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2019/3/27 17:54:10
Does it work now ? Been a couple of years since I purchased this software, and spent many days trying to make it work properly. Never seen such bug-ridden, deeply flawed software actually on sale ! Lip-sync didn't work, among many other things... But the concept is good, and I'm not sure of a better alternative (please tell me if there is one). So now I'm back, downloading the updated version, and will try again... but before I waste days on this, can anyone reassure me if my time is worth it ?
2016/10/18 15:28:02
Lip Sync Nightmare @Anticip This software is so bug-ridden it's virtually unusable. You've only discovered the tip of the iceberg...
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2016/10/18 15:25:00
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers This program is so bug-ridden I don't know where to start. I paid for the full version maybe 6 months ago, and hoped to do some good stuff with it. But I'm constantly aggravated by basic errors that should have been fixed years ago. Just now I recorded a Dialogue and named it... but when I click Ok it goes on the list as Unnamed Source. When I try to record it as dialogue to Lipsync with a Character, it just does not work - no lip sync, no proper recording. Now at first I blamed myself, as many people would. But it's increasingly obvious this software is almost unuseable...
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