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2019/12/22 7:24:52
2019/1/20 20:27:33
LET'S GET REAL, MUVIZU. I had one other problem when I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Fresh Install)...

In Muvizu, I couldn't import my AVI videos to display on TVs and Arcade Screens etc.

To fix this, install:

Once done, you should be able to throw your AVI files that used to work, back in to the screens of Muvizu.

And if you convert, use the XVID codec in your chosen converter and it should work.

Hope this is helpful to someone.
2019/1/20 18:17:30
LET'S GET REAL, MUVIZU. going to have to add the email: Since all other forms of contact seem to be dead, besides MeshMellow facebook which gave the above.

The above email is for re-activation of your licence when you run out of activation attempts... which we do cause their servers aren't that great and half the time our activation fails.
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2019/1/11 13:19:28
muvizu not responding Download all your content packs, the installation didn't install all of them for me.

I'm having an issue with Window Positions when I maximize the program, all Muzivu windows are off the monitors edge. >_<
2019/1/6 3:53:38
LET'S GET REAL, MUVIZU. Look, it's been a while... nothing has come, so we're guaranteed you're not going to bother continuing this project.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO (If you care at all about your customers):
1. Release a version that has the licenses built in to the program, so it can check locally and cut off this server check. What's the point? You're not maintaining it. Who gives a crap if someone trades a code, you ain't going to continue this project.

Some of us have paid for all the packs and programs you had here, and would have paid for more. We have been dedicated, and some of us still use this program. Our PCs get updated, we are SCREWED because you MAC address locked it. UNLOCK that, allow us to install in to another PC.

3. If in the future you pick the project up again, you can send out an update which will ping us, you can then check our license again and do whatever it is you need to do for the next version. But seriously, if you're doing stuff all now, unlock it for us. Stop annoying us with dead servers, unanswered emails, etc and so on.
2019/1/6 3:44:47
muvizu not responding Play+ 64bit

Play+ 32bit

Pro will say it is activated, but never does. I had the same issue.

For the Devs:
If PRO has extra features? Let us know Dev. How much to go PRO? If you don't let us know, we can't offer you money, Devs.
2019/1/6 3:39:17
muvizu not responding zadecat wrote:
i have been running the latest version

MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2017.04.06.01R_Pro_x64 (1).exe and now it is not responding. i have rebooted, i have reloaded play+ and pro and get the same "not respondng message" i have tried to get to the licence manager same "no response" i have sent emails to
and so far no response to my emails. i have tried to create a ticket and it keeps telling me to try later on. does anybody out there have ideas? if i rebuy play+ will i lose 3+ years of work? thx...

Try installing the non Pro version.
2019/1/6 3:38:56
muvizu not responding Try installing the non Pro version.

You'll find that will work.
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