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2016/5/28 15:08:33
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
Update on the Star wars characters, just added another set of R-2 D-2, CP30, and the mouse Droid.

should be in the store by tomorrow.

Thanks! It's probably a good idea to not have everything in one set... the first one took a long time to open on my computer.

On a related topic, how do I get the password for the RobotMan accessories?
(GREAT idea including them as a separate download, by the way)
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2016/5/27 16:45:00
May 2016 50% off sale if you like Muvizu, consider posting links to this sale in whatever forums you may frequent online! There are lots of animation forums, general interest artsy forums, family forums, facebook etc etc.

It has been my experience that when people learn about Muvizu, they generally recognize the potential, and want to buy it. And at this price, it's an absolute no-brainer!

My philosophy is "Muvizu has been good to me.... payback time!"
2016/5/27 16:37:54
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
You are a good man, Clayster! You just made a lot of people happy!

I hope everybody who was waiting for these will reward Clayster by buying all of his other "for sale" items in the store. ;-)
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Thanks PatMarrNC, by the way how do you like them now that you own them to?

I just bought them a minute ago... haven't had the chance to play with them yet, as I have a Muvizu project in the oven that I need to finish before going on vacation.... but I've seen them in your animations, and I'm confident that they are TOP NOTCH in every way!

I'll report back in more detail after I've opened the set and really tried everything out! I don't mind heaping on praise when it's appropriate, and you deserve a lot of kudos for your models, your productions.. and most of all, for your vision!
2016/5/27 16:15:10
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone)
and for the white house, it's really a backdrop with a picture, lol...didn't want to take too much time on making that.

For any brief shot that doesn't need to rotate view in 3d space, this is definitely the way to go! It's MUCH faster than creating a model, it's very easy to add alpha transparency (which enhances parallax if you pan the scene) , and when the project is over you don't have residual models cluttering up the hard drive! And it looks AWESOME!!

Added plus: for anybody who can draw, the sky is the limit.
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2016/5/27 13:46:34
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" You are a good man, Clayster! You just made a lot of people happy!

I hope everybody who was waiting for these will reward Clayster by buying all of his other "for sale" items in the store. ;-)
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2016/5/27 13:44:28
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) mindiflyth wrote:
The President randomly offering the alien a cookie is cute, but if he'd randomly offered the alien a quickie that'd just be weird!

now, if the president had been Bill Clinton.... ;-)
2016/5/27 2:47:19
Animated karaoke music video! Rocque wrote:
I saw some techniques that I am hoping to learn in the future such as original characters and clothes.

this tutorial tells how to create custom outfits.... custom faces are basically the same procedure, except you copy a face photo over the face portion of the UV map
2016/5/26 19:32:01
Animated karaoke music video! is that your band? Tell me more about this video...

First of all , I like the song, and I like your use of photo and video backgrounds. How did you create the moving weeds in the foreground?

I take it that the skins for your characters were made from photos of the actual band members? They look very good!

Anyway, great job! Highly original from start to finish!
2016/5/26 16:16:30
Rendering animation as MP4s MrDrWho13 wrote:
I've just created this wiki page outlining how the image sequence output works.

thanks for posting this.
2016/5/26 16:09:34
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone)
Thanks, all of the models are made by me, the lunar lander was created by me and my brother so he gets some of the credit on that, and for the white house, it's really a backdrop with a picture, lol...didn't want to take too much time on making that.

wow, using a backdrop with a 2d graphic really worked well in this application! Especially the way you added Muvizu props to blend it in! One more thing to like about the project!

And yeah, I forgot to mention the Lunar lander... top notch models across the board!
2016/5/26 16:06:26
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) clayster2012 wrote:
mindiflyth wrote:
I was generally very impressed with the animation, and thought it was clever the way the theme song combines a C&W twang with that spacey Theramin wee-ooo sound. But at the end, does Obama ask, "Want a presidential quickie?" Or maybe it's, "Want a presidential cookie?" In either case, I'm afraid I don't get the joke.

It's cookie, not really much of a joke, I had writers block for that part, so I just through in there, anyways glad you liked it

I thought it was funny! It works as non-sequitur humour because it doesn't make sense that the president would respond in that way to the appearance of an alien in the oval office. The unexpected nature of the reply is what makes it work (for me). Humour is very subjective, and it's hard to come up with lines that will appeal to everybody.
2016/5/26 15:37:21
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) mindiflyth wrote:
I was generally very impressed with the animation, and thought it was clever the way the theme song combines a C&W twang with that spacey Theramin wee-ooo sound.

