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2010/12/3 20:19:27
AZERTY keyboard Ok, thank you = )
I change the line and that work.

EDIT : Your code are bad = P If a french arrive after me, it's this lines

.Bindings=(Name="Z",Command="Axis aForward Speed=1.0 | Axis aCamForward Speed=1.0", bIgnoreCtrl=True)

.Bindings=(Name="S",Command="Axis aForward Speed=-1.0 | Axis aCamForward Speed=-1.0", bIgnoreCtrl=True)

.Bindings=(Name="Q",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=-1.0 | Axis aCamStrafe Speed=-1.0", bIgnoreCtrl=True)

.Bindings=(Name="D",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=1.0 | Axis aCamStrafe Speed=1.0", bIgnoreCtrl=True)






PS : I saw "Xbox Controler" in the file, can we use it in Movisu ?
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2010/12/2 20:11:37
AZERTY keyboard Hey hey hey !

I'm a french videomaker, and as you now, in France, we have a cool AZERTY keyboard.

(Yes, It's cool because we can write é, è, ù, à, easely = D)

WASD shortcut is very useful, but with a AZERT keyboard, It's not very simple to use this shortcut.

Can you add in the "Prefs" menu, an option for AZERTY keyboard ?

Thank's to read me.
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