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2016/7/12 6:33:50
Performance, PC vs Laptop Definitely - Thanks UKBerty
2016/7/12 5:26:58
Performance, PC vs Laptop Hey guys, I'm about to start my first proper project now I know how to actually use this wonderful programme.
To be honest the fact it takes an hour to render a ten second scene is really putting me off from starting.
Im currently using a laptop which is obviously slower, I'm thinking of buying a PC with graphics card - just wondering if you guys find it makes much difference or if those are standard times for high res scenes with shadow/lots of characters etc?
2016/7/11 2:48:35
Realistic Water Fall No idea how you made that but i'll be interested as soon as its avail!
2016/7/11 2:24:34
Realistic Water Fall looks amazing - great work!
2016/7/11 2:24:05
Realistic Water Fall clayster2012 wrote:
Here's a little sneak peek at something I was working on for the muvizu store, I hope everybody needs one.

Lol.. I just Realized I spelled presents wrong... Lol....guess I been editing way too!

Here's a closer look

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2016/7/5 12:21:56
Running water Good idea, cheers Doc!
2016/7/5 5:01:29
Running water Hi just wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to get something looking like water, vomit etc - falling liquid basically (as weird as it sounds) - thanks
2016/6/16 1:16:37
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Great idea!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with
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