Thanks Mindiflyth! Clayster asked me to make him theme songs for two of his series, and this is the first of the two. The theramin noise pays homage to all the space movies from the 60s that always use that sound for "flying saucers"...

The country western style was chosen for 4 reasons:

1) it pays homage to the term "space cowboy"

2) Clayster2012 lives in Texas

3) Before starting on either song, I researched cartoon theme songs online. My original intent was to make something along the lines of the old Looney Tunes theme. But I noticed a trend in which the newer cartoon themes had strayed away from that model, and were all more contemporary. (Theme song for the cartoon series "King of the Hill" as an example). So I decided to base the theme around a more modern music style since hollywood seems to be making that same decision these days.

4) that particular style of music is high energy, and by starting out that way, it primes the audience's expectations for a good time. (At least, that's the intent. )

Thanks for commenting on the theme song!
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2016/5/26 15:23:56
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) My first review spoke in generalities, but this time I want to specifically mention the things I liked about the story:

1) I really like the moon landscape and the standalone moon model. I don't know if you made them or if they came from user assets, but they are both perfect for your story!

2) Great job on the Alien's space suit... especially the clear helmet!

3) All the models were cool, specifically the rocket launcher & rocket/drone, the tracking device, the gizmo that Neal Armstrong kicked, the transporter, The ice crystal, and the satellite

4) The visual and sound effects that really jumped out at me were:
a) The NASA style radio voices
b) the sound effects throughout
c) the glow you are able to add to buttons
d) the communicator that the leader uses to keep in touch with GreyAlien (VERY cool!)

5) It's cool the way you dispense extra info to the audience throughout the story by using the chalkboards and the red information text.

6) nice (and humorous) touches include the peace symbol flashed by the Grey Alien when Neal spots him.... and the combined lined "Houston, we're not alone...(zap) ... now we are...." I chuckled at both of those scenes ;-)

7) also VERY impressed with all of the keyframe animation you use to create scenes that would otherwise be impossible with the predefined Muvizu actions. Your videos are rapidly becoming the model for what is possible with Muvizu!

Again, I want to say that your ability to create such cool models quickly, combined with your grasp on how to use Muvizu and HitFilm for effects... and do it all REALLY FAST... positions you to build an audience and keep them coming back, because your speed of production is such that the audience won't get bored.

edit: also VERY impressive was the White house model and interior, but I'm pretty sure that came from user assets. Still, it's perfect for your story, and it would be silly to recreate scenery that already exists.
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2016/5/25 23:48:35
Rendering animation as MP4s are you saying that when you render your video to AVI it won't open in your video editor?

When rendering to MP4 I had a problem with some (not all) of the scenes failing to open in my video editor. The determining factor was whether or not the clip had audio. Clips without audio (MP4) wouldn't open for me in Adobe Premiere Elements 14
2016/5/25 23:24:27
Alien Grey (Houston We Are Not Alone) Clayster,

YOU DA MAN!! I can't believe how FAST you are at putting these episodes together! Your models continue to amaze me, and your ability to use HitFilm for all the cool special effects is also quite impressive!

I think it's funny that the Alien speaks an unknown language which requires subtitles, but all of his chalkboard plans are written in English. Also the messages on his evil devices are in English. I guess we can chalk that up to previously abducted and re-appropriated earth products? ;-)

I thought the shorter intro worked much better than the first version that was twice as long... and I also thought the video that goes with the THEME SONG'S lyrics is a better match.

I was half expecting some mention of Stanley Kubrick. As you may know, it is commonly believed that the moon landing was a hoax, and that Stanley Kubrick was commissioned to create all of the film footage that was shown to the world. One of the pieces of evidence that leads people to that conclusion is the presence of multiple shadows in some of the footage.. which would be impossible if the only light source was the sun... but on a hollywood set, there would certainly be multiple light sources.

Likewise for Muvizu. I noticed multiple shadows in your video and chuckled at the irony.

