could be better. I'd rather they left out some of the miscellaneous interviews and covered the step-by-step procedure of how to use the various effects. Like the Quad Warp. Can't find anything online about it except for other peoples' exercises, none of which actually tell how to do it.
2016/8/22 15:07:35
reason for buying other peoples' assets Lately some cool stuff has been showing up on the forum, much of it coming from Ikes, who is an extremely creative and "outside the box" thinker. His chicken, birdies and T-rex are innovative and different than anything else we've seen until now.

Innovation tends to inspire others, and therefore it isn't surprising that Clayster created his own set of birds for the store... and they work somewhat differently than Ikes'

In order for innovation to spread, it is helpful to understand how people implemented their cool idea... because once you understand it, you can duplicate it, and maybe even improve it.

Perhaps the best way to get a quick handle on what these guys are doing is by buying their sets so you can examine where the attachments are anchored, how large they are in relationship to the character, etc. Buying their sets also rewards them for their cleverness, and it is a principle of human behavior that whatever gets rewarded tends to get repeated. Personally I hope that Ikes and Clayster continue innovating.
2016/8/22 14:26:53
Reincarnation Tony, that was AWESOME!! I loved everything about it! I laughed out loud when the farmer was approaching and the hen was trying to grunt out an egg!

This is a good medium for you because you are a natural story teller... your videos always have interesting twists and turns in the plot that make the story the main event. But prioritizing the story takes nothing away from your other skills... you are doing some very cool things here!

I liked the pole dancing set, especially the way the curtains parted for the girl to enter the stage. I also really liked the scene where the man's spirit rises above his dead body and pauses a moment before proceeding upward... very well done!

I also had to chuckle at your representation of heaven.

I think it's cool that you incorporate your YOYO logo into every video too. That's a great idea.

As stated already, I liked everything about this... now I'd like to know what other software are you using? And for what purpose? It might be something others here would like to try...

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I also liked the way you silhouetted the DJ.... very nice touch... it makes the point without detracting from the main scene.

I also liked the cartoon-style graphical sound effects ("WHAM!") How did you do that?

And I also liked the sounds the unproductive chickens made when the farmer beat them up... that was funny in a perverse kind of way.

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2016/8/22 0:05:48
Walking Admiral wrote:
I've been working with Muvizu a couple years now. For some reason I can't seem to master walking. I have so many great Ideas but can't use them because of this issue. Obviously I'm going to keep at it. I love this software. Any advice on this??? I feel more tutorials on this would be nice. Thanks,...Admiral

can you be more specific about the difficulty you're encountering?

There aren't a lot of variables to the walking process... DIRECT > CHARACTER MOVEMENT
when the dialog appears, you can pick one of the 3 options, walk only, run only or hybrid walk-run (Maybe its the hybrid cycle that's throwing you a curve?)

Once you click record, and the count down reaches zero, just double click on the location you want your character to walk to... and he will!

You can keep double clicking new destinations, and he'll keep going there too.

Style of walking may change depending on the mood of the character (happy, mad, afraid etc)
2016/8/21 15:49:00
Competition? gimmick wrote:
The prizes could be also Muvizu T-shirt, Muvizu bag, etc

the summer 2016 contests are all being sponsored by forum members, and the prizes are provided by the sponsor (not by Digimania).

If I had a Muvizu T shirt, I probably wouldn't give it away. ;-)
2016/8/21 15:35:00
Heaven Bound Test Render robert-j-ladrach wrote:
Hey Ziggy,
I'm still wondering if I get a slight deviation because of 25fps PAL format versus 29.97 or 30 fps on the editor. I'm still investigating it but the results aren't too bad with a little editing. I really wanted to do the contest but wanted to put the available time toward the project - looked interesting!

recording at 25fps then editing at 30 fps will definitely lead to synch problems. For short bursts like conversation you can work around it with a little patience... for music sound tracks you really need to record and edit at the same fps.

One of the unexpected perks of switching from Adobe Premiere Elements to HitFilm was that HitFilm has multiple 25fps editing templates, whereas all my templates in Premiere were 30 fps (They could be changed, but that's just another step... and easy works for me!)

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2016/8/21 2:26:48
Competition? Funny skit, Maurice! I hope you'll be entering my aug-sept contest! I notice the Muvizu logo was visible.. is that because you're using the free version? If so, you could win a license to the full version in my contest ....
2016/8/21 0:23:06
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Rocque wrote:
Pat, that is awesome. When do they start? I might take them with you. I can use training in both areas. I work full time, but like to stay busy.

One of them starts on Aug 28th, one starts in September (12th?) and one I just put my name on a list to be notified when they decide when to hold it.

Did you do the 4 point tracking exercise? (not the first one for which they supplied a project file, but the other one that uses QUAD WARP EFFECT.... They left me in the dust with that one.
2016/8/20 21:25:24
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15
My question was if I can submit a video with a story that I did not invented, like a popular joke, I started this video the next day you started the competition.....

believe it or not, I'm on another forum where people used to post jokes, and the moderator deleted the thread because virtually all jokes are some comedian's intellectual property, and they got a cease and desist letter from an attorney.

So, in answer to your question, I'd rather have all of the contest submissions be completely original. But anybody can submit more than one original video... in fact, I think that should be wide open too. No limit, as long as the videos are original and created during the contest period.
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2016/8/20 21:19:12
"OOPS" classic! Good delivery!
2016/8/20 21:12:02
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Thanks for posting this Rocque!

I just finished week 1, and I like the concept so well I signed up for two more courses: Intro to screen writing and online story telling! For a retired guy, free training is a great opportunity to keep intellectually engaged and learning! There are so many good classes available! There's even one on animation coming up, (date yet to be announced)
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2016/8/20 18:12:01
The Presidential Debates "Special Edition" I wish there really was such a device... but if there were, I'm sure it would have melted long ago
2016/8/20 18:10:18
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Depending on how many people submit videos, I might offer more prizes... probably a random prize to level the playing field, giving everyone an equal chance to win.
2016/8/20 18:08:50
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 tonyob67 wrote:
Pat, Congratulations for wining the 20 seconds contest...

I have 2 questions for your contest.

Can I submit 2 videos?

I am working on a video that is not my original story, it is based on a popular Mexican joke but I changed and added things, so it is not the original joke, because I changed a lot of things, but the end is the same. Can I submit that video to the contest?

The other video is my original story.

Thank you

if they both meet the requirement of being started and finished within the 30 day contest window, then yes, you can submit them both. I have no way of knowing when you started these, so I have to depend on the honor system. .. and I trust that nobody would value their personal integrity low enough that they'd risk it it for a contest prize.
2016/8/20 18:01:56
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers I've been travelling, so I haven't even started yet... guess I should do that now...
Glad to hear that everybody is enjoying the course.. and, Rocque.. that looks awesome! You definitely need to use some exercizes in the current contest!
2016/8/20 17:58:41
Surprise Hey Brian, these are pretty good stories! The One about Santa could have been shortened a bit and submitted to the 20 second contest! And I hope you'll be submitting something new to my contest!

My only criticism has nothing to do with Muvizu technique... it has to do with getting to the point quickly and without any dead space. Each of those videos could have made the same point in about half the length. If lingering for 5 seconds on a scene seems about right, then 3 seconds is probably better. Audiences tend to get the point faster than it takes us to create the scene, and once they get the point, if you don't move the story immediately, they get bored.

So, my only suggestion is to edit mercilessly... remove footage anywhere you can.

These are good concepts, and they work without having to belabor the point.
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