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2016/8/11 0:49:54
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) yes, at this point any creature that walks on 2 legs is possible! I bet we see a T rex or Velociraptor before next weekend... probably a lot sooner than that....

I like a forum full of innovative minds, and enough talent across the whole spectrum to respond to the new ideas with improvement s in very short order! This is like a Muvizu renaissance!

May we never become one of those forums that throws cold water on anybody's ideas!

Here's the challenge: not just a Trex... a dragon! With wings that move....

(He said "Let there be dragons" ...... and there were!)

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2016/8/11 0:11:55
random side project AllClass wrote:
Thanks guys - PatMarrNC you always give great and specific feedback. I use FL studio 11 DAW for the music.

As far as an interpretation - I guess it could be a Medusa type deal, she just wants to dance and no one can stand to look at her, which upsets the bigger demon/devil thing...
Just to clarify I was kinda inebriated whilst making this. Again, my next video will be 'proper'

I understand you want to make "proper" videos... but I hope you don't let that cut into the time you could be using for more inebriated videos! fun, fun, fun!
2016/8/11 0:09:45
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) you'll be putting your birds in the store, right? I see Ikes' are already there....

I can see I'll be buying a lot of stuff from the store from you guys just to see how you did it.... I kind of wish they'd set up the store so we could buy a block of credit and only pay one small transaction fee to paypal. Then we could make purchases without paying any transaction fees until that block of credit was used up.

That's kind of the same reason why sellers don't get paid immediately.. the transaction fees would consume everything. The same advantage could be applied to the buying.
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2016/8/10 23:49:07
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. primaveranz wrote:
I never use colours to assign to Materials in Milkshape, just textures.
However the results are patchy especially if transparencies are involved. Because you have to re-group all the Milkshape groups into a single one before exporting, that means you can only have a single material and I think that is where the problem lies.
I have tried using a single .PNG file with a transparent part but it has never worked as I want it to.
Even if I get the option to choose a material inside Muvizu it "tiles" the image across the object instead of adhering to the UV mapping done inside Milkshape.

now that I've bought the license for Milkshape, I'm sure I'll be pestering you for information on a regular basis. Thanks for the insights youv'e provided already.
2016/8/10 23:38:40
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) talk to us a little about how you attach each of the elements to the base character.
What attachment slot do you use for wings, legs etc?
How small do you make the character?

Where do you put the XYZ origin on each of your attachment models?
2016/8/10 23:35:50
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. primaveranz wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Nobody replied to my question, so I just went ahead and installed Milkshape.

Sorry Pat, I missed ths one. Yes I use Milkshape for almost all my modelling. It is simple and pretty intuitive but a bit of a faff if you want to create organic shapes. The only downside for use with Muvizu is that it exports an old version of FBX which, even if you convert it using the Autodesk tool either won't (or won't always - I can't remember at the moment) allow you to assign textures to the finished model in Muvizu.

my experience with FBX in other modelling programs is as follows:

In the modelling environment, if I have assigned a color to my model before saving to OBJ file, then when I convert it to FBX in Blender and open it in Muvizu it will only let me change the color it had when exported as OBJ

But if I add a texture to it in the modelling environment THEN export as OBJ, and use Blender to convert the OBJ to FBX, Muvizu recognizes that it had a texture, and I get the option to pick between another texture OR a color.

(when you save an OBJ file, a materials file is also created, and apparently that information continues through the chain of exporting to FBX and subsequent use in Muvizu. That file must refer to a texture in order to assign another texture to it later in Muvizu.)
2016/8/10 23:27:57
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) its amazing how well they conform to the standard actions! Great job! Between the creativity displayed here by you and Ikes in the past while, the forum has been a great place to learn innovative ways to use Muvizu!

I'm very impressed!
2016/8/10 17:08:26
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Nobody replied to my question, so I just went ahead and installed Milkshape.

I haven't had time to explore its 3D modelling potential, but its lonnng list of supported formats (both import and export) alone makes it well worth the modest price tag! It only costs 25 euros (currently about $28 USD)

The good news is that its built-in ASE export is MUCH faster than Sketchup's. I exported a model that took Sketchup well over an hour to create, and Milkshape exported it in less than the time it took me to open the directory to see if it was there! I like that!

The internal format looks a bit different so I'll have to experiment to see if the batch file I use to add tiny collision works the same way... but I was impressed enough to pay the minimal fee immediately, even if I only use it for exporting ASE and FBX (But I'm sure I'll use it for more than that)

Clayster, if you read this, please let me know what check boxes you check when creating your ASE files in Milkshape.
2016/8/10 14:43:24
Competition? as the deadline for the current contest draws near... are any of the moguls planning the next one? If so, great! ... but if not, I want to sponsor a contest at some point.
2016/8/10 14:35:42
Assets saved locally MrDrWho13 wrote:
ikes wrote:
You can. If you change a texture under the proporties, there you can import a new one, or edit the existing. It opens in your default image editor, where you can save it to what you want. Note that you probably loose transparency by this, but you can find the png in your appdata/local/temp folder after you clicked Edit.
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Wow Ikes. I've been using Muvizu for 6 years and not once have I noticed the edit button. I feel like a right dunce! Duhh

our buddy Ikes doesn't miss anything!
2016/8/10 14:26:06
random side project cool video, allclass! As MrDrWho13 said, there's lots going on! I was immediately impressed that you used original music in the background. What software do you use for recording?