Your intro mentioned spelling: I'm willing to review your scripts for typos and spelling errors if you want.. or maybe it would be easier to run your scripts through a spell checker. Everything about your productions is top notch, and it would be a shame to let the occasional misspelling detract from it... especially when all that you do requires so much human skill, but spell checking can be automated.

in conclusion... Clay, if you have a list of fans, put my name at the top of the list! I hold you in very high esteem, and I wish you the best of everything! I think you are on a roll here, and I don't see anything stopping you from here on...
2016/5/25 18:11:05
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video Since you asked for feedback, here are my thoughts. Please don't hear any of this as criticism... my view of ART is that anything goes, and the artist gets to make all the creative choices. There are no right and wrong ways in art.

However, when it comes to appealing to a wide audience, there are techniques that are more EFFECTIVE than other techniques. Highly Stylized artists may purposefully choose to violate a standard procedure in order to shock, please or intrigue their audience, but newbies typically haven't made the decision to do that yet, so constructive criticism begins with an emphasis on standard procedure (not rules... but the set of guidelines that works well for most people)

begin review:
ohhhh, I get it now! The noise at the end is RAIN! I thought it was an audio glitch! White noise is caused by waves of smaller particle based noises, (raindrops falling, water cascading, wind blowing, fire crackling, audio static, paper being crinkled) and it's often hard to differentiate between the sources of such sounds

In a video you can offset that by showing a visual representation of whatever is making the noise. With rain, you can also add a little thunder to get the point across. (Listening again I do hear a bit of rumble in your mix which I assume is distant thunder )

I notice that your scenes changed without transitions or fades. Doing that can be really effective (especially in music videos) if the scene changes exactly on the beat... even more so if it is always the same beat of the measure. In such a case the video helps to keep time with the song.

In the case of this video your scene changes were random, not synched to the music, which can come across as visually jarring... like hearing a song with two completely different drum beats in different time signatures.

Fading from scene to scene is a technique that eliminates the sudden change, and therefore removes the necessity of micro splicing your changes on the beat. Faded scene changes give you flexibility, but at the cost of also eliminating the visual impact you can get by changing scenes on the beat. Either approach (transitioning with fades or editing scene changes so they happen on the beat) would have helped your video flow more smoothly.

I liked the way you changed your scenes in unpredictable ways... the cactus in the living room, the bass player standing on the sandbags etc... they were really fun additions to the story. I think video is all about fantasy... seeing thing you just can't ever see in real life... and to whatever extent you can create fantasy scenes, your videos will be interesting.

Regarding the Wolfgirl newsgirl scene: Outside California where the drought isn't on the news every night, I think most viewers wouldn't get the connection. I could be wrong.

The ending credits looked VERY good! Touches like that make any video look better. If you plan to continue making videos, I recommend coming up with a standard intro that identifies your proprietary franchise. Maybe an original theme song from your friend who wrote 16 snadbags?

All in all, I thought this was a charming and innovative first video! My only suggestion for change is the timing and or transition effect between scenes. In the final analysis, first videos are exercises in learning a bunch of new technologies at once, and I think you really covered a lot of ground in a very short time with this video! My hat is off to you!
2016/5/25 2:52:43
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video if you reposted it to Youtube, the link probably changed... but there's no new link provided!
2016/5/24 16:10:45
User store Has there ALWAYS been an eye beside the number of views for each user asset in the store? I ask because I just noticed that number represents VIEWS... I previously thought it represented how many times an asset had been downloaded.

It would be cool if there WERE some kind of download counter so we could see more easily what types of things people find useful. I suppose in a way the view counter does that... but it isn't dependable enough to help contributors track their sales.
2016/5/23 4:10:51
W2 Error NEED HELP 1) here on the web site, go to your Muvizu profile, and under your photo there is a button labeled MY PRODUCTS

2) at the bottom of the list is a text box where your Muvizu license should be displayed. If your license does not appear there, then copy and paste your license into that text box

3) then open Muvizu and from the main menu:

it should read the license from the clipboard since you just copied it and pasted it to your profile on the website. If not, you may have to copy and paste it again
2016/5/22 16:23:49
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video Hi Rocque,

I haven't been using Muvizu long enough to know all the ins and outs, so You'll probably have to rely on somebody else's explanation of what caused the noise at the end. I can only say that I've experienced something similar if I exported a clip to AVI that was too long (much more than a minute seems to be problematic)

If that was the problem, It doesn't happen when you choose the option to save to a sequence of individual PNG or TGA files.

Regarding your video: you seem to have fixed the "hole in the hat" problem and everything else that was mentioned. I'll mention again that I like the song your friend write and recorded.

For some crazy reason, I counted the sandbags in your video and there are more than 16. My head exploded. ;-)
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