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2010/9/24 12:54:03
Preview Ideal - thanks Jim!
(and Dreeko)
2010/9/24 12:52:26
Build-a-being Is it possible to build a "being" on the current Muvizu set-up please? That is, could I glue two sticks to a tin and stick a cake on it as an R2 unit, for example?
Having said that (assuming the answer is yes), could it be animated - moved along or the head rotated? I don't really expect it to breakdance...

Many thanks,

2010/9/22 11:53:39
Preview One thing that we don't have, or that I can't find, is a simple preview button to see how the movie looks so far. You can use any of the other options - the Timeline, say - but it has its own buttons in the way of the screen.
Just a thought?

2010/9/22 11:47:45
What codec do you use and why? I confess that I've fibbed. I'm not sure which codec to use so keep flipping between Microsoft codecs 1 and 3, but I really don't know which to go for. Main rules - I like them to be free and legal.
And good.

I'll give the XVid a pop later as I have a video to try and fancy a chuckle. There's also a lossless codec out there (yes, free and legal) but no idea what it's like.

2010/9/21 16:37:53
Simple facial extras I have really loved playing with Muvizu so far - it is so easy just to fiddle with!
One thought that has crossed my mind many times, although I do realise that a lot of people have discussed more complex facial animations, is just one or two simple extra ones, along with the "Yes" and "No" line we already have.

The ability to hold the character's eye's shut would be useful, and the occasional wink could be handy. You could also pop in the ability to poke the tongue out, although that would be childish, silly, and not the sort of thing I would ever use...

Back to animations then!

2010/9/17 13:24:11
Facing people I've loved fiddling with Muvizi, especially with popping in an MP3 track and having a group sing and dance to it!
One thing I have found is that there is no easy way to have a character turn to face another specific character, which would be vital in, say, quick draws...
Also having an option to have the character face specific objects, although in a well built stage this could be tricky to say the least.
It could also be that the function already exists and I've missed it along the way... :o(

Here's looking at you (hint, hint),

2010/9/14 15:53:03
Expressiveness 1) A "neutral" state would be good. Sometimes characters are not happy/sad/angry - just a bit blank or bored. I can turn down the expressiveness on their character traits, but they will still smile inappropriately.

Just to say that I was going to comment on this. The expressions are brilliant, but sometimes you want an expressionless face, or one that is neither smiling nor scowling. For example, someone who is thinking deeply or reading the news.

The joys of fiddling...

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