I am generally intrigued by songs and videos that don't have an easily discerned meaning, and your video falls into that category. Would you care to offer an interpretation of what's happening here?
2016/8/10 6:37:05
Where is all of the content? Good to have you back, Danny! I look forward to seeing your animations!
2016/8/10 3:14:32
Where is all of the content? its all still there, its just on a separate tab.

Click the USER ASSETS tab (Beside the MUVIZU ASSETS)

The part about no longer hosting models is kind of misleading. I guess to simplify things, everything in the store is now either a SET (which can still contain user modelled content) or a texture.
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2016/8/9 20:01:43
AVI textures with transparency to simulate 4 legs once I get this other project behind me I'll create a demo character and post it here
2016/8/9 20:01:07
AVI textures with transparency to simulate 4 legs Now that the transparent AVI feature is fixed, it might be possible to create a quadraped's legs with static rectangular blocks... then apply a series of leg animation AVIs to the blocks as textures.

You could create a series of different leg animations.. walking, running, standing still, scratching fleas etc... then swap them in and out as needed with keyframes. Each leg could have its own animation, for maximum flexibility.

I have already tested the ability to apply AVI animated textures to my own models, and I know that part is possible. Whether or not the leg idea looks convincing probably will depend on how the transparent part of the texture affects the color of the ground behind it. If it is truly transparent this would work great. But if the rectangular leg casts shadows... then not so good.

PS.. the same concept could be used to animate eyes, mouth, ears, tails etc on creatures we create as an enclosure for a standard muvizu character. With all these features having positions that don't depend on relative position to the muvizu character, that frees us up to make the core character as small as necessary to keep him out of sight.

================ update ================

I just tried this, and it works!

disclaimer: a video applied to a plane is still a 2d entity, so this would be most useful in scenes where the camera remained in a fixed position. But because a variety of animations could be keyframed in and out of the rectangle, it would be an enormously flexible tool

In the same sense that cartoons like those in South Park are highly stylized (and a unique look is very desirable when you want to brand your videos) this would have the advantage of looking very stylized and different than anything else. Once you had your set of leg, eye, hand, mouth etc animations created they could be reused over and over again. It would become its own system
2016/8/9 18:35:23
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) adding images is definitely easier than creating models. And as long as the camera doesn't need to pan or rotate much, it looks very good. You can even split the 2d graphics into different Z planes in order to get parallax effect when you do pan the camera.

But the ability to freely navigate a 3D scene with a camera is a great feature, opening possibilities that probably shouldn't be relinquished lightly. Nothing looks better than a fully 3D environment with lots of camera movement.

I'm of the opinion that since we use scenes, some of which are stationary, it makes sense to use all these techniques.

If your camera zooms around all the time, it gets boring. Mix it up, framing each scene in whatever way captures the idea best. Sometimes that will mean full 3d camera rotation, sometimes it means a stationary scene with flat backgrounds. In the end, it all gets translated into flatness.
2016/8/9 18:10:36
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! Smith Micro/Anime Studio/Moho announced their latest upgrade opportunity today. I mention it here for purposes of comparison.

They want $199 USD to upgrade from last years version! ($399 for full purchase) This upgrade adds minimal new content and features.

If I bought everything that Muvizu added to the store this year, it would add up to far less than $199 USD, and I'm guessing it would be more useful stuff.

I find Muvizu far easier to use, and I have to wonder why they have priced it so low in comparison to similar products. I would guess that its because they want to make entry affordable, then use store sales to generate income in a steady ongoing stream. But if that's the plan, I'd expect to see new products being introduced all the time.

to Muvizu decision-makers: You are sitting on a cash cow here... all you need is to put items in the store that people want at prices that justify your development costs and money will start to flow. With a clear demand for quadrapeds and no demand for VR, I don't understand the decision to devote resources in a direction where the demand is small while neglecting development for ideas that have strong user appeal.
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2016/8/9 17:15:47
Birdies! clayster2012 wrote:
ok thanks ikes,you inspired me with this!

Ikes should start a business of inspiring people ;-)
2016/8/9 0:01:28
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! ziggy72 wrote:
Have you tried the horror actions? Might be something 'undead' in there. Other than that I was thinking of the robot, but he walks (and breathes!) like everyone else.

I've been busy with a music project, so I haven't tried anything yet... the idea of unbent legs jsut occurred to and I thought it was worth asking before spending a lot of time... y'all seem to have the options memorized!

Good idea on the horror actions.. I bet there's a way to makes zombies and mummies walk that way... thanks for the idea!
2016/8/8 22:47:51
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! hmmmm... wording like what is shown in section 2.2.3 is normally intended to keep people from pirating the intellectual property for independent use that doesn't include them. But in your case you'd still be using it to create animations... which you are licensed to do. If editing the XML voids the license, then everyone who has ever made the edit that enables alpha channel in video is in violation already.

But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the reason for all this is because they're working on their own quadrapeds.
Hey, we can hope.

Speaking of which... I spent much of the weekend playing with Eugene's ideas here. I tried attaching thicker legs to the characters feet, but the vector follows the foot angle, not the leg... so when he bends his leg the top of the fake leg shoots outside the body.

Does anybody know if any of the actions involve walking with stiff (unbent or minimally bent legs? If so, I think I could make something work.
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