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2016/3/16 4:41:25
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Man I'm pretty bummed out over this issue, This software has everything my class would need to teach a beginning animations course but my student are young ages 9 to 12
It's just to hard to have them do the single audio file method.
I end up showing them a couple of project that I've done & having them do some simple one character exercises which the kids just love.
Unfortunately we can only go but for some long before we would like to introduce other characters for a more story telling experience.
This is a huge limitation.
I really think that if this was fixed this program would be so huge.
I would paid double the price if it was fixed.
2016/3/7 5:19:19
Any Chance For Lip Syncing Multiple Audio Files? I just can't get the hang of the single audio file method. A lot of times I create on the fly, meaning I don't know what I'm going to do until I look at the previous frame & my ideas are constantly changing as the project moves along. That forces me to get rid of the audio file all together.

It's too much!!

If you guys can update the audio portion, something comparable to Moviestorm I promise I will pay twice the price!!
Everything else is dead spot on!!
At it's current price point, this could easily be one of the most innovative animation programs on the market.
Unfortunately as is stands right now I just can't used this.

Even if we were given to ability to animate the mouth like we can for the eyes that would be a step in the right direction.
I have the full version so I'll hang on to it and hope for the best, but I can't recommend at it's current state.
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