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2015/12/4 14:48:36
School with some quesitons -s switch doesn't appear to be working unfortunately.

I've even tried -silent -q -quiet etc. all the usual suspects, even /? or -? /help -help don't bring up anything, it just goes straight into the GUI installer.

Any suggestions?
2015/12/3 12:52:13
School with some quesitons Thank you

After fiddling around i discovered that it's DirectX June 2010 runtimes and Visual C++ 2010 64bit that are coupled with the software (64bit client) ... but handy to have all the download links on one page! (Wish i'd waited for a reply rather than faffing about myself now though haha)

Attempting to deploy again now so i'll see how that goes.
2015/12/3 12:12:02
School with some quesitons Trying to deploy this now, i can't work out what version of the Visual C++ runtime it uses? Any ideas?

I think i'll need to deploy the directx runtime and c++ runtimes as prerequisites separately in order for this to work, just putting -s on it didn't seem to work unfortunately. .Net is a standard component of our install and that's kept up to date so that shouldn't be an issue luckily.
2015/11/17 16:48:20
School with some quesitons Thanks for the answers.

That's excellent, glad it'll work with a -s switch, all the 3rd party requirements can be done silently and setup as package requirements so i'll give that a go soon, i'll be sure to return with any questions if i hit any issues.

I imagine the requirements will be very basic, i think the classes they're running on it are purely for parents and students to spend time together in a classroom one evening a week working on a project together...i don't imagine we'll see anything spectacular come out of it, but a really nice idea to get parents involved with their childrens education in a more engaging way
2015/11/16 13:46:30
School with some quesitons Hi There,

Let me start by saying i've barely looked into this yet besides hunting through the website, the idea of using this software has only been brought to my attention in the last hour...

First question: Can this software be deployed silently? We use SCCM and from what I'm told we'd be looking to use it in one IT suite of 32 PCs. Any install flags that can do all the fancy business as part of a package?

Second question: system requirements.... Will this run ok on the following specification: Intel Pentium G3460, 4GB ram, 120GB SSD, Onboard Intel HD Graphics (haswell generation)

I doubt they'll be doing anything advanced as this is intended for a student parent evening interaction classes.

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