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2016/2/1 14:34:15
Snowblower on Nitrous great combination of photo/video backgrounds and animation!

May I ask where you live? The background in the opening scene looks like it could be Virginia or Pennsylvania... and the amount of snow in your video correlates with the amount of snow those areas got last week.
2016/1/30 13:41:37
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup BRILLIANT!!

Thanks for sharing!
2016/1/30 2:19:40
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup fazz68 wrote:

removing the collision (well making it tiny) is easy with the muvizu exporter. takes a few seconds. make your model a component (which you should do anyway to export) make a tiny cube, make it into a component naming it collision and place on the origin point. and export.
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Ah! I figured that must be possible, but I couldn't figure out how to name the two components... so I've been making more complex collision geometry as a separate file, then manually editing the ASE file to add the collision at the end. Doing it that way does take longer, and I like your idea, so I'm now off to see if I can figure out how to do it your way....

Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge!
2016/1/30 1:46:41
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup Oooookay..... I finally get what you're saying. I am using a different version of the ASE exporter in Sketchup 2015.

I tried to install the one from here:
but it errs out as soon as Sketchup 2015 loads.

I'm using one that was adapted by Jamie for Muvizu. It can be found here:

Apparently the difference is in the collision. I'll change my WIKI to reflect this.
2016/1/29 6:21:11
How do I..... mysto wrote:
That's part of the fun of Muvizu. If it doesn't seem to do what you want then just figure out a way to do it anyway.

well, the fact that you're saying the quote above indicates that you're one of those rare people too!

It has been my experience in life that some people can't do anything even when you tell them how...
the vast majority can duplicate what they've been taught...
and a handful of people have the curiosity and intellect to discover new ways to do things on their own!
2016/1/29 0:43:05
How do I..... MarkWaldo,
that's a great solution! I like that! Thanks for posting!

your approach is great too in a completely different way! Your method of making the car appear to move past the camera is particularly brilliant! I would never have thought of that in a million years!

And what really impresses me is that both of you figured these solutions out without being shown by somebody else! That is the very essence of creative thinking!
2016/1/29 0:14:00
Transparent Windows? urbanlamb wrote:
The FBX for muvizu is version 2012 or 2011 I think.. one of those two you will need to check the wiki. If they put in fbx for like 2015 version it wont be working with muvizu

thanks for that info.. it would seriously bum me out if I upgraded for FBX support then couldn't use it in Muvizu!
2016/1/28 21:45:04
Transparent Windows? I just spent about an hour messing with this, and this is wayyy cool! Thanks once again, UrbanLamb! You Da Ma'am! ;-)

I found that if I apply the alpha texture in my 3D modelling program, it persists when I continue to Sketchup to make it an ASE file, so I don't have to do anything else.

I haven't tested yet to see if the same thing applies in Blender when saving to FBX, but usually Blender recognizes the textures I've already applied in Silo, so I expect it will work just as flawlessly!

On a (mostly) unrelated note, I recently contacted Silo support. Their development has slowed wayyy down, but they assured me it is not an orphaned product... best of all they told me the next update would be soon, and it would include FBX export! currently, the only reason I have to use any other 3d program is for either FBX or ASE.
2016/1/28 20:11:52
favourites suggestion Currently if I have 100 favourites, all 100 get loaded into the pick list, and there is no way to separate favourite characters from favourite objects etc etc. This is not only confusing, but it also uses more memory to load everything at once.

It would be not only cool, but also a resource-saver, if the favourites directory could be parsed by subdirectory instead of populating the favourites pick list with every single stored favourite. If this were possible, users could create subdirectories like this:

__by occupation



------hand guns

Then, if the pick list opened to a list of directories instead of to a long list of individual favourite files, chances are that only a few items would ever need to be loaded into the pick list at a time, making it MUCH faster and more useful in my opinion.

I would be happy to create my own directory structure... but I'll take the idea one step furtyher and suggest that the directory structure could be automated based on the name used when saving the favourite.

For example (CHARACTERS (Heroes (Batman))) would save as...

