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2012/10/24 18:15:00
anti-aliasing Cheers Dave it works a Treat. A trick a treat
Your a life saver man
2012/10/2 16:32:21
my latest adventure Cool video very funny Big Grin
2012/10/1 18:34:12
Make Video No eye animations (Sometimes) Hi

I get a problem with the eyes for time to time when rendering out the final video.
Example: I make my video, add all the body head and eye animations to all character. but when the video is rendered out sometimes the eye movement on one or two of the characters is not present.
To solve the problem I have to render out again and it is their on the 2nd or 3rd atempt.

The eye animation is only sometimes missing when hitting the make video button but never on the realtime playbacks in the other views when editing the video.

Hope that makes sense
2012/10/1 14:00:58
anti-aliasing Just for the record. I have dx11 installed but I think my graphics card is only capable of run DX10.
2012/10/1 13:53:20
anti-aliasing My directX was installed with the windows 7 installer. I've added all info into one picture. as u will see in one place it says i have dx 11 but muvizu says 10 but is rendering with 9. so i have access to all three like u would expect in DX11
2012/9/28 14:39:10
anti-aliasing Thanks for looking into it. Im glad you guys can reproduce it, Hopefully you can find the problem.
BTW I dont see any options for directx in file > options.

Just so u know I can force AA on muvizu through the nvidia control panel. It applies AA to everything as expected, but the only thing that shows no AA is what is inside the make video window. Is something hard coded to that window ? Its weird that I cant force that window too. Also Tweeking the MuvizuEngine.ini files has no effect either.

Cheers for the help jamie
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2012/9/27 15:12:53
anti-aliasing Hi Jamie
When I type dxdiag in windows 7 it says DirectX version: DirectX 11

But in muvizu > help > system Info, It says directx v10.0 at the top with my system details and right at the bottom it says using directX 9 renderer.

So dx 9 10 and 11 are mentioned in different places. How can I just force my system to use just directX 9

Any ideas

Also I noticed the 2011 builds i get anti alias. Did you guys update to a newer version of the engine in 2012 ?
2012/9/25 20:02:47
anti-aliasing Today I tryed installing the latest version of muvizu on another PC and still I get no anti aliasing with the box ticked.
The only way i can get the anti aliasing tickbox to work is to install an older version of muvizu.
Everything works great with this version MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2011.09.20.01R_x64.exe

This is the specs of the machine I tryed today

Windows 7 64bit
GeForce GTS 250 with the latest nvidia drivers 306.23
DX 11

Any help would be appreciated
2012/9/13 0:21:09
anti-aliasing OK I know this isn't a problem for everyone but I'll list what I've found out about my issue.

Here goes Jamie its a long one LOL

Firstly it doesn't seem to be a problem with my graphic drivers.
I tryed various older versions and the problem is still there.
On the latest nvidia drivers I can force anti alias on the muvizu application without a problem.
Everthing is anti aliased and very smooth on the muvizu application apart from what is inside the make video window.
objects inside that window remains jagged ( WEIRD! )

Next thing I tryed is to rollback muvizu.
I found that the MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2011.09.20.01R_x64.exe release
Works fine and I get anti alias when I tick the box just fine. Alls good and smooth on this release for me.

Any version after 2011.09.20 does not allow that application to enable anti alias on my system for some reason.

I've tryed the following versions.
MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2012.05.04.01R_x64.exe No anti aliasing
MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2012.06.14.01_x64.exe No anti aliasing
MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.07.16.01R_x64.exe No anti aliasing
MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.09.11.01R_x64.exe No anti aliasing

MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2011.09.20.01R_x64.exe Works and HAS anti aliasing

Anyways I hope this is useful jamie.
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2012/9/12 22:47:52
anti-aliasing It must be my computer then. If I remember correct as soon as u tick the anti alias box u should see the change in the make video window, so it not a codec related its more a direct x thing.

I'll have to try find out what the older drivers was that i used for this silly graphics card LOL.

Thanks for all trying.
2012/9/12 19:30:34
anti-aliasing Im using the 2012.07.16.01R_x64 build.

But I've also tryed the latest release and I still can't get anti alias to work on that too.

Heres a pic

Im using DX 11 and I have a quadro 2700m with up to date nvidia drivers. Anti alias use to work great on this computer back when i made the dark ninja stuff. I tryed back dating Nvidia drivers but still have no luck.
2012/9/12 15:28:30
anti-aliasing Hi,

when i tick the anti-aliasing button it makes no differance. It used to work in older versions for me.

Is it working for anyone else ?
2012/8/29 18:44:14
Super 10 (seconds) Congrats ziggy.
2012/8/23 18:43:18
jonbez wrote:
LOL that's so true. Without his gadgets he's f**.

Nice vid

But surely that makes him the SUPEREST hero? He chose to be a superhero and it's his super smarts and bajillions of dollars that makes him into a real superhero not some freak accident with a radioactive bug or being from space. Those clowns had superherodom HANDED to them. Batman is way cooler.

I suppose batmans billions of dollars made him alittle eccentric. I would probably have a superhero suit too if I had his money
2012/8/22 13:54:56
10 SEC FLICK COMPETITION - HAPPY APPLE ENTRY LOL that's so true. Without his gadgets he's f**.

Nice vid
2012/7/16 20:37:48
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! That looks awesome.
2012/6/30 14:38:01
New show GAME in GAME out Hey all this is not Muvizu related but I thought I'd share.

This is the pilot episode for a new show that I'm making withdexter manning from sanity not included. It's called GAME in GAME out.I Made this using the UDK. Hope you enjoy.

2012/6/28 17:23:10
Source Engine Used To Create Animated Film Valve's officially releasing Source Filmmaker to the public.
2012/6/9 18:26:57
Unreal Engine 4 - demo showcase WOW good stuff.
Am liking that u can edit and compile the code without leaving the editor. Hope they have update the matinee tools this time round.
2012/5/29 17:35:39
Introductions! Hey Mike and welcome.

LOL dreeko Big Grin
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