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2016/3/3 18:19:31
A good Muvizu werewolf? regarding the time needed to animate in Poser or anime studio:

I've spent a lot of time thinking about the potential synergy among these apps. For speed, Muvizu is king... nobody else is even close. I think using Anime Studo or Poser for the occasional scene where you need to show something that you'd rather not merely imply... that can be done fairly easily without too much extra work (except for recreating the character and rigging it... but once you've done that (much like the creation of any other prop that will be resused in your production) you can pose the character or animate anything you want.

So I guess the point I'm hoping to make is that once you have your character created in multiple paradigms, the occasional 2 second closeup in a different program shouldn't affect production time nearly as much as dividing the animation sequences among the different programs.
2016/3/3 18:10:46
A good Muvizu werewolf? Braj, how did you create the claws? And attach them to Beefy's hands?
2016/3/2 14:49:20
ASE plugin urbanlamb wrote:

I just tested it and it still works.

hmmm.. I must be doing something wrong then

here is the link make sure to download the most recent one 2.51

that's the version I installed....

uncheck use submaterials and leave in allow multiple materials. you can triangulate before or ask it to do it for you. I used to triangulate before and uncheck that box. Works perfectly make sure to add a material to the collission box you add but no texture.

this must be where I'm losing it. I'll give it another try. Thanks for taking time to help me through yet another learning curve...
2016/3/2 13:24:14
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup This may be a sketchup problem. They broke the original ziggy mesh exporter by changes they made after version 8... its possible they've broken the other exporter now with version 2016.

I'm using sketchup 2015, and it works. However, if you back up to a previous version, I'd recommend backing up to version 8 so you can use the ziggymesh exporter. When I installed Sketchup, I didn't yet understand the benefit of using version 8 and the ziggymesh exporter, and I made it a lot harder on myself as a result.

Or, download and install Blender so you can use its excellent FBX exporting.

Or do both. There are advantages to both formats. I prefer ASE for anything small enough to convert in under 10 minutes. For more complicated models, Blenders FBX exporter is very fast and it works like a charm.
2016/3/2 13:14:48
Importing FBX with doube-sided polys? braj wrote:
Thanks Pat, but I've got sooooooo much work to do. Even with Muvizu making much of it easy, it can't help with writer's block or straight fright. I have a lot of respect for Pixar is all I can say.

Pixar and the other big dogs in the playground certainly do a good job... but it's partly because they divide the work up between pros in every area of expertise. Professional modellers.. professional writers... professional song writers... professional camera operators.. professional directors...

One of the things I like about the Muvizu experience is watching how INDIVIDUALS wear all the hats at once. And I tend to have the most respect for those who wear all the hats reasonably well. There are a bunch of people here on the forum who are truly gifted in that way. I won't name names, but anybody who has watched the videos in the gallery knows who they are.
2016/3/1 22:33:05
Importing FBX with doube-sided polys? Very impressive Braj!
2016/3/1 20:28:26
ASE plugin urbanlamb wrote:

ASE is not used anymore its quite old, but there is a blender ase exporter and it likely still works

I downloaded and installed the ASE exporter for Blender, but never could get it to work.
2016/3/1 20:25:12
Importing FBX with doube-sided polys? Thanks for sharing the results of your research Braj! I'm not using poser with Muvizu just yet, but I will be... so I appreciate your observations.

The only thing I've tried to import from Poser was a car... exported to obj, then used Blender to create an FBX... but it came into Muvizu all jumbled up, so I didn't even try to solve the core problem.

FWIW, the latest poser pro has added a lot of features that I think would be useful with Muvizu:

1) FBX export
2) Polygon reduction
3) Lots of tools for creating new characters from the existing ones, even morphing people into animals (You could take screen shots at various stages of the morphing process then animate your human turning into a werewolf)
4) A fitting room for adapting clothes to characters
2016/3/1 15:25:49
ASE plugin Johan wrote:
MDW, I'm sorry, but the wiki link you gave, functions only for sketchup 2015.

if you are using the same version of the ASE exporter that worked in Sketchup 8, it won't work. You need a different version of the plugin for the later versions of Sketchup.

Try this version:
2016/3/1 14:52:53
ASE plugin braj wrote:
I wish there were an ASE exporter for Blender that worked with the latest builds. Muvizu gives more options on import for ASE than FBX, like forcing double-sided normals, which is incredibly handy. It is bewildering how to get it to work consistently with FBX, there seems some magic faeries live inside Blender that decide when it will work or not.

what Blender build stopped supporting their ASE exporter? And I wonder if that build can still be found anywhere?
2016/3/1 14:51:36
ASE plugin ASE is apparently a format that originated with Autodesk's 3ds max, which is wayy out of my price range. However, they offer a free 3 year license to students. People who are indeed students apparently get the free license then resell it on Ebay, because you can always find new unopened boxed versions of the educational version there.

