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2010/8/26 12:56:13
point A to point B animation great news.

Compliments on the software. It is great fun. Looks great and has massive potential. Not sure on the future plans but I can see me playing with it at home, but I can also see uses for it professionally on the television programmes I work on. Keep up the good work.
2010/8/26 11:51:25
point A to point B animation Is there an object type that cant be walked over or through? an idea could be to place a wedge shaped wall that catches the character. So when you animate you make the character walk into the wedge, which would stop their position fairly precisely. The wedge could then be deleted.

Just an idea?
2010/8/26 9:03:27
point A to point B animation I agree Than. I think the group thing could be really cool. Maybe you could animate a control character and then the group follow doing almost exactly the same. I say almost as that slight randomness makes it all look so cool.

For the point to point it could still be relatively real time. When you make the animation you get a series of data along the timeline. If you could position one or two set points on the timeline and then the software could work out whether the character needs to run or walk automatically. This could save the need for building an advanced animation system.
2010/8/26 8:12:08
point A to point B animation I am trying to create an animation where two people walk together to a desk and stop at a particular point. They talk a little then walk off. For this situation it would be great if I could set a start point, then set a point B and maybe even a point C. Maybe a control to set the walk speed from point A to point B. It would also be cool if you could set the time that they leave and get to each point.

I have tried moving the person but find the steps using the arrows very staggered, and moving the character whilst recording is near impossible to make them stop at the correct place.

Any advice that could help me in the mean time?
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