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2010/9/30 14:28:18
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software Thank you very much for all of your comment. I think people have been misunderstood what I mean. The way Muvizu growing up is very amazing. And it's because the simplicity of the pipeline! But Muvizu should have option for professional animator to go beyond these software features by making export import facilities. Of course, this is important for commercial project with specific requirement beyond Muvizu capabilities. With COLLADA export, professional animator can combine this software with Carrara or even Maya, to finalize their sets. In today's 3D world, there are no single software which live in an island without ability to bridge their content with other software can live for a long time.

Many kind of software has free edition side by side with commercial edition like Google Sketchup and Google Sketchup Pro Edition. With commercial edition, then the company can support community for the long time, and nurturing their limitless creativity. I don't think about selling the content and everything inside Muvizu. It is a matter that should not be done. Muvizu Team should instead encourage users to contribute their objects and even characters (if it is possible) for free to enhance this software.

I hope you can see my point of view. I always remember my dream when I was young, that I want to become animator because of the simplicity of 3D Movie Maker. But a child's dream is very different than reality. So please understand me ......

Iwan Suryolaksono
2010/9/29 6:14:42
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software I love Muvizu very much. My child, an 8 years old girl, now for the very first time trying to make her own film. She has makes some sets and spending much time playing with Muvizu.

But sadly, Muvizu is not for animator. The biggest lack of Muvizu is exporting facilities, to make it connect with any 3D application.

I think Muvizu commercial edition with price on the range of slightly below 500 USD is very affordable. You can make free update for a year dynamically with this commercial edition. I will buy it because I love it.

The features that I request for the commercial edition is BVH import to apply to any character and COLLADA export. Maybe Muvizu team can make character rigging open for any user too, but it is very optional.

Thank you for considering my suggestions. With just export import option for commercial edition, Muvizu can be developed more quickly and we will see new type of animation becoming popular from all over the world.

Iwan Suryolaksono
2010/9/25 1:28:44
transparent video Hi Muvizu Team,

Is there any chance to put image sequence with transparency layer on the backdrop? I usually use PNG image sequence and many software can transform our video with transparency layer into image sequence. I hope it can be integrate on Muvizu easily.

Iwan Suryolaksono
2010/9/23 11:15:12
Animatable objects-props Thank you for your quick answer Jim,

I know Muvizu spirit about animation for everyone and finding easiest way to do it. And I think object animation is the easiest part on any kind of animation system. And don't forget that texture object animation can make glowing ball, fire ball, water body effect and many kind of animation that we will be used in every day life.

Regarding physic engine, I think gravity and bounciness parameter should be enough to transform any kind of volume object as a real physical object.

And the last thing that is very important is about directing character animation. I know your spirit is based on 3D Movie Maker, old fantastic program which is the best program for my childhood era. But I think if this program primarily rely on mouse movement to make character walking, like many other user in this forum, it's very hard to get predictable movement! Muvizu has instant rendering so that very little lag on mouse performance will make big trouble on walking result! I am agree with other user in this forum, that Muvizu should have path animation like IClone and many conventional animation software, so that directing character means plotting their movement on the ground with dot marker. If the distant between marker farther, than the character will running, and if the distant between marker shorter, then the character will walking very slowly. With path animation, you can install many style of walking, like Poser system, and this tehcnique will make Muvizu user have diverse option to implement their idea.

The way to direct character with just using mouse movement, I think is childish. Please forgive me for my word. But it is true. We can have many unpredictable result because of little lag of mouse input. Right now I am using AMD triple core, 2 gigs RAM and Geforce 9500GT, so the hardware should be enough to run Muvizu, just like I am using 3ds Max.

I have another idea to integrate path animation on directing character animation. You can make dot marker which has been produced by mouse movement visible, and can be edit one by one. Every dot marker can be delete or translate on the ground. With every dot marker can be manipulated individually, then mouse movement will become very powerfull path animation and we can get predictable result. I hope that you can understand what I mean.

Thank you for your generosity on making such a great animation system.

Iwan Suryolaksono
2010/9/23 5:08:47
Animatable objects-props Dear Jim and everyone,

Object or prop animation is very basic in animation software. Even in amateur freeware animation software, we are always find that feature in the first place. It cannot be replaced with texture animation, in any condition. This is not 2D system but 3D system. We must be translating, rotating and scaling object because it is very fundamental in all aspect. Even in 2D system, object animation is very common, and it cannot be compensated with any other way.

And I hope that it as easy as camera animation on Muvizu. I have seen focus animation, shake animation and many other impressive capabilities of this software. But it is still lack of the basic thing: object animation. May be color or texture animation addition will be great addition too. And I hope morphing animation can be implemented too, whis is very usual in all kind of 3D animation system. But this is, I am sure, a very hard improvement, so that it should be covered in other way.

And please don't forget that a character should have a choice to become an object, and doing basic object animation. I think it can be conflicting with character animation but it can be serve as a choice. If someone activate a character as an object in one take, then it can running object animation but cannot running character animation, and vice versa.

I still don't understand, why physics engine from Unreal cannot be implemented as a part of object animation too? I think it is a little step to make bouncing ball or collision object become real animation in Muvizu.

Object animation should become first and the most important agenda for Muvizu Team to make believable animation video for everyone. Don't make it hard, and forcing everyone on texture moving imagination! Object animation is a must and should become big improvement on Muvizu. I see a very bright future with Muvizu kind animation system and many people will doing animation as easy as writing an article! So, why don't take it seriously?

Iwan Suryolaksono
2010/9/23 4:48:45
minor website bug I still have not authenticated user problem too. Is there a fix? Should I upload video to youtube first? Thank you.

Iwan Suryolaksono
2010/9/23 4:48:33
minor website bug I still have not authenticated user problem too. Is there a fix? Sholud I upload video to youtube first? Thank you.

Iwan Suryolaksono
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