I've considered signing up for any ol' class at the local community college so I'd have proof of student status, just so I could get the free 3 year license. I have to wonder if the original implementation of the file format saves faster.

I really like the smoothing of low-poly surfaces that happens automatically in ASE files, as well as the additional import options. Its only disadvantage to me is the save time... and I figure that's mostly because its a plugin.

Anybody out there who owns 3DS MAX and has used it to save in ASE format? I seem to recall Clayster saying he has it... what is the save time for ASE?
2016/3/1 14:36:13
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup I'll have to do some research, but I can't right now as I am neck deep in alligators on a home project. The first guess (based on my own experience and on the details of the error message you're getting) is that Sketchup 2016 doesn't like the syntax of the RB file

That's one of the reasons why the ZiggyMesh version of the ASE exporter can't be used with versions past Sketchup 8... apparently later versions require different syntax.

When I tried to install the ziggymesh version of the ASE exporter in SKetchup 2015 I got similar errors. But there is another version of the ASE converter available that DID work for me, and I'm wondering if you are trying to install the wrong one.

The version that worked for me in Sketchup 2015 can be found here:

if that doesn't work, then report back and we'll go from there
2016/2/29 17:43:25
Sheep? ziggy72 wrote:
Braj, your sheep are funny, and that's good

I've often thought that the Muvizu paradigm is reminiscent of Wallace and Grommit... and your sheep reminds me of the Serta Mattress ad that was done in the same style.

Does kinda look like you're remaking Lord of the Rings or something though...

indeed, I was thinking the same thing.... it's a great choice, since so many other TV shows and movies have been imitated already. I don't recall seeing any other Hobbit takeoffs, which is a little surprising given the popularity of the films and how long it has been around.

Another classic I haven't seen imitated or spoofed is WIZARD OF OZ, so that's on my to-do list
2016/2/29 15:10:43
Sheep? Braj, I think your project is looking fantastic! And I totally agree that as background objects the sheep in the pasture look great! If you are half as good at story development as you are at creating the characters and scenery, you'll be quite the Muvizu Master!
2016/2/29 3:22:03
Sheep? You could make two versions:
the stick figure version for non-ambulatory closeup views where you need to control the head and eyes.. and also the poser version for when you just need 4-legged movement.

Yeah, ditto on the quadrapeds. That discussion and request has come up many times. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They don't even need to create a full-blown quadraped.. just a 2-legged character that is legs only and has attachment points at the hips. That way you could build whatever kind of body you want and then attach two sets of the legs-only character
2016/2/28 23:13:00
Hamster Character are you looking for a regular 2-legged Muvizu character with head mask that looks like a hamster? Or something more like a 4 legged hamster? As you may already know, there are no true 4-footed creatures in Muvizu.

I created some faux-footed creatures out of blobs.... check out the download named ANIMAL PACK 1 on page 3 of the store. The closest thing to a hamster is one of the squirrels. If that would work for your project, let me know and I'll send you a modified versions of the squirrel and give it a different tail more like a hamster.
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2016/2/27 21:36:18
The Conspirators is it significant that the guy in front of the TV screen looks like Glenn Beck?
2016/2/27 19:54:31
The Conspirators "... and nobody ever heard from PatMarrNC or BrianDunning again.... The end"
2016/2/27 19:53:39
The Conspirators this is indeed clever and funny. I'm actually working on a similar series called

ILLUMI-NAUGHTY (tales of the Illuminati when they were kids... )
2016/2/27 19:21:38
Muvizu is a joy very impressive!

This brings up one of the things I've noticed about the definition of "success" in the course of my 63 years on the planet...

I USED to see "success" as simply whether or not the end result matched the creator's intent. And to a certain extent, that's still a pretty good working definition.

But now I also factor in the obstacles a person has to overcome in order to create the work in the first place. Anybody who has to overcome all of the usual learning curves involved in any given endeavor... PLUS the unique obstacles involved with a personal disabilty or other challenge (be it physical, mental, economic etc) ... the sum of their accomplishments in getting from point A to point B is greater.

My respect for the person who overcomes more obstacles is directly proportional to the number and severity of the obstacles they overcame in order to create their work.
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