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2012/5/21 16:35:12
Test Muvizu - Cosmosore Project Thanks.
2012/5/21 16:17:50
Test Muvizu - Cosmosore Project I work on a short story for this project based on Joseph Campbell's works.

This is an old video, an old test, but I think that I shall adapt my short story in film script. That's possible.

Time will tell.
2012/5/19 18:18:32
Test Muvizu - Cosmosore Project Hi,

An old test I made for a Muvizu project called " Cosmosore ". A French project, so sorry for the introduction, there is no english translation.

I tried some camera movement, different bluscreen test with an other game : The Movies, add some rushes of Sins of Solar Empire.

I hope you enjoy this little test video who has a bit old (few months now).

And sorry for my poor english

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