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2015/10/6 19:54:48
Hello! Hi
I couldn't find the original so I made one as close as possible to the one in video
Here is the texture for the mask and a muvizu file
Hope its of some help

2015/9/11 11:03:23
Hello! Hi

I'll try find that texture for you. Your very welcome to use it if it helps

2015/8/27 1:49:40
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Thanks Ian
2015/8/25 14:36:09
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Thanks guys
2015/8/22 17:26:22
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Yeah I've had a good play around with dof
Loving having more then 4 cameras haha that's nice surprise
2015/8/22 13:51:09
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Thanks guys it's good to be back

Oh the credit I download your island set that was my starting point
So inspired by your set, things like your fire and assets that work for a island scene
2015/8/21 17:36:36
Can't keep this old animator down! Get well soon wally
2015/8/21 16:42:02
Loser ( 3d animated short ). It's been awhile since I made any animations.
Here is a new one I've been working on.

It's a little short story written by me and animated in muvizu

Hope you like it.
2013/3/28 13:15:06
EASTER SPECIAL!!! OUT NOW - Tales From Zombietown Haha zombie jesus LoL.

Great tardis scene. Great work as always

Happy Easter
2013/3/19 13:17:39
google hangout?? Will you guyz be uploading the stream from the presentation from saturday ?

I would really like to see what happend and listen to the talks. I was gutted that I couldn't get back in time to watch.
2013/3/7 12:50:07
What's on the Pig? How come the pig has better shat on it than all my 100 and whatever virgin channels. How much a month is it for one of then pigs.

Another belter dreeko.
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2013/3/5 15:54:39
Batman Begins ... with a B! LOL always love your humor dreeko.

Robbin would of be better of with the bad guys.
At least his name has something in common with them.
Their always robbing something.
2013/2/16 0:21:15
2013/2/16 0:17:35
Harlem shake ghost house edition

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2012/12/7 3:05:09
Ghost House Trailer thingy Thanks Everyone
Jamie wrote:
Looking good John! Is this season 2 or a new series based on the same characters?

As far as I know the writer of ghost house (Dustin) is intending to do a kickstarter to try and rise money to fund more episodes. This is a one off Avengers spoof trailer To Help with that.
I know dustin has alot more scripts written for ghost house. But I have no Idea when more episodes will be made im affraid.
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2012/12/3 18:17:11
Ghost House Trailer thingy Check it out
2012/12/3 14:46:51
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Teaser Trailer Can't wait for this one. I loved the first one very much. Fantastic visuals
2012/11/21 18:09:11
Make Video No eye animations (Sometimes) Just tryed the new version, Eye problem is still there. Eye animations sometimes don't happen in the final render.

I duplicate scenes and characters alot so I have doubles in one set file. I think this eye problem only happens with duplicated copy/paste characters. I'm not %100 on that but this is when I've noticed the problem happen up to now.
2012/11/21 18:00:07
anti-aliasing The new version work great with AA.
2012/11/1 15:29:15
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! awesomely spooky. Good luck
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