2016/1/28 17:38:28
graphics software UrbanLamb.. Thanks for the many many helpful bits of information you add to the forum! I not only appreciate your knowledge, but also your willingness to share it with others!
2016/1/28 0:31:56
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? looks great!

I think the best 3d program is whichever one a person likes well enough to use
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2016/1/28 0:28:38
Transparent Windows? when I export FBX in blender, I don't get the option to pick a version...
2016/1/27 12:25:13
1.6? Any good yet? MrDrWho13 wrote:
artpen wrote:
Oh, what's the Head movement Bug? hmm


Sets saved with head movement can't be opened again. So you have to save without it or just use 1.5

Based on my tests, you can save and reopen a project with head moves ONCE (if you didn't drag anything around on the time line)... but if you reopen it and add more head moves or change the timeline's head moves, it won't reopen the second time.

The one exception is if you completely delete the head moves and start over (as opposed to recording over existing head moves or appending new ones) then it will reopen the 2nd time.

If you tend to make short set-based scenes and you save the head moves for last and render before saving, you may not experience any problems with the latest version.

Its also a good idea to save the project just before making any head moves and move the saved copy to a different location so you don't overwrite it after making head moves.

Another workaround would be to delete all head moves before saving
2016/1/26 18:07:28
How do I..... questions about how to put characters inside a car and/or make it look like its moving are common enough that somebody clever might want to create and upload a set to the store that is pre-loaded with all the key elements. Its one of those boilerplate scenes that everybody wants to build eventually. All the power users would want to build there own, naturally... but the vast majority of Muvizu users who don't want to work at the nuts and bolts level and who just want to portray their ideas quickly would use the H3LL out of it and thank you forever!
edited by PatMarrNC on 26/01/2016
2016/1/26 4:26:38
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? you may want to look at MILKSHAPE.

Its free, I'm pretty sure it can generate basic shapes like cubes and spheres, and it also allows exporting to both FBX and ASE formats (which Muvizu accepts)

There are also tutorials for it on youtube.
2016/1/25 23:28:09
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? I just sent you a set of ears and tail for a rabbit... including the ears that Drew posted
(Thanks Drew!)
2016/1/25 15:36:06
Bunny/kitty ears for superhero characters? while we're on the topic...
it seems kind of strange to me that even among the potato head characters, not all accessories are available to all characters. Many times, I proceed with the development of a character thinking I'll add some accessory I've seen when working with other characters... only to learn that the item / hair / hat / accessory / etc I want isn't found in my character's set of options!

Not a deal killer though... I love this software and even embrace the challenges it sends me.

I especially like the forum here... it's one of the best I've found in terms of knowledgeable and talented people who are willing to help others
2016/1/24 15:46:36
Copy objects from one set to another ? You can right click on the objects one at a time > EDIT > FAVOURITES > SAVE them into the favourites list. Then once they are saved as favourites you can add them to other projects at will.

Based on what we recently learned about how favourites are stored, it makes as much sense to save individual items as favourites as it does to keep whole sets archived. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it would tend to make the favourites list huge and hard to sift through.

But if you are preparing assets for a music related project, it would be practical to go ahead and load up a bunch of music related objects into the favourites list before starting the project.

Then, when the project is over, you can always delete that stuff from favorites to keep it more manageable. Or not. ;-)
2016/1/24 2:03:21
Transparent Windows? and maybe there's something useful here as well (if you used a backdrop for the inside of the spaceship)
2016/1/23 13:34:31
None of my avi texture files work any more There's probably a better chance of a response if you send it directly to support

AVIs should open outside of Muvizu when you double click on them... have you tried to see if they'll open that way? If they don't the problem is either with the AVIs or the internal windows stuff that makes AVIS run.

About a year ago I had problems with a different program... all of my data files were returning "unrecognized format" errors, but none of the other users were having the problem. Turned out that I had acquired the cryptowall virus, which was maliciously encrypting my data... literally rearranging the file format!

I mention this because the fact that I and others can use AVI files as textures in Muvizu suggests that it isn't a Muvizu problem, and the possibility exists that the problem may be coming from somewhere else.
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