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2015/12/21 6:03:11
Animator wanted, for several short humorous clips I'm looking for people able to do several short clips with dialog of 1-2 minutes.
There will be new projects over time, and will typically involve 1-3 characters.
The clips will not require high quality.
Budget will be very limited, so this would suit someone in a low-cost country, or a student looking for practice.
Ideally I would like to find someone with whom I can develop a trusting working relationship where I just hand him/her all work, and I pay him or her a fixed fee per clip.

You need:
1. To be able to create character faces that resemble those on provided mugshots. For example using this techique or other of your choice. Example:

2. Make simple movie with dialog from provided script.

It's great if you can record voices and accents. But if you are not able to, then you will receive a recorded dialog, and need to create the clip with basic lip sync based on the recorded dialog.

Please send a brief email with below info to:

Your Skype name.
Links to some clips you've done that show your level.
How much you'd like to get paid to do a 2 minute clip as described above (total, including creating 2 character faces from frovided facial photos).

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