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2016/8/6 13:58:17
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! or, the hind legs could also be attached to the feet, but offset, so they appear behind the real legs

But in this case the leg movements aren't identical, so I'm inclined to think that Rod is correct
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2016/8/4 2:59:57
Chicken test from Sinister Ikes, what action are you using to make him peck the ground?
2016/8/3 23:43:40
Chicken test from Sinister Rocque wrote:
I think even Col. Sanders would be interested in that chicken Ikes!! It is definitely something to crow about...oops did I just fowl up my post?

ah, Rocque... your sense of humor is so delightful! And maybe a little bit goofy (in a good way) ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and the slo mo tips are great, too.

although, anybody using hit film (and most other video editors) can slow down (or speed up) scenes in that environment too... and usually with parametric control of everything.
2016/8/3 23:35:17
Bedroom set you can use a photo of a bedroom, put it on a backdrop, then position your characters in front of it.

If you need to position your characters INSIDE the bedroom (with some furniture in front of them) then use two identical photos of the bedroom, but edit one of them so that everything but the foreground furniture is transparent.

Put both images on backdrops and separate the backdrops so there's space between them. Put your character between the backdrops

align the camera and size the backdrops so the two images merge together into the same visual space... you'll be bale to see your character through the transparent part of the foreground image, and it will look like he/she is standing between elements of furniture in the same bedroom

Unless you need to pan the camera during the shot, this is a very quick way to accomplish what you want.

However, if panning is required, then you need a 3d room full of 3d objects

Every scene in my 20 second contest entry is done this way.
2016/8/3 23:27:00
2016/8/3 23:17:06
Second video, Minions styled characters.... Nice! I like the background information and your generous offer to make your elements available to others!

I'm not real familiar with the minions but I've seen pictures in passing enough to know you did a good job of replicating the look.
2016/8/3 20:07:16
Chicken test from Sinister Ikes,

you might get tired of hearing all the praise, but dang! THIS IS AWESOME!!

GREAT job on the modelling! And the way you implemented it this time has a lot of advantages: head movement is more flexible, and it looks more realistic. I love the clawed chicken feet in this adaptation!

And the movement looks so NATURAL! I've raised chickens in the past, and that's a good approximation of how chickens move!

Every time I think I know something, you ramp it up a couple levels! Thanks for sharing the knowledge that you have in abundance! I hope this version of your chicken makes it to the store... I'm sure a lot of us will buy it
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2016/8/3 20:00:25
Thank you... means a lot to me, coming from you.
I did not shortened the video, I aded scenes and make some other longer, the original video is the short one.
The plane and the boat ... I finally figured how to export from SketchUp thanks to you and the other experts help.

Best regards

ooooh, OK.. that makes sense. Yes, the added details made a big difference! Good job!

And I forgot to mention the boat... not only a good import job, but I also like the way you framed the shots. The first thing I look for in a video is to see how the scene is framed in the camera. You have a good sense of design... your scenes look like they could have been story boarded.
2016/8/3 19:56:05
Competition? ziggy72 wrote:
That is a great list... for the Oscars Just making something that hangs together for it's duration is all we're really looking for here, along with effort. Anyway, bullet lists are for accountants, not artists - it's overthinking it to be so itemized, I would argue. Judging should be done based on your emotional reaction, not necessarily your rational reaction. I would argue.

I agree that art is essentially valued by its ability to appeal to an audience in ways that can't be measured empirically.

But when it comes to software, proficiency is indeed measurable. That doesn't take anything away from the primary value... rather, it adds a new functionality to the mix.

IMO, part of the advantage of having different people sponsor the contests is to get a feel for how others approach (and evaluate) the creative process. Therefore, having different standards for each contest makes it interesting and challenging in a new way for each contest.

So , it makes sense for this to be an advance declaration of how my contest will be judged, and not a standard for anyone else to use. Thanks to MDW13 for suggesting that.
2016/8/3 19:48:45
Competition? MrDrWho13 wrote:

I like the idea of a feedback system for competition entries like you suggested. I'll see what I can do for the current one.
Maybe a future competition can be based on these points... if only there were someone to run it..... Pat?

I'm not a mogul, but if that's not a requirement, I'll be happy to sponsor a future contest and judge it by these criteria. I might even offer a cash prize, payable directly to paypal. (thanks to Rocque for that idea)

We might have to loosen up on the Mogul sponsorship anyway, since there's only a handful of them who regularly hang out here anymore. I think the contests do a good job of building a sense of community among those who do participate regularly.
2016/8/3 18:32:43

I like this a lot. The long version fills in all the gaps that were created when you shortened it for the contest. Therefore, this version flows a lot better. Great premise, and I like the way you threw the audience a curve at the end.

I also like the plane you used in this version.
2016/8/3 18:28:45
Competition? it would be useful to me to see how each judge graded such a list.. (a number for each item... ) on my projects.

When I'm learning, feedback like "ha ha that was good" doesn't tell me anything. An analysis of what I did right or could have done better is VERY helpful. ESPECIALLY if there is a number to gauge my need for improvement.

Anyway, all this is speculation, since no agreement has been made about the usefulness of the idea. I'm just brainstorming here.
2016/8/3 18:18:59

points (1 to 10) could be awarded for each element in the list, depending on whether it was used at all, or on how well it was used

COMPLIANCE (does the entry meet the contest rules? Long/short enough? correct theme?)

THE STORY (does it flow? make sense? use of metaphor, irony, etc? Is it funny? )

INNOVATION (is there something new here?)

