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2010/11/9 22:52:28
open the door help me :) thanks matt!! Big Grin
2010/11/3 20:26:43
open the door help me :) thank you emily for your reply! No problem I'll see what I can invent Big Grin for now I'm just doing small tests for fun, I use Maya for about 4 years. But I'd like to be able to integrate work together, maybe even using 3D models of my Muvizu, excuse me for my english, ciao ciao!
2010/11/3 18:28:18
open the door help me :) hello, am new to the site, first sorry for my English, but I'm Italian and congratulations for this fantastic software anyway I wanted to know whether there was an animation to make sure that the characters performing the action to open the doors. thanks
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