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2012/11/13 10:01:42
Coming Soon... AHHHH!!! Ziggy that image looks great! You guys, I was lucky enough to see a sneak peek of some action shots & I swear I was totally floored. It'll knock your socks off I promise. The detail alone is astounding. Good luck Zig!
2012/11/7 14:45:52
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Hi guys,
While this is old news now, we figured we'd put in a proper announcement and list the prizes properly in this here news post

Congratulations again to everyone who entered and to the winners - you're all supahstars!
2012/11/6 10:47:37
New Introduction Hi Deon!
Welcome to Muvizu! The guys in the forum - both staff and users - are all very clever and super helpful. They're brilliant at offering advice, support and just general good chat. Welcome aboard!
2012/11/1 10:53:28
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' That's a great start! Loved it here at HQ.
2012/10/31 14:35:32
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Hey guys! As you know, submissions for the Halloween challenge closed last night at midnight GMT. We're currently going through all the submissions and will announce the winner tomorrow. In the meantime, we've pulled all the entries together in 1 handy blog post for you all to enjoy. Check it out here

Good luck to everyone who entered and thanks again for taking part in the challenge!
2012/10/24 15:01:09
I never see the competition notifications until... Hey Eff,
I'm really sorry you miss out on the announcements - we try to announce them and update as frequently as possible across the forum, the twitter feed and facebook. We will make it a point to update any forum threads on competitions as often as possible and increase the cross promotion over the various channels to make sure people don't miss out. We really do want everyone to take part - it gives us more goodies to look at!

I know this doesn't help you right now but we'll work harder on making these challenges more obvious throughout the site.
2012/9/21 14:14:48
whereamI new Apple service as predicted by Dreeko Teehee! True story - i've put off updating to iOS 6 because I don't want to lose Google maps yet. I use it a lot. Also the whole facebook integration thing doesn't mean a jot to me because, well, ew.

But yeah.. YOWZA! Have you seen the tumblr?
2012/9/4 10:46:08
The IDea Dreeko wrote:

Whoop! Our little Dreeko's all grown up and on a top 5 parody list *sniff*
2012/9/3 16:04:24
The IDea Dreeko wrote:
KerryK wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!

It's at nearly 5k views! Everyone! Share it! Tweet it! Go nuts! It'll be great to see this go up

Oof! 5361 now!!

Just noticed you didn't add an 'iphone5' 'iphone 5' tag to the videos. Better get them in now to they appear in the results! Big announcement on the new iphone later on this month!
2012/9/3 12:12:02
The IDea Dreeko wrote:
The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!

It's at nearly 5k views! Everyone! Share it! Tweet it! Go nuts! It'll be great to see this go up
2012/8/28 15:42:36
Super 10 (seconds) Hi all,
Right - well guys and gals, we've had a chance to review all the entries for the 10 second superhero clip. There were some gems and some really out there submissions and we enjoyed every one of them.

Alas, there can only be one (winner that is - highlanders are another topic for another day) and we're very happy to announce the winner is...........

Ziggy72! This was sharp, funny & nicely put together. Congrats Ziggy!

You will be receiving in the post:

Thanks to everyone who took part & we'll be running more of these in the very near future so keep your thinking caps on and an eye out for the prize(s).

Let's have a look at the winning entry shall we?

2012/8/24 16:13:58
Super 10 (seconds) Okey dokey folks! You've all been asking for an extension and since I'm feeling generous and some of our users down south will be enjoying a bank holiday - deadline for the 10sec film is extended to the end of Monday. Should be plenty of time to get in some quality 10 second films - although there have been quite a few already.

Get thinking and remember - it IS only 10 seconds.
2012/8/22 15:36:01
LOL that's so true. Without his gadgets he's f**.

Nice vid

But surely that makes him the SUPEREST hero? He chose to be a superhero and it's his super smarts and bajillions of dollars that makes him into a real superhero not some freak accident with a radioactive bug or being from space. Those clowns had superherodom HANDED to them. Batman is way cooler.
2012/8/21 14:39:10
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? bigwally wrote:

Good deal!

Good! Now get thinking and animating and doing that voodoo that you do so well!
2012/8/21 14:28:12
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? How about this - if you guys are struggling by Thursday afternoon and don't think you can make it by Sunday night, we can definitely look into extending it a couple days. How does that work for you?
2012/8/21 13:45:05
Super 10 (seconds) Personally, this one made me giggle way more than it should have

2012/8/21 13:40:15
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? Hi Wally,
This is my bad! I'd written this up for a forum post but it didn't post properly - or at all as it would appear. Details on the challenge can be found on here and also on our Facebook page here

If you have any questions just hit me up on here.
2012/8/21 13:38:27
Super 10 (seconds) How creative are you guys out there? We've decided to issue you a challenge. Can you create a superhero (or supervillain) story in just 10 seconds? What kind of story can you tell in 10 seconds?

For some inspiration, check out the 5 second movie clips - they're very clever and done in half the time!

You've got until the end of the weekend to get your thinking caps on and come up with something super(hehe - geddit?) clever. If you can, please post the links up on our Facebook page and add '10 second challenge' in the title. If not, feel free to post in this thread (same rules about the title though).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... GO!
2012/7/9 15:10:47
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congrats Dylly! She's a beauty. Don't forget to start carrying packets of Werther's Originals around with you now.
2012/6/14 9:56:54
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke I genuinely love that version of Rocket man! I seriously unironically love it! It's so .... so!
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