ORIGINALITY (did author use ALL original content? (as opposed to incorporating the work of others)

IMPROVEMENT (is this a step up from the person's other work?)

LEGALITY (are all elements legal to use? public domain or royalty free? original content?)
  • music (cite license, public domain status or originality)
  • downloaded models
  • 2d graphics
  • other merged video

MODELLING (quality of models, attachments, textures etc created by the project author)

ATTACHMENTS (clever use of attachments, such as Ikes' chicken idea)

SET BUILDING (is set original? or downloaded? How cool is it?)

BACKGROUND MUSIC (does it add something? Or get in the way? Is it original? Do you have the rights to use it?)

TECHNIQUE (points awarded for each technique listed)
  • shading
  • keyframing
  • effective use of environment
  • merging elements from different sources
  • etc.. moguls really need to populate this list.. these are just idea joggers
EDITING (value added in video editor)
  • additional keyframing
  • green screen
  • use of 2d elements to simulate 3d environment
  • special effects (sub list here?)
  • color binding to make all merged elements look like they exist in the same world
  • etc.. moguls really need to populate this list.. these are just idea joggers

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2016/8/3 17:57:45
Competition? I like these contests, and I hope they continue on a regular basis. It's interesting to see the usefulness of contests as a device for expediting the learning process. It's also interesting to see the observations the moguls make about the various videos.. they tend to notice and comment on the use of technique.

If we identified a skills scorecard and made it the advertised criteria for judgement, it would have several positive effects:

1) contributor/learners would consciously focus on including all the criteria in their projects, which would naturally push people into learning things they might not have approached otherwise

2) judging would be more empirical and less subjective

3) it would provide somewhat of a "to do" list for everyone who participates, which would make it easier to organize the project.

I'm not a mogul, so I wouldn't even know where to begin ... but I'm sure you all know what techniques and skills you consider to be essential to a good video. This is already getting long, so I'll start a new post for brainstorming ideas for such a list
2016/8/3 17:29:18
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Rocque, given the vacation disaster theme, it's inevitable that there will be similarities between the entries. In fact, A theme encourages sameness rather than uniqueness. So if your entry is a variation on the same theme, that's to be expected.

Your comment about paypal made me snort coffee on my computer.

I'm looking forward to seeing your video. We're all still learning here, and that's the most significant prize of all.
2016/8/3 5:33:52
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Well, I managed to come up with an entry after all... by not modelling anything. Everything that isn't stock Muvizu or from the user assets is a 2d graphic merged in Hit film. (LOVE that program!)

Basically the video depicts about 13 or 14 vacation scenarios that I would hate to experience... starting with getting squished on the flight between two other passengers... then going on to include everything from lost luggage, a really bad hotel, gnats on the beach, rain, a speeding ticket, a beach bar where all the girls are dogs (both literally and figuratively), close encounters with a shark and a bear, no toilet paper when you need it most, getting mugged, car breakdown, and finally a relaxing day floating down the river of death.

Action is driven by an original song appropriately titled "20 seconds"
2016/8/3 2:30:46
Chicken test from Sinister ziggy72 wrote:
Under the Law Actions (I think) is Handcuffed Pose, where the character's hands are locked behind his back while he walks, which might also be a useful pose to get rid of the swinging arms.

I love the forum concept where people brainstorm openly and everybody learns from everybody else. Almost no matter what bogs you down, somebody else has figured out a workaround for it. This is a good example...

after experimenting with the creation of creatures by adding attachments, I had pretty much decided that flailing arms was the deal killer. Recent revelations that the newer characters can have their midsection turned invisible (including arms) and now these tips about restricting arm movement with actions provides some incentive to renew the experiments

But it might be a moot point now, because HitFilm has made it more convenient than ever to animate creatures in other software, then merge it into my project at the editing stage.

But the fact remains that there is a demand for creatures, and if Muvizu ever introduces an animal pack they will sell the daylights out of it!!
2016/8/3 2:22:11
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
if a utility character can't be provided (one that can be invisible while its attachments are not, and which preferably has attachment points for all the major bones we can attach models to thigh, lower leg, feet, forearm, upper arm etc)

... then the next best thing would be a new action that forces the characters arms against its body so they don't swing outside any attachments while walking. Ikes has already pointed out the OBJECT restricts the movement, but it still requires space and the arms could stick out of some attachments

Well, there is also the handcuffed action, wich puts his arms along the side. You can actually get quite some bizar (arm) movements, if you do certain actions before a walk. Try the falling or dancing actions. Quite funny.

thanks again Ikes! That's useful knowledge!
2016/8/2 23:29:45
Chicken test from Sinister ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
oh, we're not letting you off the hook that easily! No-sir! This is too good for no follow up! ;-)
You'll just have to model your own chicken. Even something elementary without the cool textures would let us see what you did.

Yeah... I was kind of afraid of that already I have no experience with organic modelling, but I'm definitely gonna give it a try. I think sculptris could come into play for this. It might become more of a cartoonish chicken maybe...


I bet Clayster would make you a quick chicken model in exchange for whatever you make with it.
2016/8/2 23:28:13
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. if a utility character can't be provided (one that can be invisible while its attachments are not, and which preferably has attachment points for all the major bones we can attach models to thigh, lower leg, feet, forearm, upper arm etc)

... then the next best thing would be a new action that forces the characters arms against its body so they don't swing outside any attachments while walking. Ikes has already pointed out the OBJECT restricts the movement, but it still requires space and the arms could stick out of some attachments
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